Littlehampton community wardens monthly report September 2022

High visibility patrols

  • Total combined foot patrol hours: 135

Warnings and notices

  • PSPO warnings (verbal and written): 1
  • Removal of alcohol incidents: 0
  • PSPO Fixed Penalty Notices: 0
  • Obstructive parking advisory notices: 0
  • Cycling / E-scooters (verbal): 2
  • Total: 3

ASB incidents

  • Noise: 1
  • Public order: 6
  • Neighbours: 0
  • Other: 2
  • Referrals to ADC ASB team: 2
  • Total: 9 (sic)

Community events

  • Community events attended: 3

Schools contacts/engagements

  • Schools contacts/engagements: 3

Operation Crackdown

  • Reports to Operation Crackdown: 1


  • Signposting advice: 2

Vulnerable people

  • Visits to vulnerable people: 3

Police reports

  • Phone (101 and 999): 0
  • Email: 1
  • Online: 0
  • Intelligence submissions: 1
  • Verbal: 5
  • E-CINS logs (multi-agency platform): 0
  • Total: 7

Environmental reports

  • Drug litter: 1
  • Graffiti: 1
  • Fly-tipping: 1
  • Dog fouling: 0
  • Litter: 3
  • Hazards: 2
  • Total: 8

Safeguarding referrals

  • Adult: 3
  • Child: 0
  • Total: 3

Multi-agency meetings

  • Multi-agency meetings attended: 2

Additional commentary

Second community warden commenced role at the start of the month. Time spent liaising with various teams, external partners, and officers to understand local issues. It is anticipated that the third member of the team will be in post during October.

In response to several high level violent incidents within the town centre, the wardens undertook a number of late evening patrol shifts. These were focused on the town centre. On each shift, engagement with young people undertaken, as well as dealing with various other incidents and general interaction with members of the public.

Dealt with a late night confrontation between two adult males, which started as a result of an incident in a local shop and spilled out onto the street, and then into another local business. Community wardens intervened and managed to deescalate the situation, which had become a physical fight, and move the individuals on. Both business owners gave their thanks for the warden’s quick action. Follow up visits carried out to premises the following day.

Assistance given to Police following report of a missing female, thought to be vulnerable and suicidal. On locating her, the lady refused to engage with PCSOs but did speak with our community warden who was able to reassure her and get her to sit down. After a period of calm interaction, Police officers arrived and took control of the situation.

In order to improve effectiveness of communication and identification of local issues, the Community Wardens have initiated regular liaison meetings with the town PCSOs. On the whole, information sharing has been good between both when discussing incidents, but it is felt that a more formal approach can help identify wider issue right across Littlehampton.

Information received about mopeds being driven across Linden Park. Patrols undertaken and intelligence shared with Police and ASB team.

Wardens attended a charity quiz night, raising funds for Creative Heart. This was a fantastic fun event that brought the local community together which raised £560.

Vulnerable male identified by community warden, rough sleeping on benches by the foreshores office. Male had been targeted by youths throwing stones at him whilst asleep. Referred to relevant partners (Turning Tides, Police, ASB team, Housing) and regular welfare checks undertaken.

Liaison with town centre shops regarding ‘roof running’. Advice given on reporting incidents, and information shared with Police and ASB team.

Community wardens continue to raise local concerns about use of e-scooters, particularly in pedestrianised areas. Users tend to ride these at speed and without regard for others. Offer made to assist Police with identifying particular trends and in any targeted action.

‘Trick or treat’ safety messages issued to primary schools in a joint effort to provide a safe and enjoyable Halloween for everyone.

There have been a couple of incidents where community wardens have been subjected to verbal abuse this month. This has occurred as a result of wardens intervening where people have been causing anti-social behaviour.

Community wardens monthly report - September 2022 [pdf] 159KB