North Littlehampton Committed Site (Hampton Park)


north littlehampton

Development to the north of Littlehampton is a committed strategic site.  This means the development was approved and commenced prior to the Local Plan 2011-2031 being adopted.  A strategic site is land identified within Arun to accommodate major developments for housing within this time period.

The North Littlehampton site is located in the Toddington area of Littlehampton, to the north of the railway line. The development has been named ‘Hampton Park’.

Development is well underway on this site to provide at least 1,200 dwellings. This will be key to supporting the regeneration of the town and economic growth area.

Financial contributions have been secured for local infrastructure improvements to the town, including a community hub comprising employment floor space, a new community centre, new healthcare facilities, youth and leisure facilities, a recycling centre, public open space, including a central wetlands area, and children’s play areas. A new hotel and a care home are also included.

New vehicular access will be created from the A259, bridging over the railway line, with additional access from Mill Lane & Toddington Lane.

Please select the information below to see an overview summary of the approved development.  We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.


Latest News

October 2019: A new reserved matters application has been received for section A2 / B6 on the below map, which includes a new play area.

January 2013: Development was approved under reference LU/47/11 and building is well underway on this site with many local improvements already in place.

Building work has commenced on Phase two, which is sections C1, C2 B2, & and part of B4 on the map below.

latest news 1

Here are some photos taken on our latest site visit.

view of street

Houses on Kenney Drive near the bottom of this phase (just above the play area). These are already occupied.


Affordable housing almost complete (next road up from Kenney Drive)


Bottom right of the crossroads on the plan


Houses to the left of the crossroads.



View the masterplan and overview summary of the proposal.