Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessments (HELAA) & Brownfield Land Register


The Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) is one of several technical reports that the Council is required to produce to underpin the Local Plan and other documents such as the Non-Strategic Site Allocation Development Plan Document (DPD).

The HELAA is a technical and theoretical assessment of sites which could potentially contribute towards the future supply of housing and employment land within the Local Planning Authority Area (LPAA). As a consequence, the HELAA does not set policy, but provides background evidence on the potential availability of sites.

The identification of sites in the HELAA should not be seen as an intention to allocate these sites for development, or that planning permission will be granted.

A review of the HELAA was undertaken in 2018 (the results of which can be seen below). However, the Council is required to keep the assessment under review, and is currently examining the information contained within it.


Call For Sites 2018

The Council undertook a general ‘call for sites’ for sites within the District that can accommodate 5 or more additional dwellings in June this year. In addition to this, the Council always welcomes the submission of sites for inclusion within the HELAA.

The council has asked all those who have previously had some involvement with land within the existing HELAA, be that as a landowner, site promoter, previous applicant or agent, to review their site information and provide the Council with an update of any relevant information, which could update the Council’s records and helps the Council assess whether a site could be considered to be achievable and available. The Council is particularly interested to know if they are planning to develop the site within the next 5 years or in the longer term (6-10, 11-15 or 16+ years from April 2018).

If you would like to submit a site for inclusion within the HELAA, including a site for Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople, please use the forms and guidance provided below (please note that the General Data Protection Regulation requires that this authority must only collect and retain personal data with express consent from you for the specific purpose(s) of carrying out its duties. Therefore, please read and sign up to the Privacy Notice provided below)

Site submission form.docx [docx] 29KB

Site submission form guidance.docx [docx] 23KB

Privacy Notice Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment and Brownfield Land Register and Self Build.pdf [pdf] 43KB

If you wish to update an existing HELAA site please use the ‘Site Update’ form.

If you feel there is an error on the assessment details please also use the ‘Site Update’ form to notify us but please note that this is only an opportunity to provide comments on the assumptions and parameters used or to highlight a factual error rather than purely objecting to the inclusion or status of a site.


HELAA 2018

The HELAA has been prepared in both report and interactive mapping formats:


Following Planning Policy Sub Committee on 05/12/2018 a number of amendments have been made to the HELAA to take into account two sites which were omitted.

The sites are referenced 18K1 Land to the East of Kingston Lane (south) East Preston and 18LU9 Land at Meadview Nursery Lyminster.

The updates that have been made are as follows:

Main report
  • Table 2: Final HELAA Figures, on page 42 of the Main HELAA report
  • Appendix 1.1: Deliverable Sites Summary Table, on page 51 of the Main HELAA Report
Appendix 1 – Deliverable Sites
  • Appendix 1.1 Deliverable Sites Summary Table
  • Appendix 1.2 Deliverable Sites (excluding Neighbourhood Plan Sites) – Detailed Proforma – the relevant proformas have been added separately below.


HELAA report

The HELAA report contains more information regarding the assessment itself, along with details of all of the sites included. 

HELAA Main Report 2018.pdf [pdf] 864KB



Appendix 1 - Deliverable Sites

Appendix 1.1 -  Deliverable Sites - Summary Tables.pdf [pdf] 71KB

Appendix 1.2 -  Deliverable Sites (excluding Neighbourhood Plan Sites) - Detailed Proforma.pdf [pdf] 5MB

HELAA Assessment Summary Table - Deliverable - Residential Site 18K1 18K1.pdf [pdf] 229KB

HELAA Assessment Summary Table - Deliverable - Residential Site 18LU9 18LU9.pdf [pdf] 261KB

Appendix 1.3 -  Deliverable Sites (Neighbourhood Plan Allocations) - Detailed Proforma.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Appendix 1.4 -   Appendix 1.4 - Deliverable Strategic Allocation Sites - Detailed Proforma.pdf [pdf] 5MB


Appendix 2 - Developable Sites

Appendix 2.1 -  Developable Sites - Summary Tables.pdf [pdf] 44KB

Appendix 2.2 -  Developable Sites (excluding Neighbourhood Plan Sites) - Detailed Proforma.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Appendix 2.3 -  Developable Sites (Neighbourhood Plan Sites) - Detailed Proforma.pdf [pdf] 637KB


Appendix 3 - Not-Developable Sites

Appendix 3.1 -  Not-Developable Sites - Summary Tables.pdf [pdf] 92KB

Appendix 3.2 -  Not-Developable Sites - Detailed Proforma (1).pdf [pdf] 9MB
Appendix 3.2 -  Not-Developable Sites - Detailed Proforma (2).pdf [pdf] 10MB


