Local Plan 2011-2031: Secondary Evidence Documents


Secondary evidence table is below; please click for national documents.

SELP01 Local Plan 2003 Microsite 2003
SELP02 Core Strategy - Issues and Options.pdf [pdf] 833KB 2005
SELP03 Core Strategy 'Options for Growth' Full Document.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2009
SELP04 Consultation on Housing and Employment Growth Survey Report April 2011.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2011
SELP05 Arun District Council Draft Local Plan 2012.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2012
SELP06 Interim Planning Policy Guidance on Enterprise@BognorRegis.pdf [pdf] 674KB 2012
SELP07 EDAW 2009 Core Strategy Scoping Report.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2009
SELP08 Full Technical Appendices to Sustainability Appraisal of Local Plan 140612.pdf [pdf] 970KB 2012
SELP09 Initial Sustainability Commentary.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2009
SELP10 District Baseline Report 2009.pdf [pdf] 7MB 2009
SELP11 Interim SA Report 2012.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2012
SELP12 West Sussex Minerals Local Plan 2003 2003
SELP13 West Sussex Waste Local Plan April 2014.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2014
  Sustainable Place  
SESP01 Aldingbourne Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP02 Aldwick Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP03 Angmering Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP04 Arundel Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP05 Barnham Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP06 Bersted Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP07 Bognor Regis Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP08 Climping Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP09 East Preston Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP10 Eastergate Community Profile [pdf] 3MB.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP11 Felpham Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP12 Ferring Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP13 Ford Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP14 Kingston Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP15 Littlehampton Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP16 Lyminster and Crossbush Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP17 Middleton-on-Sea Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP18 Pagham Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP19 Rustington Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP20 Walberton Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP21 Yapton Community Profile.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SESP22 Landscape Assessment.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2009
  Prosperous Place  
SEPP01 Retail Study 2010 Report.pdf [pdf] 578KB 2010
SEPP02 Retail Study 2010 Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2010
SEPP03 Retail Study 2010 Appendix 2.pdf [pdf] 9KB 2010
SEPP04 Retail Study 2010 Appendix 3.pdf [pdf] 275KB 2010
SEPP05 Arun Economic Strategy 'Open for Business' Sept 2009.pdf [pdf] 456KB 2009
SEPP06 Angmering Employment Site Assessments.pdf [pdf] 575KB 2013
SEPP07 Feasibility & Viability Assessment - Oldlands Farm, Bognor Regis (2011).pdf [pdf] 2MB 2011
SEPP08 An Enterprise Zone for Coastal West Sussex Expression of Interest.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2011
SEPP10 Sustainability Appraisal on Employment Site Allocations at Bognor Regis.pdf [pdf] 115KB 2012
SEPP11 Developing an Employment and Infrastructure Strategy.pdf [pdf] 298KB 2012
SEPP13 Growing Together A Strategy for the West Sussex Growing Sector.pdf [pdf] 407KB 2010
SEPP14 Combined Horticultural Production & Energy Hubs A Review, West Sussex Growers Association.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2012
SEPP16 Viability of Horticultural Glasshouse Industry in West Sussex 2009.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2009
  Living Place  
SELVP01 Locally Generated Needs Study Exec Summary.pdf [pdf] 130KB 2010
SELVP02 Locally Generated Needs Study.pdf [pdf] 585KB 2010
SELVP03 Affordable Housing Options - Viability Study Update 2009 to 2010.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010
SELVP04 Arun Affordable Housing Viability Study Update 2010.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010
SELVP08 Affordable Housing Options - Viability Study Update 2009 to 2010.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010
SELVP09 Arun Affordable Housing Viability Study Update 2010.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010

Economic Viability of Affordable Housing Options Report.pdf [pdf] 557KB

Executive Summary of the Economic Viability of Affordable Housing Options Report.pdf [pdf] 223KB

Appendix to the Economic Viability of Affordable Housing Options Report.pdf [pdf] 47KB


