Green dog walkers scheme


green dog walkers scheme logo We are happy to be supporting the Green Dog Walkers scheme, which is a national scheme adopted by over 40 local authorities. The scheme is a positive way to promote cleaning up after your dog, and help to change attitudes. By volunteering to become a Green Dog Walker you can join other local residents to help keep our streets clean.

Green Dog Walkers sign a pledge to help promote responsible dog ownership, and are happy to be approached by other dog walkers, helping out by sharing a bag if needed, and answering any questions. When you sign up to the scheme you receive a badge to wear on your coat or your dog's lead, a leaflet, and a car sticker. Please note you can only join the scheme with us if you are an Arun resident or you regularly walk your dogs in the Arun area.

Green Dog Walkers agree to the following:

  1. I will wear the badge as often as possible when walking my dog.
  2. I will clean up after my dog and dispose of the bag responsibly.
  3. When others walk my dog I will encourage them to clean up after my dog.
  4. I understand that wearing the badge indicates that I carry extra doggie bags to distribute if requested.
  5. I will always be friendly and courteous when talking to dog walkers about dog fouling. I fully understand that Green Dog Walkers is intended to be a non-confrontational and friendly campaign to change attitudes about dog fouling.
  6. I will always have my dog near to me or within easy recall and be aware of the wildlife. Where there is livestock, I will keep my dog on a lead.
  7. I will always follow advice on local signs to reduce disturbance to plants, animals and children.

How do I sign up?

To learn more about the scheme, or to become a Green Dog Walker, please contact or 01903 737754.