Local Plan 2011-2031: Primary Evidence Documents


Primary evidence table is below; please click for secondary evidence.

PELP01 Publication Local Plan - Oct 2014.pdf [pdf] 25MB 2014
PELP02 Sustainability Appraisal Main Report & Non Tech Summary 2014
PELP02A Sustainability Appraisal Executive Summary 2014
PELP03 Sustainability Appraisal Appendices Part A 2014
PELP04 Sustainability Appraisal Appendices Part B 2014
PELP05 Policy Map 1 The Local Planning Authority Boundary of Arun District Council [pdf] 889KB 2014
PELP06 Policy Map 2 Arundel, the six villages and surrounding area.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2014
PELP07 Policy Map 3 Bognor Regis and surrounding area.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2014
PELP08 Policy Map 4 Littlehampton and surrounding area.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2014
PELP09 East Preston Green Infrastructure Network Map.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2014
PELP10 Statement of Consultation 2015.pdf [pdf] 8MB 2015
PELP11 Representations made under Regulation 20 2014
PELP12 Habitats Regulation Assessment for the Arun District LP [pdf] 3MB 2013
PELP13 Duty to Cooperate Statement 2015.pdf [pdf] 7MB 2015
PELP14 Section 17 Assessment Part A.pdf [pdf] 240KB 2015
PELP15 Section 17 Assessment Part B.pdf [pdf] 267KB 2015
PELP16 Equalities Assessment.pdf [pdf] 668KB 2015
PELP17 Notice of Submission.pdf [pdf] 152KB 2015
PELP18 Local Development Scheme 2014-2017.pdf [pdf] 111KB 2014
PELP19 PAS Legal Compliance Checklist.pdf [pdf] 463KB 2015
PELP20 PAS Soundness Compliance Checklist.pdf [pdf] 698KB 2015
PELP21 Statement of Community Involvement.pdf [pdf] 195KB 2012
PELP22 Council Report 10 September.pdf [pdf] 280KB 2014
PELP23 Full Council Minutes 10 September 2014.pdf [pdf] 235KB 2014
PELP25 Changes from 2003 Local Plan Maps to 2011 Policies Maps.pdf [pdf] 29KB 2015
PELP26 Arun Local Plan Policies Comparison.pdf [pdf] 75KB 2015
PELP27 Duty to Cooperate Statement addendummain mods [pdf] 328KB 2017
PELP28a Sustainability Appraisal of the Main Modifications to the Arun Local Plan 2017
PELP28b Non-Technical Summary - SA of the Main Modifications to the Arun Local Plan 2017
PELP28c Appendices - SA of the Main Modifications to the Arun Local Plan 2017
PELP29 Statement of Consultation.pdf [pdf] 340KB (formerly ADCED41) 2017
PELP30 Sustainability-Appraisal-Scoping-Statement-for-the-Arun-Local-Plan.pdf [pdf] 226KB (formerly ADCED18) 2016
PELP31 ALP HRA Stage 1 Report Baseline Data for Site Evaluations.pdf [pdf] 22MB  (formerly ADCED16) 2016
PELP32 HRA Stage 2 Report Screening For Likely Significant Effects.pdf [pdf] 4MB (formerly ADCED17) 2016
PELP33 HRA-Report.pdf [pdf] 6MB (formerly ADCED36)
PELP33_a Appendix 1 for Matter 4c.pdf [pdf] 2MB
PELP33b PELP33b Natural England Response to Inspectors Interim Findings.pdf [pdf] 207KB 2017
PELP34 Equalities Impact Assessment.pdf [pdf] 324KB (formerly ADCED40) 2017
PELP35 Local Development Scheme 2017-2020.pdf [pdf] 716KB (formerly ADCED44) 2017
PELP36 Superseded Policies.pdf [pdf] 173KB (formerly ADCED42) 2017
PELP37 Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 Publication Version showing Modifications.pdf [pdf] 12MB 2017
PELP38 Table of Proposed Main Modifications 2011-2031.pdf [pdf] 203KB 2017
PELP39 Updated Policies Maps 2017
  Visions & Objectives  
PEV&O1 Our Kind of Place (Sustainable Community Strategy).pdf [pdf] 1MB 2008
PEV&O2 Coast to Capital Strategic Economic Plan.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2014
PEV&O3 Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton Local Strategic Statement Delivering Sustainable Growth 2013-31.pdf [pdf] 810KB 2013
PEV&O4 Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton Local Strategic Statement Delivering Sustainable Growth 2013-31.pdf [pdf] 794KB 2016
PEV&O5 PEV&05 Defining the HMA and FEMA_.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2017
  Sustainable Place  
PESP1 Arun Green Infrastructure Study 2012
PESP3 Landscape and Visual Amenity Aspects of Development Choice in Arun District 2006
PESP4 Arun Settlement Sustainability Study.pdf [pdf] 6MB 2007
PESP5a Arun_Landscape_Capacity a.pdf [pdf] 13MB (formerly ADCED45a) 2017
PESP5b Arun_Landscape_Capacity b.pdf [pdf] 11MB (formerly ADCED45b) 2017
PESP5c Arun_Landscape_Capacity c.pdf [pdf] 11MB (formerly ADCED45c) 2017
PESP5d Arun_Landscape_Capacity d.pdf [pdf] 14MB (formerly ADCED45d) 2017
PESP5e Arun_Landscape_Capacity e.pdf [pdf] 2MB (formerly ADCED45e) 2017
PESP6 PESP6 Angering North Allocation - Landscape.pdf [pdf] 389KB
PESP6 Angering North Allocation - Landscape APPENDIX 1.pdf [pdf] 730KB
PESP6 Angering North Allocation - Landscape APPENDIX 2.pdf [pdf] 1MB
  Prosperous Place  
PEPP1 Arun Local Plan Validation Study - Economy & Enterprise.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2014


