Littlehampton community wardens monthly report November 2022

High visibility patrols

  • Total combined foot patrol hours: 192

Warnings and notices

  • PSPO warnings (verbal and written): 0
  • Removal of alcohol incidents: 0
  • PSPO Fixed Penalty Notices: 0
  • Obstructive parking advisory notices: 0
  • Cycling / E-scooters (verbal): 6
  • Total: 6

ASB incidents

  • Noise: 0
  • Public order: 4
  • Neighbours: 0
  • Other: 2
  • Referrals to ADC ASB team: 2
  • Total: 8

Community events

  • Community events attended: 4

Schools contacts/engagements

  • Schools contacts/engagements: 3

Operation Crackdown

  • Reports to Operation Crackdown: 0


  • Signposting advice: 1

Vulnerable people

  • Visits to vulnerable people: 3

Police reports

  • Phone (101 and 999): 0
  • Email: 1
  • Online: 0
  • Intelligence submissions: 1
  • Verbal: 1
  • E-CINS logs (multi-agency platform): 0
  • Total: 3

Environmental reports

  • Drug litter: 2
  • Graffiti: 0
  • Fly-tipping: 3
  • Dog fouling: 0
  • Litter: 5
  • Hazards: 1
  • Total: 6

Safeguarding referrals

  • Adult: 1
  • Child: 0
  • Total: 1

Multi-agency meetings

  • Multi-agency meetings attended: 6

Additional commentary

There has been a noticeable increase in community engagement activity this month; being up to full capacity, the team has been able to offer a more comprehensive presence across Littlehampton and engage with more people. This is allowing the team to inform the public about their role, and they are becoming aware of resident’s concerns sooner, allowing earlier intervention to take place.

A number of interactions undertaken with shops on the High Street to help identify shoplifters, resulting in intelligence being shared with the Police. Interaction with shops has increased due to having three officers in place and establishing a daily town centre presence.

Meeting took place with the chair of the traders partnership to introduce new team members and agree a way in which the wardens will interact with businesses going forward within the confines of their designated role.

An alert was raised concerning the safeguarding of residents of a local supported housing facility. Positive engagement and outcomes seen as a result.

Proactive approach taken to promoting the Safe Space Sussex app and encouraging businesses and buildings to consider signing up to provide a safe space for people at risk of harm. In addition, the wardens have created a ‘get there safely’ advice card to remind people of the steps they can take to keep themselves safe.

Support given to the workmen in The Arcade due to the presence of a rough sleeper discarding drug paraphernalia in doorways overnight. Work undertaken to move individual on and arranged removal of drug litter to ensure safe working / public environment.

Engagement undertaken to support the weekly after school club held at Chilgrove House Community Centre. This activity has allowed the wardens to build relationships with the community and to facilitate greater participation.

Close working with community and Police following concerns raised about a male approaching vulnerable females and trying to engage with them. Community Warden successfully identified the individual, resulting in multi-agency collaboration and intervention.

Concerns have been raised about the provision of breakfast at home for children in some areas and that this could be a barrier to performance at school and health. The wardens undertook work with all local primary schools, and each has their own arrangements to provide early morning food or snack to those pupils who may, for a range of reasons, go without breakfast before arriving at school. This is showing a positive approach being taken by schools.

Community ‘drop-in’ sessions continue to be a great way of interacting with residents, and in being able to take action on issues reported or to signpost people to the correct channels.

There has been a steady increase in people asking for help and support in accessing cost of living services, such as foodbanks and debt advice.

Insecure commercial premises found and identified as being used by individuals for drug taking. Report submitted resulted in property being secured and drug paraphernalia cleared.

Naloxone training completed by new team members.