Light pollution

Abatement Notices can be served by the Council if light, for example from domestic security lights, is causing a nuisance. For light to be considered a nuisance it would have to materially affect someone's use of their home, or their health, based on average sensibilities. If you would like to make a complaint about light pollution, please use the report it eform.  

On receipt of a complaint about nuisance lighting we will contact the owner of the light to suggest that they contact the occupiers of neighbouring properties to ensure that lighting on their premises is not causing a disturbance. It is also advisable that the complainant contact the owner directly to discuss the problem, with a view to resolving the issue amicably.

Complainants are advised to keep a record of the times and duration of alleged nuisance and take photographs of the light affecting their property should they wish to pursue the matter further. If problems are not resolved an officer will investigate whether, in their opinion, the light is causing a nuisance. However, at the current time site visits are not being made by our officers and the investigation will be based on reports and photographs. For more information see the guide to Statutory Nuisance.

High Hedges legislation is dealt with by our Arun's Parks and Green Spaces Service.

More detailed information on how you can reduce light pollution is available from the The Institution of Lighting Engineers, who produce a range of advice leaflets.  See also Environmental Protection UK and Commission for Dark Skies for information on the wider environmental problem of light pollution.

More detailed information on the law, and Government guidance is available on the Defra website