HELAA (Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments)


PEPP3 Soils and Agricultural Land Assessment 2013.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013

Arun District Retail Study 2013.pdf [pdf] 758KB

Arun District Retail Study 2013 - Technical Appendices.pdf [pdf] 2MB

PEPP6 Arun Employment Land Needs Update.pdf [pdf] 504KB (formerly ADCED14) 2016
PEPP7 LEGA Development Delivery Study with signature.pdf [pdf] 15MB (formerly ADCED15) 2016
PEPP8 Arun Retail Study 2016 Update.pdf [pdf] 5MB (formerly ADCED31) 2016
PEPP9 PEPP9a Employment and Enterprise Local Plan Background Paper March 2017 (2).pdf [pdf] 1MB  (formerly ADCED43)
PEPP9b Commercial Property Market Market Study.pdf [pdf] 3MB
PEPP10 PEPP10 Bognor Regis Golf Club Note.pdf [pdf] 109KB 2017
  Living Place  
PELVP01 Housing Implementation Strategy Jan 2015.pdf [pdf] 690KB 2015
PELVP02 Assessment of Housing Development Needs Study - Sussex Coast HMA 2014.pdf [pdf] 471KB 2014
PELVP03 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation 2013.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2013
PELVP03A Housing Study (Duty to Cooperate) Sussex Coast HMA 2013.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2013
PELVP05 Coastal West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update Arun Summary 2012.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2012
PELVP06 Coastal West Sussex SHMA Update.pdf [pdf] 177KB 2012
PELVP07 Visioning Study - Angmering.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2013
PELVP08 Visioning Study - Barnham Eastergate Westergate.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2013
PELVP11 Demographic Projections Report (August).pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
PELVP12 West Sussex Authorities - Transit Site Study 2013.pdf [pdf] 747KB 2013
PELVP13 Coastal West Sussex Authorities Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2013
PELVP14 Gypsy Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Sites Study 2013.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
PELVP14A Arun District Council Authority Monitoring Reports  
PELVP15 London Housing Design Guide Interim Edition Mayor of London.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2010
PELVP16 Housing Design Standards Evidence Summary Mayor Of London.pdf [pdf] 364KB 2010
PELVP17 Housing Space Standards HATC Mayor of London.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2006
PELVP18 Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance Mayor of London.pdf [pdf] 21MB 2012
PELVP19 Gypsy & Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment: Update Report [pdf] 1MB  (updated 27/5/2015) 2014
PELVP20 OAN Report 2015.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2015
PELVP21 Local Plan Viability Assessment Update.pdf [pdf] 15MB (formerly ADCED34) 2016
PELVP22 Housing-Implementation-Strategy-March-2017 (with meeting notes).pdf [pdf] 1MB (formerly ADCED37) 2017
PELVP23 Updated Housing Needs Evidence September 2016.pdf [pdf] 439KB (formerly ADCED26) 2016
PELVP24 Indoor-And-Built-Facilities-Needs-Assessment.pdf [pdf] 2MB (formerly ADCED20) 2016
PELVP25 Indoor-Sport-And-Leisure-Facilities-Strategy.pdf [pdf] 596KB  (formerly ADCED21) 2016
PELVP26 Playing-Pitch-Strategy---Assessment-Report.pdf [pdf] 1MB (formerly ADCED22) 2016
PELVP27 Playing-Pitch-Outdoor-Sports-Strategy-Action-Plan.pdf [pdf] 803KB  (formerly ADCED23) 2016
PELVP28 DRAFT-Open-Space-Assessment-Report.pdf [pdf] 2MB  (formerly ADCED24) 2016
PELVP29 Open-Space-Standards-Paper.pdf [pdf] 2MB (formerly ADCED29) 2016
PELVP30 Open-Space-Assessment-Report.pdf [pdf] 2MB (formerly ADCED30) 2016
PELVP31 Update to Publication Plan and Housing Implementation Strategy - Housing Land Supply Updated
Additional Info - HELAA sites included in the HIS Trajectory.pdf [pdf] 43KB
PELVP32 Five year Housing Land Supply report 2017
PELVP33 Status of Strategic Allocation Sites as at 25th September.pdf [pdf] 41KB 2017
  Connected Place  
PECP1 Arun Transport Study.pdf [pdf] 22MB 2013

