Local Government Transparency Code


The Code

The local government transparency code has been issued with the intention of placing more power into citizens’ hands and thus increasing democratic accountability. The code makes it a requirement for local authorities to publish a range of information, which is intended to make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services. The code can be viewed in full on the GOV.UK website. The current code was finalised in October 2014 and contains two sets of information; that which must be published and that which is recommended for publication. Wherever possible, Arun District Council has published information from both lists.


Information to be published quarterly

Expenditure exceeding £500

This information is held on the Payments over £500 page.


Procurement information


Information to be published annually

Local Authority land


Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations


Organisation chart

This information is held on our Chief Officers page.


Trade union facility time

Please see the attached   Facility Time Reporting for 2018 to 2019.pdf [pdf] 107KB


Parking account
The revenue collected through penalty charge notices on the Civil Parking Enforcement account is as follows:-
2012/13 = £417,988
2013/14 = £380,134
2014/15 = £412,741
2015/16 = £424,067
2016/17 = £451,950
2017/18 = £419,790
2018/19 = £447,103
After expenditure, the surplus retained by Arun District Council was:-
2012/13 = £56,256
2013/14 = £45,289
2014/15 = £37,651
2015/16 = £43,250
2016/17 = £54,064
2017/18 = £48,750
2018/19 = £76,340
This surplus has been spent on purchasing new solar powered pay & display machines, resurfacing and other car park improvements within the Arun District.
Arun's parking account can be broken down as seen in the attached documents.
Car Parking Account 2019-20 Budget.pdf [pdf] 451KB
Parking spaces

Information about parking spaces in Arun District Council car parks is held in the Parking pages.

In addition, there are 998 on street spaces within the Controlled Parking Zone in Bognor Regis. This includes resident, pay and display and shared use bays, but excludes controlled parking spaces with no associated charge (For example the figure exclude limited waiting bays, disabled bays, or bays marked out for specific users). There are no other on street parking schemes within the District.


Senior salaries information

Senior salaries information is held on our Financial Information page, in the annual Statement of Accounts. The detail can be found in the section “Officer’s Remuneration”:

Statement Year Page Number
2017/18 81
2016/17 62
2015/16 62
2014/15 60
2013/14 53



This information is held on the Constitution page.


Pay multiple

This information is available on the Equality & Diversity page. Pay multiple information can be found in the document "Pay Policy Statement Financial Year 2014-15". It is in Section 10, on page 5.



Figures are released annually in the Counter Fraud Report:

Yearly figures


Social Housing Asset Value

Social Housing Asset Value April 2020.pdf [pdf] 17KB
Social Housing Asset Value April 2020.xlsx [xlsx] 19KB

Social Housing Asset Value April 2019.pdf [pdf] 16KB
Social Housing Asset Value April 2019.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB

Social Housing Asset Value April 2018.pdf [pdf] 17KB
Social Housing Asset Value April 2018.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB

Social Housing Asset Value April 2017.pdf [pdf] 16KB
Social Housing Asset Value April 2017.xlsx [xlsx] 17KB



Information to be published once only

Waste contract

Title: Combined Cleansing Services Contract
Description: Combined contract covering waste and recycling collections, street and beach cleaning, clinical waste collections and public toilet cleaning.
Start: 1st February 2017
End: 31st March 2023
Annual Spend: £4,572,937
Route: Published Tender
Managing Department: Cleansing
Supplier: Biffa Municipal Limited
Company reg number: 04321212
Medium sized enterprise


Other Council's information

Similar data can be downloaded from other local authority websites for context or comparative purposes

Chichester District Council

Adur & Worthing Councils

West Sussex County Council