Keysafe Service


A key safe is a secure metal box which can be fixed next to your door. A single copy of your key is placed inside but can only be retrieved by someone who knows the correct code to open the box.

The key safe attaches securely to any wall or flat surface. It is supplied with a black rubber cover which protects it from the elements.

Benefits of this service include:

  • No more keys to manage or lose
  • Provides access for home help, carers, nurses, paramedics and the other emergency services
  • Supplied and fitted by our experienced council staff who have had a DBS check
  • Range of keysafes available

You do not need to be a lifeline customer to benefit from this service. For more information or to arrange to have a keysafe installed please email

Please note - leaseholders and tenants are advised to seek permission from the managing agent before installation. We also recommend that you contact your home insurance provider to confirm their approval before fitting.