Local Plan 2011-2031: National Documents



Ref National Documents Date produced Author
ND01 Town & Country Planning Act 1990 as amended Apr-12 HM Government
ND02 The Town & Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regs 2012 Apr-12 HM Government
ND03 Localism Act 2011 Nov-11 HM Government
ND04 Planning Act 2008 2008 HM Government
ND05 The Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (no:2) (England) 2013 HM Government
ND06 Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act May-04 HM Government
ND07 The Community Infrastructure Levy Regs 2010 as amended 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 HM Government
ND08 National Planning Policy Framework [pdf] 870KB Mar-12 Communities and Local Government
ND09 Planning policy for traveller sites [pdf] 131KB Mar-12 Communities and Local Government
ND10 Designing Gypsy and Traveller Sites - Good Practice Guide [pdf] 5MB May-08 Communities and Local Government
ND11 The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations [pdf] 139KB Mar-12 Communities and Local Government
ND12 The Future of Heating - Meeting the Change [pdf] 5MB 2013 DECC
ND13 Housing Standards Review Consultation [pdf] 716KB 2013 DECC
ND14 Written Ministerial Statement - Building Regs 2014 DCLG
ND15 Local and Regional Carbon Dioxide Emissions Estimates for 2005-2012 for the UK [pdf] 2MB 2014 Ricardo AEA produced for DECC
ND16 Carbon Dioxide Emissions with the Scope of Influence of local authorities [xlsx] 4MB 2014 Ricardo AEA produced for DECC
ND17 A Summary of Climate Change Risk for South East England [pdf] 836KB 2012 Climate Change UK
ND18 Community Energy Strategy Full Report [pdf] 2MB 2014 DECC
ND19 Agricultural Land Classification of England and Wales [pdf] 3MB 1998 Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
ND20 British Geological Survey Current website Geoindex at www.bgs.ac.uk/geoindex
ND21 Circular 1/03 Safeguarding Aerodromes Nov-05 HM Government
ND22 Construction Code of Practice for the Sustainable Use of Soils on Construction Sites [pdf] 737KB Sep-09 DEFRA
ND23 National Planning Policy Guidance Current website Planning Portal