Introduction to Building Conservation

Arun District Council is extremely fortunate in having a rich and varied historic built environment. This includes statutorily Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas as well as local designations which include Buildings or structures of Character. The Conservation Officer provides advice on the protection and enhancement of the historic built environment. Although much of the work concentrates on listed buildings and Conservation Areas guidance is provided in respect to local designations along with other non-designated heritage assets. Please navigate the Conservation section by using the links in this section, where information can be sought on the following topics:


Conservation Areas:  these are designated by local planning authorities as areas of special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

Listed Buildings: these are included on a list of buildings which are considered to be of sufficient historic or architectural interest to merit special protection.

Area of Special Character: These are areas within the Arun District which are considered to be of distinctive character or quality. They are worthy of protection through rigorous control of new development. However, they do not quite comply with the criteria for designation as Conservation Areas.

Buildings or Structures of Character: There are many buildings which, while not satisfying the national criteria, have strong local interest or appearance. They contribute significantly to the distinctive character of their area or are very good examples of their type or style. These are known as Buildings or Structures of Character

Village Design Statements: Village Design Statements are guidelines produced by the community to assist people who are thinking about the design of proposed developments, whether it is, for example, an alteration to an existing property, street furniture or the construction of new dwellings or commercial premises.

Heritage Assets at Risk: Heritage Assets at Risk are those assets that are in a poor state of repair and in a state of risk.

Guidance and Policy: this section provides direct access to the various guidance notes prepared by the council.


Contact Details

For further information or assistance please contact the Conservation Officer on 01903 737500, or email: