thoughts on this

The names of these need to be changed so they make sense without context.  Also we need to consider the potential problems caused by including eforms without the pages of text they are usually on.  People could miss vital information.


Other things we need to add

Book a pest control appointment

Apply for housing benefit (currently you need to phone)

Find my nearest - ie councillor, recycling facility, etc (GIS map solution is not very good on mobile/pad, also we need a simpler find my nearest postcode search that just brings the information up)

Apply for a parking permit (there aren't online forms for all of them)

Book a bulky waste collection

I have put apply for an alcohol licence but maybe a portal with all Licensing applications would work well.

Many EH reports use the same eform, so I have not put links to it multiple times.  However it would be good if they had individual eforms.



Ocella planning portal does not display that well on mobile/pad