Grant funding for Neighbourhood Development Plans


Grant funding for parishes updating or creating a new Neighbourhood Development Plan


Procedure Note

Arun District Council has received funding from central government to support the preparation of Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) and there is sufficient funding within this ear marked reserve to be able to provide additional funding (over and above further government grants that are available) to support new or updated Neighbourhood Development Plans.

At the moment, there is no legal obligation for Arun District Council to distribute the burden funding received by DCLG, to Parish and Town Councils. Other authorities have decided to retain the monies received and put it towards any additional costs incurred as a result of Neighbourhood Plan production. In the spirit of our working relationships with Town and Parish Councils we have allocated some of this funding, to the Parish and Town Councils that will be reviewing/updating their plans post adoption of the Local Plan.  However, because there are no conditions attached to the burden funding received from Government, Arun Distrct Council needs to ensure complete transparency for clear accountability in order to provide an audit trail of where the money went and how it was spent.

Therefore, to assist those groups who intend to produce new or modified Plans, Arun District Council will provide grant funding of up to £5,000 per parish.  This decision was made by Cabinet meeting of 19th June 2017 ( Ref: Cabinet meeting C/002/190617) and resolved that:

(1) grant funding of up to £5,000 per Neighbourhood Plan Group (NPG) (up to £105k in total for all parishes within ADC LPA) for any parish that is updating their Plan or creating a new Plan and will have reached a stage* within 3 years (post Local Plan adoption) where a Plan is proposing an appropriate scale of housing development; be approved (This funding will come from the existing Neighbourhood Plans earmarked reserve).

(2) delegated authority to the Director of Place, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Planning, to approve the distribution of individual parish grant; be approved.

* a stage being a statutory consultation so at least Reg.14 consultation


Procedure for applying for an ADC NDP grant

This brief procedure note sets out the key steps of the process.

  1. Parish/Town Council to apply for funding using e-form (ADC will be accepting applications once the parish housing allocations have been agreed).
  2. Receipt of application sent to Parish/Town Council via Email.
  3. Approval of grant given by Director of Place for approval in consultation with the Cabinet Member in accordance with the Cabinet Decision.
  4. Approval of grant to be confirmed, applicant details to be added to the grant agreement and contract sent to be signed by Parish/Town Council as required.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed contract from Parish/Town Council, this will be sealed by Arun District Council in accordance with ADC process.
  6. A copy of the completed agreement to be sent to the Parish/Town Council
  7. Grant money issued to the Parish/Town Council in accordance with ADC process.


Government Grant Funding

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) shall be continuing the Neighbourhood Planning grant and support programme beyond March 2018. Find out more on My Community.

A formal update on the new Neighbourhood Planning programme is expected shortly.

In the interim, we have been asked by MHCLG to advise all visitors to the My Community site that the new programme is on track to open from the 1 April 2018.

Applications for Grant and Technical Support will be available from this date.

How do I apply for a Neighbourhood Planning grant or get support?

For all the information on funding and the neighbourhood planning process and support, head to the My Community website.


2018-2022 funding and support

Locality will continue to deliver the Neighbourhood Planning Support Programme over the next four years, from 2018-2022. The programme builds on the 2015-18 programme and any support that you have previously received will be taken in to account. The programme will provide anyone working on a neighbourhood plan with support from the Locality team, AECOM and other partners/specialists through:

  • a basic grant of up to £9,000
  • additional grants for eligible groups with an extra £8,000 (find out more about additional grant criteria here)
  • technical support through expert partners AECOM and other specialists

Groups wanting to apply for funding and support in the 2018-2022 programme, which opens for applications on 3 April 2018, must have completed an end of grant reporting to be eligible to apply.