Courtwick Littlehampton Committed Site (Kingley Gate)

Photograph of a memorial in the courtwick area    Photograph of two semi-detached houses in the Kingley Gate development

Development at Courtwick, Littlehampton is a committed strategic site.  This means the development was approved and commenced prior to the Local Plan 2011-2031 being adopted.  A strategic site is land identified within Arun to accommodate major developments for housing.

The Courtwick, Littlehampton development has been named ‘Kingley Gate’ and is located to the north of Tesco in the  Broadpiece area. The development is near completion and has provided 600 residential dwellings (including 30% affordable housing), employment building,  structural planting and landscaping, multi-functional green infrastructure including sports pitches (and associated changing facilities), informal open space, children's play areas, allotments and surface water attenuation with good access to the town centre.


Progress of Infrastructure provision within the Strategic Site or in Arun as a whole can be found in the Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS)

The aim of this statement is to provide an update on all matters regarding developer contributions (Section 106 (S.106) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)) during the previous financial year.

Our first IFS was published in September 2020 to cover the period from April 2019 to 31st March 2020.  Please view our current IFS here: Infrastructure Funding Statement and Developer contributions | Arun District Council

The council collects all CIL contributions for all types of Infrastructure (from 1st April 2020) but it does not generally collect S.106 contributions for the provision of schools, highways, libraries or the fire service (although, in some cases S.106 for these items are retained for these projects, in agreement with the county council).  In most cases, these items are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council (WSCC).  Therefore our IFS should be read in conjunction with the WSCC IFS to identify how S.106 from specific development sites have been spent across the board.   

Please view the current WSCC IFS here: Section 106: Planning obligations - West Sussex County Council


The development is near completion with just a few final amendments to be carried out.  Please see below for information on this development.

If you wish to contact us regarding any of the Strategic Sites, please email


Latest News

January 2022: It has been advised that a Premier Local Store will be opening on the 15th January 2022 on the Kingley Gate Development.

April 2021: Due to new boundary fencing being installed to the southern boundary of the public open space and sports pitches, the removal of three sycamore trees (one dead) and one Lawson Cypress will be undertaken.  There may also be some works undertaken to the canopies of two willow trees.

March 2020: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, works with regard to replacement tree planting, footpaths serving the sports pitches and play areas have been put on hold for the time being as these works have been deemed non-essential works.  All site work is to cease until further notice. 

July 2019: Application LU/47/19/RES for the changing facilities building has been approved.

February 2019: The sports pitch & changing facilities building have been provided. Amendments to the roof have been received under reference LU/47/19/RES. This will benefit the local and wider community to enhance the use of sports & leisure facilities in the area. There are also good play areas within the development site. One has been built and one is subject to approval under the above reference.

November 2018: The Centenary Stone memorial has placed at the front of the site to mark the 70th anniversary of WW1.  The roads have been named after the veterans and a poppy is shown on the street signs. Development was originally approved on 23rd March 2012 under Outline planning reference LU/355/10 for the principal development of the site.  The details of each phase have been approved through a series of ‘Reserved Matters’ approvals. Building is near completion on this site with many local improvements in place.   



View the masterplan of the site area.