Arun Affordable Housing Viability Study Update 2006.pdf [pdf] 1MB

Appendix I Development Scenarios.pdf [pdf] 64KB

Appendix IIa - Tables Graphs 15% Development Profit.pdf [pdf] 151KB

Appendix IIb - Tables Graph 20% Development Profit.pdf [pdf] 111KB


Affordable housing study 2005.pdf [pdf] 977KB

Affordable housing 2005 executive summary.pdf [pdf] 43KB

SELVP13 LPSC Workshop - Housing Cluster Locations.pdf [pdf] 625KB 2014
SELVP14 District Cluster Map.pdf [pdf] 961KB 2014
SELVP15 Duty to Cooperate - Housing Study Report.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2013
SELVP16 Demographic Projections Report (August).pdf [pdf] 3MB 2013
SELVP17 Review of Housing Requirements.pdf [pdf] 705KB 2013
SELVP19 SHMA Main Report 22-02-13.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2013
SELVP20 Arun District Summary 22-02-13.pdf [pdf] 177KB 2013
SELVP21 Building for Life 12.pdf [pdf] 408KB 2013
SELVP22 Dwelling Space Standards Supplementary Planning Document Mid-Sussex 2009.pdf [pdf] 385KB 2009
SELVP23 Housing Quality Indicators 2014
SELVP24 Lifetime Homes - For Professionals. Age UK, TCPA, and Habinteg live
SELVP25 SBD 2010 new homes.pdf [pdf] 4MB 2010
SELVP26 Planning and Climate Change - Guidance and Model Policies for Local Authorities.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010
SELVP27 Planning for Climate Change - Guidance for Local Authorities.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2012
SELVP28 Worthing Borough Council Space Standards Supplementary Planning Document 2012.pdf [pdf] 516KB 2012
SELVP29 Open Space Sport and Recreation Study.pdf [pdf] 9MB 2009
SELVP30 Proposed Methodology for assessing permanent sites for G & T and T S.pdf [pdf] 741KB Jan 2016 revised June 2016
  Connected Place  
SECP01 Arun Transport Study - Waste Site Allocation Transport Addendum - Report (2014).pdf [pdf] 4MB 2014
SECP02 A27 Junction Capacity Modelling 2010.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2010
SECP03 A27 Highways Agency Letter 9th December.pdf [pdf] 55KB 2010
SECP04 A27 Highways Agency Letter Mach 2011.pdf [pdf] 50KB 2011
SECP05 Strategic Transport Modelling Study 2009.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2009
SECP06 Arun LDF Addendum Lyminsterbypass.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2010
SECP07 West Sussex Transport Plan 2011 2026.pdf [pdf] 12MB 2011
SECP08 A Route Strategy and Action Plan for the A27 for West Sussex County Council.pdf [pdf] 9MB 2013
SECP09 South Coast Corridor Multi-Modal Study Report 2002.pdf [pdf] 5MB 2002
SECP10 A27 Corridor Feasibility Study Scope Document.pdf [pdf] 548KB 2014

The Arun Leisure and Cultural Strategy 2013-2028

SECP12 ADC Air Quality and Screening Updating Assessment 2015.pdf [pdf] 3MB  (added Dec 2016)
ASR-2016.pdf [pdf] 2MB
  Protected Place  
SEPTP01 Areas of Special Character - Description Review.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2005
SEPTP02 Buildings and Structures of Character.pdf [pdf] 88KB 2005
SEPTP03 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.pdf [pdf] 1MB 1990
SEPTP04 PPS5 Planning for the Historic Environment.pdf [pdf] 252KB 2010
SEPTP05 Arun Sequential and Exception Test.pdf [pdf] 151KB 2009
SEPTP06 Habitats Regulation Assessment Appropriate Assessment Screening Report 2007.pdf [pdf] 268KB 2007
SEPTP07 West Sussex SFRA 2008
SEPTP08 Landscape Sensitivity Analysis & Guidance for West Sussex Low Carbon Study.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2009
SEPT09 Water-stressed-classification-2013.pdf [pdf] 424KB 2017
  Deliverable Place  
SEDP1 Infrastructure Funding Study 2009.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2009
SEDP2 Development Delivery Study West Bank 2014 [pdf] 2MB 2014
SEDP3a School Provision in Arun district Feb 2017.pdf [pdf] 515KB 2017
SEDP3b Appendix 1 Strategic Housing Primary Education Requirements.pdf [pdf] 178KB 2017
SEDP3c Appendix 2 Strategic Housing Secondary Education Requirements.pdf [pdf] 171KB 2017
SEDP3d SEDP3d Update to School Provision in Arun District.pdf [pdf] 94KB 2017
SEDP4 Strategic Growth Assessment Arun.pdf [pdf] 2MB 2017
SEDP5 SEDP5 Secondary School Site Assessment-FINAL.pdf [pdf] 202KB 2017
SEDP6 SEDP6 LEGA Potential Sources of Funding.pdf [pdf] 1MB 2017
SEDP8 Background paper 1 SEDP8 Secondary School Site Selection Study-SITE STUDY.pdf [pdf] 3MB 2019
SEDP9 Background paper 2 SEDP9 Secondary School Site Selection Study - SITE SELECTION STUDY-NON TECHNICAL SUMMARY.pdf [pdf] 458KB 2019