A29 Realignment Feasibility Study (July 2014)

PECP4 Local Plan Business Survey Report - July 2014.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2014
PECP5 A29 Study 2013.pdf [pdf] 35MB 2013

A29 Woodgate Study Volumes 1-3

PECP7 Lyminster Bypass – Feasibility Study 2012

A259 Route Improvement Study (added 22.04.2015)

February 2013
PECP9 Arun Transport Study Stage 3 Report and Appendices (formerly ADCED33_3) 2017
PECP10 The Enterprise Bognor Regis Transport Review 2017 - updated Nov 2017 2017
  Protected Place  
PEPTP1 Arun Local Plan ( 2011 – 2031) Sequential Exception Test 2014 2014
PEPTP2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2008 2008
PEPTP3 Habitat Study References and Appendices.pdf [pdf] 51MB 2008
PEPTP4 Sustainable Energy Study 2009.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2009
PEPTP5 Arun Playing Pitch Strategy Report 2008.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2008
PEPTP6 Arun-SSWMS-Stage-1.pdf [pdf] 22MB (formerly ADCED19a) 2016
PEPTP7 Arun-SSWMS-Stage-2.pdf [pdf] 11MB (formerly ADCED19b) 2016
PEPTP8a Arun-SSWMS-Executive-Summary.pdf [pdf] 319KB (formerly ADCED27a) 2016
PEPTP8b Arun SSWMS Stage 1 Report Aug 2016.pdf [pdf] 22MB (formerly ADCED27b) 2016
PEPTP8c Arun SSWMS Stage 2 Report Aug 2016.pdf [pdf] 11MB (formerly ADCED27c) 2016
PEPTP8d Arun SSWMS Stage 3 Report Oct 2016.pdf [pdf] 1MB (formerly ADCED27d) 2016
PEPTP9 Seq-Exception and Seq-Exception Appendix (formerly ADCED39)  2017
PEPTP10 SFRA Update 2016 2016
PEPTP11 PEPT11 ADC Response relating to Natural Environment- Actions 60 & 62.pdf [pdf] 178KB 2017
  Deliverable Place  
PEDP1 Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2015.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2015
PEDP2 Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Assessment 2015.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2015
PEDP4 Arun-ICSDP-Phase-1-Draft-Report.pdf [pdf] 4MB (formerly ADCED25) 2016
PEDP5 ARUN ICSDP Phase 2 Infrastructure Delivery and Phasing Plan 1.3.pdf [pdf] 512KB (formerly ADCED32) 2017


Local Plan Extra Documentation