How it works - your 1, 2, 3 collection schedule

Read our leaflet in:

1. Food and AHP weekly collection

These are collected on your usual collection day.

Your green lockable food waste bin and your yellow and black striped AHP sacks must be:

  • out ready for collection by 7am
  • left on the boundary of your property
  • clearly visible to our collection crews and not tucked behind other bins

AHPs are collected by Medisort

To sign up to the free AHP collection service or report a missed collection:

Contact Medisort

Phone: 01903 719646


If you have a clinical waste collection from Medisort please keep the AHP waste separate and do not put the bags next to each other.

If you do not have any AHP sacks to collect for 3 consecutive weeks, then future collections will stop.

Your food waste bin will always be emptied no matter how little it contains.

For hints and tips on how to reduce the amount of food waste you produce please take a look at west and

Using your silver kitchen caddy

Food waste can be placed directly into the caddy, but it will help to keep it clean if you line it with one of the following:

  • newspaper
  • compostable liners
  • kitchen roll

Your kitchen caddy and food waste bin can be easily cleaned with hot water and washing up liquid if they smell.

Once your kitchen caddy is full, you will need to transfer the contents into your green lockable food waste bin or communal food waste bin if you live in a flat.

We will not collect food waste from your silver kitchen caddy – it must be transferred to your green lockable food waste bin or communal food waste bin.


If you already use a composter you should continue to do so, but not all food waste can be disposed of in this way.

You can use your food waste bin for meat bones, cooked food and dairy products as these cannot be composted at home.

Find further information on what can and cannot be put in your composter.

What happens to your food and AHP waste

Food waste

This is taken to an anaerobic digester. This is a large tank in which the food breaks down into soil fertilizer for use on the land and biogas which can be used for generating energy.

Visit the Biogen website to find out about the anaerobic digestion process.

AHP waste

This will be taken for processing, which will recover the materials for energy. We hope to be able to recycle these products in the future and produce secondary raw materials of super absorbent polymer, cotton fibres and plastics.

2. Recycling fortnightly collection

Recycling collections will not be changing. You should continue to leave your recycling out fortnightly.

Over half of the household rubbish produced in Arun can be recycled, check what can and cannot be recycled.

Recycling of small electrical items

This has changed.

Electrical recycling will be collected with your recycling fortnightly instead of weekly with your general rubbish.

You need to put small electrical items in a standard sized carrier bag on the floor next to your recycling bin. Items we collect are listed on our electrical recycling page.

3. General rubbish three-weekly collection

This is now collected every 3 weeks on your usual collection day.

We will:

  • only empty your 240L general rubbish bin.
  • not collect any additional bags or bins of rubbish placed next to your bin.

If you have more rubbish you need to take this to a Household Waste Recycling Site.

Smelly items

Weekly food and AHP collections will remove most of the smelly items from your bins.

Other items that could produce a smell, for example, cat litter, pet bedding and dog waste can be double bagged.

Too much rubbish

If you are using all the services provided and still producing extra rubbish please contact us for advice.

Contact Cleansing Department

Phone 01903 737754