Littlehampton community wardens monthly report June 2022

High visibility patrols

  • Total combined foot patrol hours: 99

Warnings and notices

  • PSPO warnings (verbal and written): 1
  • Removal of alcohol incidents: 0
  • PSPO Fixed Penalty Notices: 0
  • Obstructive parking advisory notices: 0
  • Cycling / E-scooters (verbal): 4
  • Total: 4 (sic)

ASB incidents

  • Noise: 0
  • Public order: 2
  • Neighbours: 0
  • Other: 6
  • Referrals to ADC ASB team: 1
  • Total: 9

Community events

  • Community events attended: 4

Schools contacts/engagements

  • Schools contacts/engagements: 0

Operation Crackdown

  • Reports to Operation Crackdown: 0


  • Signposting advice: 11

Vulnerable people

  • Visits to vulnerable people: 0

Police reports

  • Phone (101 and 999): 0
  • Email: 1
  • Online: 0
  • Intelligence submissions: 1
  • Verbal: 3
  • E-CINS logs (multi-agency platform): 0
  • Total: 5

Environmental reports

  • Drug litter: 0
  • Graffiti: 1
  • Fly-tipping: 2
  • Dog fouling: 0
  • Litter: 0
  • Hazards: 1
  • Total: 4

Safeguarding referrals

  • Adult: 2
  • Child: 0
  • Total: 2

Multi-agency meetings

  • Multi-agency meetings attended: 3

Additional commentary

Service remains constrained to one officer which has limited capacity and reach across the town. Interviews for vacant posts have taken place and one suitable candidate identified and has accepted offer of the role. Awaiting outcome of relevant checks to confirm start date. Will be readvertising for the second vacancy.

A significant amount of time has been allocated to engagement with youths across the month, in the run up the school holidays. This has been a priority task to deliver safety messages and behavioural warnings to set expectations during the summer. The community warden has established a strong rapport with a range of young people, enabling positive engagement and conversations. Strong words of advice and warnings given when needed and information sharing with other agencies continues to allow intervention and enforcement action to be undertaken where needed.

Use of e-scooters regularly mentioned to community warden by members of the public and town centre businesses. Warden has stopped a number of riders when seen and reminded them that use on public highway is not permitted. Issue again raised with local policing team.

Assistance provided to the district council’s parks team in preparing for green flag inspection at Mewsbrook Park. This included direct conversations with a homeless individual sleeping in the park ahead of the inspection and signposting to support. Individual took on board advice and moved on.

Intervention undertaken on receipt of reports that a male was urinating in public. Continued observation of area after incidents but no return, thankfully.

Community warden is often the first to become aware of rough sleepers and has been proactive this month in identifying locations and carrying out initial engagement, offering advice and referring to available services. It is noted that Community Wardens do not undertake outreach work specifically in relation to rough sleepers, but will advise the housing team when found, and carry out regular welfare checks on individuals.

Foot patrols in hotspot locations resulted in community warden intervening where anti-social behaviour was occurring, reducing the risk of escalation and possible harmful impacts.

Assistance provided to an individual who had fallen over and sustained injury. Called family member and supported them to transport individual home.

Reports of ASB in the town centre in relation to street community continue to reduce. Positive interaction between community warden and this group has seen them lessen their time occupying the benches in the High Street, reducing any negative impact their behaviour may have on shoppers and businesses. We continue to monitor ASB reports and social media posts to ensure action can be swift if this changes.

Following a report to the environmental health team of a male feeding seagulls outside the community fridge, community warden took the initiative in visiting and identifying the individual. Warning issued as actions attracting vermin, and details passed to environmental health to action.

Regular community drop-in and advice session held at Morrisons. Various signposting advice given with positive interaction and responses.