Appendix 4 - Employment Sites

Appendix 4.1 -  Employment Sites - Existing Employment Sites.pdf [pdf] 102KB

Appendix 4.2 -  Employment Sites - Potential Employment Sites.pdf [pdf] 246KB


Appendix 5 - Permissions / Commitments

Appendix 5.1 -   Appendix 5.1 - Commitments Summary Table.pdf [pdf] 234KB


Appendix 6 - Potential C2 Use

Appendix -  Appendix 6 - Potential C2 Use HELAA Sites.pdf [pdf] 86KB


Interactive map

The interactive map is a useful way to quickly gain information related to a specific site. However, you are recommended to view the  HELAA Guidance Notes for interactive map 2018.pdf [pdf] 664KB  prior to viewing the map.

HELAA interactive map (website version) and mobile version interactive map.

Important note

Although it will be possible for sites to continue to be submitted after this time, they may not be able to inform the HELAA update 2018. They will however be considered in future updates.  


Previous document versions

Previous document versions are also available:


Brownfield Land Register

The Council is legally required to maintain a Brownfield Land Register of previously developed sites within the District which are capable of being redeveloped or converted to provide housing-led development.

All sites must meet the definition of 'previously developed land' contained in the National Planning Policy Framework - on the GOV.UK website.

All sites must also meet the following criteria:

  • they should be suitable for residential development: this means the land has planning permission for housing or housing-led development; or has been allocated for such development in a Local Plan; or is considered appropriate for such development by the Council
  • they should be available for residential development: this means that there is no impediment to development in terms of either ownership issues or legal constraints on the land
  • residential development of the land is achievable: the land is likely to be developed within 15 years of being entered on the register

The Brownfield Land Register must include all sites meeting these criteria which are at least 0.25 hectares in area, or are capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings.

Brownfield Land Registers have two parts.  Part 1 is a list of sites meeting the criteria within the Brownfield Land Register Regulations 2017 (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/403/contents/made). The Council then has the power to grant brownfield sites Permission in Principle (PIP), a new stepping stone towards planning permission, by including them in Part 2 of the Register.  The Council currently has no plans to grant Permission in Principle at this stage, so applicable sites will be set out in Part 1 only. 

Our register is an Excel spreadsheet, arranged and populated in accordance with the Government's published Data Standard - on the GOV.UK website. It includes links to the Council’s mapping system and planning application details in the ‘SitePlanURL’ column.

The Brownfield Land Register must be published before the end of December 2017 and reviewed annually.

Brownfield Land Register FINAL Report ADC [pdf] 103KB

Arun_brownfieldregister_2017-12-31.xlsm [xlsm] 52KB

arun_brownfieldregister_2017-12-31.rev1.csv [csv] 15KB


  1. A1513 Chandlers BMW Site Water Lane.pdf [pdf] 324KB
  2. HP3 S & G Motors Arundel Road.pdf [pdf] 237KB
  3. LU33 Patterson Wilson Road.pdf [pdf] 204KB
  4. LU33a Meadowfield House.pdf [pdf] 188KB
  5. NEWBE10 Bartons County Infants School Romney Way Bersted.pdf [pdf] 289KB
  6. 115 Electronic Sub Station, Ford Road, Arundel.pdf [pdf] 419KB
  7. BR19 Regis Centre Site The Esplanade.pdf [pdf] 260KB
  8. NEWLU40 Former Hospital Site Fitzalan Road.pdf [pdf] 195KB
  9. BR5 Hothampton Car Park Queensway.pdf [pdf] 291KB
  10. PS12 St Martins Car Park & Former Waitrose.pdf [pdf] 392KB
  11. BR10 Covers Richmond Road.pdf [pdf] 405KB
  12. 17LU9 Littlehampton - West Bank.pdf [pdf] 3MB
  13. NEWLU38c Works units at Gloucester Road and Howard Road.pdf [pdf] 158KB
  14. P5408 St Ninians Church Pagham.pdf [pdf] 246KB


To submit a site for consideration on the Brownfield Land Register, you will need to provide a map, outline plan of the site or aerial photograph clearly showing the site’s boundaries and as much detail as possible about the site. These details should be sent to localplan@arun.gov.uk  This will ensure that a thorough assessment can be provided as to both site suitability and availability for development. If you would like to provide us with an update on a site already included in the register or if the boundary has changed, please provide an up-to-date map and a brief explanation of any amendments as relevant. If the site is no longer available, please let us know so that we can remove it from the Register.

Registers of Brownfield Land are public documents and therefore details submitted for inclusion in it can be treated as public information.