Littlehampton community wardens monthly report February 2023

This report sets out key achievements and activity of the Littlehampton Community Wardens during February 2023. It is set out by town council wards to provide a comparable summary of community engagement.

Community feedback:

“I am the owner of an independent shop in Littlehampton. We have recently had an issue with 3 students and I just want to say the 3 Community Wardens have been absolutely outstanding with dealing with the mater. It was all dealt with in the upmost professionalism and speed.

I just want to add that Jamie, Michelle and James are doing an amazing job within the community and always super active I seem them very regularly and I have seen a massive change in town since they have been around.”

“The Wardens were on patrol in the High Street last Thursday lunchtime when I visited the post office. Unfortunately, a street drinker joined the queue and brought his dog in to the post office with him. The lady at the counter pointed to the sign on their door prohibiting all but guide dogs and politely asked him to take the dog outside. The response she got was loud, rude, and offensive and he refused to move. This was also disturbing for the people in the queue some of whom were quite elderly. I hopped out of the queue and seeing James still on patrol, asked him to come in and help.

This he did and was able to bring calm to the situation and escorted the gentleman outside. He did return to the queue a few minutes later without the dog and James remained nearby until he left.

Please ensure this is noted with thanks to James who has also been out and about around Netley Court tackling the street drinkers there too.”

Your team:

Jamie Riggs
07385 412091

Michelle Killick
07835 412092

James Colacicco
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Beach ward

Foot patrol hours: 19

ASB incidents: 6

Cycling/e-scooter warnings: 3

Police reports made: 3

Environmental reports: 4

Community events: 1

  • Fraud awareness talk delivered to sheltered housing scheme; positive feedback received from attendees and scheme manager.
  • Proactive response to report from a female that suspicious behaviour by a male was causing a feeling of being unsafe; patrol pattern altered to engage with male and engage, details passed to police. No further reports or sightings.
  • Youth found walking with a large metal pole taken from a building site; spoken with, removed from possession, and returned to site.
  • Ongoing engagement with street homeless individuals sleeping at sites along the seafront. Welfare checks undertaken and liaison with Turning Tides.
  • Patrols of Mewsbrook Park identified damaged fencing; reported to ADC Parks.

Brookfield ward

Foot patrol hours: 6

ASB incidents: 1

Environmental reports: 3

Community events: 1

  • Southfields and Brookfield parks patrolled; no issues of concern reported or witnessed.
  • Ongoing engagement with The Compass unit at TLA to work with young people, building trust and confidence and addressing the issue of ASB with pupils; this is an activity that points out the impact such behaviour has on the community, and individuals, to help young people understand their choices.

Courtwick with Toddington Ward

Foot patrol hours: 4

ASB incidents: 1

Environmental reports: 1

Community events: 1

Community Warden drop-in event held at Morrisons on 23 February. Various engagement and questions from members of the public; noted that many of the queries raised involved littering and fly-tipping.
These events take place on the last Thursday of every month, and residents are encouraged to come along and report any community safety issues, and to find out more about the Community Wardens.

River Ward

Foot patrol hours: 136

ASB incidents: 31

Cycling/e-scooter warnings: 12

Police reports made: 6

Environmental reports: 18

Community events: 4

Safeguarding: 4

  • School half-term week required significant presence in the town centre due to large numbers of youths gathering and playing on the High Street. On the whole, these groups were well behaved. However, Community Wardens carried out a number of ASB interventions where behaviour caused nuisance to shoppers. Intelligence reports passed to Police and ASB team at ADC for further enforcement.
  • Notable absence of visible policing in the town centre during the day.
  • Drop-in engagement event held at Creative Heart where we were able to assist residents with a range of queries and offer advice about fraud.
  • Patrols around Linden Park undertaken in response to reported anti-social behaviour.
  • Dog fouling was noted to be very prevalent this month in and around the High Street with numerous requests made to Biffa to clear.
  • Youths have started accessing the rooftops from rear of Costa; Community Wardens taken initiative to liaise with premises to identify individuals.
  • 2 youths seen on roof of St. Mary’s Church; dealt with and talked them down for their own safety and to avoid damage to the church.
  • Initiative taken to speak with the Friday market organiser about the sale of ‘funsnaps’; being brought by youths and thrown at the feet of shoppers on the High Street. Trader took a supportive view and agreed not to sell to children.
  • A rise in reported anti-social behaviour around Netley Court and Surrey Street areas responded to by targeted foot patrols and moving individual on when needed.
  • Support being provided to a local MIND meeting group, alongside Turning Tides. Positive engagement with service users to open communication and provide assistance as appropriate.
  • Lead taken to deal with two homeless persons who had set up a tent on Caffyns Field and using the tree line to defecate. Moved on and arranged clear up of area.
  • Early evening patrols undertaken as a result of observations that the town centre was becoming busy after 4pm with street community and youths. Request made to Police to patrol at similar times to manage any issues should they arise.
  • Assistance provided to a young girl suffering a seizure in Sainsburys. Safe and well.
  • Engagement with Harbour Lights Café following damage caused to outside seating; ASB Caseworker requested to view CCTV.

Wick ward

Foot patrol hours: 8

ASB incidents: 3

Environmental reports: 2

Community events: 1

  • Drop-in community engagement session held at All Saints Church as part of their weekly coffee morning. Spoke with parishioners about the role of Community Warden and offered advice on subjects such as fraud, ASB, and littering.
  • Patrols of the various alleyways due to reported anti-social behaviour; engagement with residents but no ASB witnessed.
  • Acting upon complaints from members of the public, found dog owner who was allowing their dog to bark uncontrollably. Spoke with and reported submitted to ADC Licensing team.
  • Patrols of area around Swanbourne Road following complaints of youths smoking cannabis in public. Engagement and advice given and moved on.

Wickbourne ward

Foot patrol hours: 5

ASB incidents: 2

Environmental reports: 2

Community events: 2

  • Report received from resident that pupils are causing issues on their way home from school; reported foul language and possible cannabis use.
  • Community Wardens liaised with schools to raise awareness and carried out patrols to deter. No further reported issues, though remains an area to keep an eye on.
  • Continued patrols around West Way carried out following reports of drug litter. Reports made and removal arranged.
  • Participation at events held at Chilgrove House Community Centre including engagement with children to talk about ASB.

February photos

Responding to reports of anti-social behaviour around Surrey Street and River Road

The Community Warden walks towards a building

Enjoying the Pancake Olympics

Two Community Wardens look away from the camera towards the pancake olympics

UPCOMING EVENT: all welcome

Free bike security marking event - Thursday 6 April 2023 11am-1pm Chilgrove House Community Centre, Wick, BN177JD Photo ID and email address details required for registration