Planning Policy Subcommittee (Local Plan Sub Committee)


Planning Policy Subcommittee

On 7th November 2018, Full Council agreed to the recommendation from Local Plan sub-committee that the functions of the Community Infrastructure Levy Subcommittee would be transferred to the Local Plan Subcommittee and that the Local Plan Subcommittee be renamed the Planning Policy Subcommittee.  This is to reduce the number of meetings covering interrelated policy matters.  The name change is to reflect the fact that the Local Plan has now been adopted and the items to be considered over by the merged committee will be other planning policy documents.



This Sub Committee is involved in the work to update the District Local Plan. The Sub Committee reports into the Full Council.


Bower (C), Charles (VC), Ambler, Mrs Bence, Mrs Brown, Chapman, Cooper, Elkins, Mrs Hall, Haymes, Oppler, Mrs Pendleton, and Stanley [+ 1 Independent vacancy]
Meetings are not programmed in the Calendar of Meetings and are held when required.  Meetings are open to the public. Please see the Arun District Councillors page for information on how to contact the above Councillors. 

Webcasting of 15 February 2017 meeting

As this is a test recording, the seating plan for this meeting is not correct and so please ignore the names of speakers broadcast – this will be corrected for future broadcasts.  The broadcast can be viewed online here.

Webcasting of 6 and 9 March 2017 meetings

The meetings of 6 and 9 March will be webcast live. Please click below to view the webcasts of the meetings:

6 March 2017
9 March 2017


Agendas and minutes

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Archived agendas and minutes
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
27 March 2014

Local_Plan_Sub_Committee_Agenda 27_March_2014.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Local Plan Sub Committee Agenda 27 03 14 item A.docx [docx] 578KB

Local_Plan_Minutes_270314.pdf [pdf] 106KB
30 January 2014

Local_Plan_Agenda_30_01_14.pdf [pdf] 607KB

Local_Plan_Report_to_Chapter_8.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Local_Plan_Chapter_9_to_Chapter_13.pdf [pdf] 390KB

Local_Plan_Chapter_18_to_Chapter_27.pdf [pdf] 291KB 

Local Plan SC Minutes_300114.pdf [pdf] 156KB
28 November 2013 at 6.00 p.m.

Local_Plan_Agenda_28_11_13.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Correction_to_Order_of_Papers_for_281113.docx [docx] 16KB

Local_Plan_Subcommittee_Meeting_28_11_13.pdf [pdf] 5MB Ford Neighbourhood Area Designation 2. Annual Monitoring Report

3. Gaps Between Settlements

Erratum Notice circulated at the meeting 28 11 13.pdf [pdf] 387KB

Minutes_28 11 13.pdf [pdf] 135KB
31 October 2013 at 6.00 p.m.

Local_Plan_Sub_Committee_Agenda_31_10_13.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Agenda Item 8 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation - Updated as identified at para 1.1 of covering report

Strategic Housing Market Assessment Validation 2013.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Local Plan Subcommittee Minutes 311013.pdf [pdf] 112KB
19 September 2013 This meeting has been cancelled whilst awaiting the outcome of the SHMA review  
18 July 2013

URGENT NOTICE: At Full Council on 10 July 2013, it was Resolved that this meeting be cancelled.

Local_Plan_Sub_committee_18_07_13.pdf [pdf] 7MB (Please note that the maps referred to under Agenda Item 5, Residual Housing Locations, will be circulated under separate cover and will be uploaded to the web as soon as available)

16 May 2013

Local Plan SC Agenda 16 05 13.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Link to the Draft Local Plan, Sustainability Appraisal and Policies Maps

Local Plan Minutes 16 05 13.pdf [pdf] 50KB
8 May 2013 (Changed from 9 May)

Local_Plan_Agenda_08_05_13.pdf [pdf] 5MB

Local_Plan_Sub_Cttee_Additional_Items_08_05_13.pdf [pdf] 28MB

(These papers comprise Agenda Item 5 - Evidence Base Update; Agenda Item 6 - Green Infrastructure; Agenda Item 7 - Recommendations for Changes to the Draft Local Plan; and Agenda Item 10 - Summary of Compliance with the Statement of Community Involvement.)

The Evidence Base Update report within the additional papers states that readers can access the reports on these agenda pages. However, they can now be found on the Local Plan Background Documents pages by following this hyperlink

Background documents

Item_7_Recommendation_for_changes_to_draft_Local_Plan.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Local Plan SC Minutes 08 05 13.pdf [pdf] 30KB
7 March 2013 Local_Plan_Agenda_07_03_13.pdf [pdf] 30MB Minutes_070313.doc [doc] 72KB
31 January 2013 Local_Plan_Committee_31_01_13.pdf [pdf] 34MB Local Plan SC Minutes 31 01 13.pdf [pdf] 16KB
29 November 2012

Local_Plan_subcommittee_Agenda_29_11_12.pdf [pdf] 18MB

SHMA_Update_November_2012.pdf [pdf] 10MB This paper will be considered under Agenda Item 8, Evidence Base Update

