Littlehampton community wardens monthly report June 2022

High visibility patrols

  • Total combined foot patrol hours: 60

Warnings and notices

  • PSPO warnings (verbal and written): 1
  • Removal of alcohol incidents: 0
  • PSPO Fixed Penalty Notices: 0
  • Obstructive parking advisory notices: 0
  • Cycling / E-scooters (verbal): 9
  • Total: 10

ASB incidents

  • Noise: 2
  • Public order: 5
  • Neighbours: 0
  • Other: 2
  • Referrals to ADC ASB team: 4
  • Total: 13

Community events

  • Community events attended: 3

Schools contacts/engagements

  • Schools contacts/engagements: 1

Operation Crackdown

  • Reports to Operation Crackdown: 0


  • Signposting advice: 6

Vulnerable people

  • Visits to vulnerable people: 3

Police reports

  • Phone (101 and 999): 1
  • Email: 0
  • Online: 0
  • Intelligence submissions: 0
  • Verbal: 4
  • E-CINS logs (multi-agency platform): 0
  • Total: 5

Environmental reports

  • Drug litter: 0
  • Graffiti: 1
  • Fly-tipping: 0
  • Dog fouling: 0
  • Litter: 1
  • Hazards: 0
  • Total: 2

Safeguarding referrals

  • Adult: 0
  • Child: 0
  • Total: 0

Multi-agency meetings

  • Multi-agency meetings attended: 3

Additional commentary

Service provided by single warden still. Last week of the month subject to annual leave.

Concerns raised by members of the public and other council teams about the behaviour of an individual in and around the town due to perceived anti-social behaviour. Lead taken in trying to identify person and engage to establish exact nature of their behaviour. On finding them, community warden able to obtain information and address complaints. No further issues reported.

Following an incident in the High Street resulting in Police units attending, community warden engaged extensively with both parties to diffuse underlying hostilities. Updates provided to relevant agencies and a thawing of tensions welcomed.

Various interventions undertaken in relation to witnessed anti-social behaviour incidents. ‘Live’ action prevented the escalation of unacceptable behaviour and limited negative impact on community.

The lead taken to address ongoing criminal damage and ASB in the area around Blakehurst Way and Kent Road; fences have been broken, graffiti, and objects thrown at properties. On identifying residents as being older, community warden brought together Police and ASB team to identify an action plan. Regular patrols of area undertaken by officers, awareness signage displayed, and home visits undertaken to support victims.

Engagement with resident who had back fence deliberately set on fire and provided support in reporting concerns to Police. Details also provided to ASB team for investigation due to a rise in deliberate fires seen in the area.

First aid training completed with St. Johns Ambulance.

Community warden received thanks for carrying a large pot home for an elderly lady.