Littlehampton community wardens monthly report October 2022

High visibility patrols

  • Total combined foot patrol hours: 166

Warnings and notices

  • PSPO warnings (verbal and written): 1
  • Removal of alcohol incidents: 0
  • PSPO Fixed Penalty Notices: 0
  • Obstructive parking advisory notices: 0
  • Cycling / E-scooters (verbal): 7
  • Total: 8

ASB incidents

  • Noise: 0
  • Public order: 5
  • Neighbours: 0
  • Other: 1
  • Referrals to ADC ASB team: 2
  • Total: 7 (sic)

Community events

  • Community events attended: 3

Schools contacts/engagements

  • Schools contacts/engagements: 1

Operation Crackdown

  • Reports to Operation Crackdown: 0


  • Signposting advice: 6

Vulnerable people

  • Visits to vulnerable people: 0

Police reports

  • Phone (101 and 999): 1
  • Email: 1
  • Online: 0
  • Intelligence submissions: 1
  • Verbal: 2
  • E-CINS logs (multi-agency platform): 0
  • Total: 5

Environmental reports

  • Drug litter: 2
  • Graffiti: 0
  • Fly-tipping: 4
  • Dog fouling: 0
  • Litter: 5
  • Hazards: 0
  • Total: 11

Safeguarding referrals

  • Adult: 0
  • Child: 0
  • Total: 0

Multi-agency meetings

  • Multi-agency meetings attended: 3

Additional commentary

The Community Warden team is at full capacity, with 3 officers in post. This will see an increase in visible foot patrols right across Littlehampton and provide daily presence in the town centre.

Support provided to initial trial session from Audio Active, targeting young people to engage via music. Service has been commissioned to provide regular sessions, including outreach, in Littlehampton as an alternative option for young people. Community wardens supporting initiative by providing information on best places for outreach work to take place.

During patrols, noted that the gates to the former Barclays Bank site have been forced open. On further inspection, concerns raised that site being used by rough sleepers and drug use. Community wardens contacted land agent and relevant agencies to share concerns for early action to be taken.

Joint action with PCSO following seeing a male shouting in the middle of the High Street and asking businesses for money. Community Wardens and PCSO tried to interact and resolve disruptive behaviour, but male walked away and left the area.

Intervention with young person riding BMX in the High Street and skidding. After speaking at length with him about damage being caused to the new paving and advice about not cycling in the High Street, details passed to ASB team.

A number of interventions undertaken with young people found smoking cannabis.

7 verbal warnings given to riders of e-scooters in the High Street. Despite previous offers to assist Police in any targeted action, community wardens have not been asked to support. However, the team continues to gather information and note trends for sharing with Police.

Building improved working links with local primary schools. Devising offer to deliver advice talks to older year groups regarding anti-social behaviour and seasonal issues.

Collective concerns have been raised by the team about a local supported living facility and the vulnerability of residents. Safeguarding discussions have been held along with a facilitated meeting with the facility’s manager.

Transit van spotted in Clifton Road with signs of being utilised by drug users, doors left open. Drug paraphernalia reported for removal and intelligence passed to Police.

Increased welfare checks being carried out with street homeless individuals due to the change in weather.

Joint patrols with PCSOs and implementation of liaison meetings are proving fruitful and aiding early identification of issues.