Local Plan SC Minutes 29 11 12.pdf [pdf] 26KB
4 October 2012

Local Plan SC Agenda 04 10 12.pdf [pdf] 632KB

Papers_for_local_plan_Meeting_04_10_12.pdf [pdf] 19MB

Local Plan SC Minutes 04 10 12.pdf [pdf] 13KB

2 August 2012

Local_Plan_Sub_02_08_12.pdf [pdf] 6MB LocalPalnSCMinutes020812.pdf [pdf] 16KB
14 June 2012

Local_Plan_Subcommittee_Agenda_14_06_12.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Draft Local Plan.pdf [pdf] 3MB Please note this copy of the Draft Local Plan is not the version being consulted on. It has been superseded by changes made by Full Council. The consultation version can be viewed here

Urgent_Item_The_Assessment_of_the_Local_Plan.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Proposals_Map.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Full_Technical_Appendices_to_Sustainability_Appraisal_of_Local_Plan__2_.pdf [pdf] 970KB

Local Plan SC Minutes 14 06 12.pdf [pdf] 23KB
26th April 2012

LDF_Sub_Committee_Agenda_26_04_12.pdf [pdf] 440KB

LDF Agenda Additional Item 26 04 12.pdf [pdf] 21KB

LDFMinutes260412.pdf [pdf] 10KB
22nd March 2012 LDF_Agenda_22_03_12.pdf [pdf] 669KB LDFMinutes220312.pdf [pdf] 12KB
26th January 2012 Local_Development_Framework_Sub_Committee_26_01_12.pdf [pdf] 2MB LDFMinutes260112.pdf [pdf] 21KB
24th November 2011 Local_Development_Framework_SubCommittee_24_11_11.pdf [pdf] 4MB LDFMinutes241111.pdf [pdf] 24KB
7th July 2011 Local_Development_Framework_Subcommittee_07_07_11.pdf [pdf] 9MB LDF_SC_Minutes_070711.pdf [pdf] 13KB
2nd June 2011 Local_Development_Frameword_Sub_Committee_02_06_11.pdf [pdf] 4MB LDFMinutes020611.pdf [pdf] 38KB
3rd March 2011 Local_Development_Framework_subcommittee_03_03_11.pdf [pdf] 482KB LDFMinutes030311.pdf [pdf] 26KB
13th January 2011 LDF_Framework_Agenda_13_01_11.pdf [pdf] 215KB LDFMinutes130111.pdf [pdf] 16KB
4th November 2010 LDF_Framework_Agenda_04_11_10.pdf [pdf] 5MB LDFMinutes041110.pdf [pdf] 16KB
9th September 2010 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_09_09_10.pdf [pdf] 1MB LDFMinutes090910.pdf [pdf] 33KB
4th August 2010 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_04_08_10.pdf [pdf] 509KB LDFMinutes040810.pdf [pdf] 25KB
15th July 2010 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_15_07_10.pdf [pdf] 15MB LDFMinutes150710.pdf [pdf] 23KB
9th June 2010 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_09_06_10.pdf [pdf] 5MB LDFMinutes090610.pdf [pdf] 29KB
24th March 2010 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_24_03_10.pdf [pdf] 921KB LDFMinutes240310.pdf [pdf] 23KB
9th December 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_09_12_09.pdf [pdf] 823KB LDFMinutes091209.pdf [pdf] 30KB
26th November 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_26_11_09.pdf [pdf] 5MB LDFMinutes261109.pdf [pdf] 25KB
12th November 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_12_11_09.pdf [pdf] 213KB LDFMinutes121109.pdf [pdf] 21KB
13th October 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_13_10_09.pdf [pdf] 187KB LDFMinutes131009.pdf [pdf] 21KB
14th September 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_14_09_09.pdf [pdf] 468KB LDFMinutes140909_1_.pdf [pdf] 25KB
23rd July 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_23_07_09.pdf [pdf] 7MB LDFMinutes230709.pdf [pdf] 21KB
28th May 2009 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_28_05_09.pdf [pdf] 4MB LDFMinutes280509.pdf [pdf] 18KB
16th December 2008 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_16_12_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB LDFSCMinutes161208.pdf [pdf] 21KB
14th August 2008 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_14_08_08.pdf [pdf] 2MB LDFSCMinutes140808.pdf [pdf] 20KB
22nd May 2008 LDF_Agenda_22_05_08.pdf [pdf] 908KB LDFSCMinutes220508.pdf [pdf] 8KB
19th December 2007 LDF_Sub_Framework_Agenda_19_12_07.pdf [pdf] 2MB LDFMinutes191207.pdf [pdf] 7KB
27th September 2007 LDF_Framework_Agenda_27_09_07.pdf [pdf] 5MB LDFMinutes270907.pdf [pdf] 12KB
21st August 2007 LocalDevelopmentFrameworkCommittee210807.pdf [pdf] 2MB LDFMinutes210807.pdf [pdf] 11KB
5th July 2007 LDFAgenda050707.pdf [pdf] 15KB LDFMinutes050707.pdf [pdf] 6KB
8th February 2007 LDFAgenda080207.pdf [pdf] 15KB LDFMinutes080207.pdf [pdf] 16KB