Local Development Orders

(This webpage and the material contained within it constitutes the Council’s formal Planning Register for Local Development Orders as required by the Development Management Procedure Order 2015 as amended.)


What is a Local Development Order?

Local Development Orders (LDOs) are made by local planning authorities and give a grant of planning permission to specific types of development within a defined area. They streamline the planning process by removing the need for developers to make a planning application to a local planning authority. They create certainty and save time and money for those involved in the planning process.

Local Development Orders (LDOs) were introduced with the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and allow local planning authorities to remove the need for planning permission for certain specified forms of development. The Planning Act 2008 removes the requirement that LDOs must implement policies set out in adopted local development documents.

LDOs are recognised in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (2013) as a means of relaxing planning controls in appropriate areas, to promote economic, social or environmental gains, such as boosting enterprise (paragraph 199).

The role and process of an LDO in extending permitted development rights in a Local Planning Authority area is set out in the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) (2014).

The procedures for making a Local Development Order are set out in sections 61A to 61D and Schedule 4A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended by section 38 and 41 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order (DMPO) 2015.

Arun District Council has embraced the use of Local Development Orders (LDO), in respect of land at Butlins at Bognor Regis and is progressing this potential for Enterprise Bognor Regis.


Horticulture Local Development Order (LDO)

Following Full Council on 14 September 2016 Arun District Councillors agreed a Local Development Order (LDO) for the horticulture sector.   The LDO for horticulture has been approved for use for 10 years from the date of its adoption.  During this period it will be subject to ongoing review.
Horticulture is a key employment sector in the Arun District and is particularly concentrated in a number of localities. The Council’s Economic Strategy to 2026 identifies the Horticulture Sector as one of four key sectors which are particularly strong in the local economy with good opportunities for economic development and job creation. While the sector has significant potential for growth, it faces issues in relation to economies of scale, the quality of existing infrastructure, and production costs. The Council is committed to assisting the Horticulture Sector to respond effectively to these issues through the policies in its development plan and the proposed LDO.
Local Development Order
The Arun Horticulture Local Development Order (the LDO) permits development only within the boundaries identified on the LDO area plans.  The extent of the LDO area is shown on the “red line” plans within Appendix A and Appendix B “Description of LDO Areas” of the draft LDO document.
LDO Permitted Development
The developments permitted by the Order shall comprise works to:
  1. renew, replace or extend existing areas of glasshouses or polytunnels;
  2. upgrade areas of polytunnels to glasshouses;
  3. renew, replace or extend existing packhouse and distribution buildings;
  4. construct water storage reservoirs; and/or
  5. provide engineered operational surfaces or access routes (including parking areas) and plant/structures external to any proposed glasshouse, polytunnel or packhouse where these are essential to the proper functioning of the glasshouse, polytunnel or packhouse and/or to comply with development   parameters or condition set out in the Order.
The Council invited comments on the draft LDO and the consultation closed 5 pm on Friday, 13 May 2016.
If you have any queries relating to this consultation please contact Management Support (Tel: 01903 737753 or email: horticultureldo@arun.gov.uk)

Individual Public / Statutory Responses:

Report to Development Control Committee 13 July 2016:

Historic Documents:


Butlins Local Development Order

The Local Development Order (LDO) provides limited permitted development rights to small scale development within the Butlin's Campus. The LDO lasts for a period of three years from the date which it is formally adopted.

Arun District Council’s Development Control Committee approved a draft Local Development Order relating to Butlin's, in Bognor Regis, to go out to public consultation at its meeting on 29 March 2012. An eight-week period of consultation ran from 5th December 2012. The Local Development Order was approved by the Development Control Committee at its meeting of 31st July 2013 following minor amendments.  Following referral to the Secretary of State the Council adopted the Local Development Order with it coming into effect as of Monday 1st September 2014.

The LDO allows Butlin's permission to make small changes to their buildings without requiring a planning application to be made each time.. Permissions provided by this LDO would not allow large changes nor ones outside the site. Within the provisions of the LDO, Butlin's could, for example, make small extensions to existing buildings, install solar panels, put up temporary kiosks and huts within its grounds, and in a certain area in the centre of the site could put up its fun fair equipment to a set height restriction.

To ensure that the LDO is properly monitored the following measures apply:
  • Prior to the LDO coming into force Butlins have prepared a photographic site survey to baseline to allow the Council to monitor the Order. The photographic survey can be viewed on arrangement. Please contact: planning@arun.gov.uk
  • 28 days prior to any construction taking place Butlin’s will notify the District Council, Felpham Parish Council and Bognor Regis Town Council describing  the development to take place, and how the development complies with the LDO rights.
  • The District Council will maintain a record of these notifications for public inspection at Bognor Regis Town Hall and at the Arun Civic Centre.
  • An annual report shall be made to the April Development Control Committee detailing the development that has taken place.
  • The Local Development Order will be restricted to a period of three years after which time the Development Control Committee can decide to continue or end the LDO.




Enterprise Bognor Regis Local Development Order

The Council has agreed to the preparation of a Local Development Order for Enterprise Bognor Regis (EBR LDO).

The EBR LDO is 22.9 hectares in area on three sites adjoining the A29 road to the north of Bognor Regis: Salt Box, Rowan Park, and Oldlands Farm.

The EBR LDO would create a “permitted development” planning environment for proposals in the following land uses: office, light industry and research and development (Use Class B1), general industry (Use Class B2) and storage and distribution uses (Use Class B8). An element of complementary uses for Retail and Services (Class A), Assembly and Leisure (Class D2) is permitted to support the principal employment uses and create and sustain an attractive location for business. The scale and location of these complementary uses are restricted, to ensure that other policies in the Arun Local Plan, notably for retail and town centre regeneration, are not compromised.

It will enable developers, investors and businesses to benefit from a simplified planning process. The aim being to enable job growth, improve economic activity, facilitate business success and contribute to regeneration aims in Arun.

This would help to meet the aims and objectives set out in the Arun Economic Strategy and Arun Local Plan. It would help meet the ambitions to provide a sub-regional economic growth point, as set out in the Coast to Capital LEP Strategic Economic Plan and the Local Strategic Statement for Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton.


The EBR LDO was subject to statutory consultation in the period 23rd July 2015 to 10th September 2015. The results of the consultation and recommendations to progress the EBR LDO were considered by the Council on 11th November 2015. Council agreed that the EBR LDO be “made” once a number of outstanding technical matters have been resolved, principally to do with transport matters. 

The Development Control Committee Report and Recommendations to Council, together with the Consultation Report and proposed amendments to the EBR LDO can be found in the Development Control Committee - 21st October 2015 Decision PaperThe EBR LDO documents and supporting evidence studies published at the statutory consultation stage can be viewed in the Documents section below



Enterprise Bognor Regis Draft Local Development Order.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Environmental Impact Assessment - Screening Opinion - Proposed LDO for Bognor Regis [pdf] 122KB

Statutory Notice [pdf] 112KB

EBR LDO Response Form [pdf] 264KB

EBR LDO Response Form [docx] 68KB

Supporting evidence studies: