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When available, the Hearing Statements for the 2017 Hearings will be found here:


Hearing Statements
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Matter & Issues 5

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Matter & Issues 7

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Matter & Issues 9

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Hearing statements

Please refer to the Update Statement by the Inspector (IDED04) in Local Plan Examination for clarification on Statements (paragraph entitled Statements) for Matters & Issues not being discussed at the June Examination.


Reps  617068  873240 873861 870528 873776  Matters & Issues 4.7  Carter Jonas

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Neighbourhood Development Planning

Within Arun District Council Local Planning Authority, there are currently 17 Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP) being undertaken; all of which are led by a Parish/ Town Councils or a sub group of the Parish / Town Council.

There are currently 15 ‘made’ NDPS and 3 ‘made’ Community Right To Build Orders (CRTBO).

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