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local land charges award winner In simple terms, a search is an investigation to reveal any restriction or prohibition on a specific property or parcel of land. The most important fact is that any such charges are binding on successive owners or occupiers. Every Local Authority maintains a statutory Local Land Charges Register. Some examples of Local Land Charges held on the Registers are: Tree Preservation Orders, Enforcement Notices, Legal Agreements (such as Section 52 or Section 106 agreements), Listed Building or Conservation Area notices and Public Health notices or any other document containing local authority imposed conditions or restrictions. A Local Land Charges search reveals this information, plus that held by other sections within the Local Authority including Planning Services, Building Control, Environmental Health and Highways (based at West Sussex County Council).

Your solicitor can also request additional questions for your peace of mind. For example your solicitor can enquire about road proposals, public footpaths or common land (available at an additional fee). Planning information relating to adjacent properties, or the maintenance of nearby roads can also be requested free of charge.

T he Local Authority is the only source for an official certificated search. For the LLC1 certificate, experienced and skilled Officers inspect and interpret the Local Land Charges Registers and provide the full information for that property or piece of land.  The other part of a full search - known as the CON29 - is also completed by fully trained and experienced Local Land Charges staff .

A personal search of the Local Land Charges Register can be carried out by the home mover themselves, or by a private personal search agent or company. With a personal search, the person undertaking the search has access to inspect the Local Land Charges Registers. A personal search does not include the CON29 form information or the official LLC1 certificate, unless this is requested at an additional cost by the person or company performing the search.

May 2019 - The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published guidance for the general public on “How to buy a home” and “How to sell a home”.


Questions to be put to solicitors

Most of us rely on our solicitor to make the right decisions when purchasing a new home. Buying a house is likely to be the biggest purchase of your life, so you want to make sure you know everything about it. Here are some of the questions you can ask your solicitor to help you make an informed decision as to whether you have all the information you need, before you go ahead with your property purchase:

  • Who do you get to complete the search (direct from Local Authority or Personal Search Agent) and why?
  • If the information did not come directly from the Local Authority, can you tell whether it is up to date?
  • If the Local Authority did not supply the search, have all of the required questions been answered fully?
  • Has insurance been used? If so, is the cover adequate and does it cover you after the date of completion?
  • How can any follow up queries regarding the search be raised?


Contact us

If you ned more information, please contact Local Land Charges by telephone on 01903 737782 or by emailing



Local land charges fees

Below are the current fees for Local Land Charge searches. All requests must be made in writing to Local Land Charges quoting a relevant search number. The discretionary element of search fees will be reviewed annually during the budget setting process of the Council’s Business System. Cheques should be made payable to Arun District Council. Client cheques will be accepted however these need to be indemnified by the submitter.


Local land charges fees
Full Search CON29 & LLC1 £89.00
Additional Enquiries Part 2 CON29O Optional £9.30 each
Additional Enquiries Part 3 (of your own composition) £16.20
LLC1 Form Only £20.00
CON29 Form Only £69.00
CON29O Optional Only £24.00 + £9.30 per question
Additional Parcel Fees LLC1 £1.00 & CON29 £12.00 Total £13.00 for full search
Cancellation Fee £45.00
Commons Registration Search (without CON29) £33.30
Commons Registration Search (with full search) £9.30

Obtaining copies

Arun District Council do not provide a postal service for copy planning documents unless the request is following an Official Local Land Charges Search. Written requests must be made to the Local Land Charges Department and the request must quote the Official Search Number (as found in the bottom left hand side of every page). Local Land Charges will charge for these documents in accordance with the Local Land Charges Fees table.

Personal callers will be able to purchase copies of documents which are not available to view on the Planning website, providing that they carry out their own research to identify the Planning Application Reference Number and the documents they require. This may involve searching through microfiche records and asking the receptionist to print out the required document. The reception staff will not identify the application reference numbers or the documents on the customer’s behalf. The reception staff will be able to direct customers to the web access computers where there are guidance notes on how to carry out a planning history search and how to view application details in order to be able to quote the references that are required. Alternatively you can access the planning Site using this link: Planning Services

If large quantities are required, the reception staff may not be able to copy these documents while you wait and in this case copies can either be forwarded to you by post or the receptionist can telephone you to advise when they are ready for collection.

Copies of Section 106 agreements, Tree Preservation Orders and other Registration Documents will not be copied while you wait as these documents are held in the Deed Store. Please write in to the Local Land Charges department to request copies of these documents quoting the Official Registration number found in your Official Search. Without this Reference Local Land Charges will be unable to identify the correct document and therefore will not be able to make a copy.

No copies will be provided from applications which were submitted after 1987 as these are accessible via the Planning Services website. It will also no longer be possible to purchase copies of Letters of Representation although they may still be viewed on the file or on the microfiche.

Site Histories cannot be purchased as customers can carry out their own research using the Address Search facility on the website. Where it is not possible to carry out an online search (for example on large areas of land) customers will have to carry out an Official Local Land Charges Search, asking for Full Site History to be collated, this will be done at no extra fee on top of the Official Search Fees.

All requests for copies of Building Regulations decision notices or completion certificates will have to be made in writing direct to Building Control.