Neighbourhood Development & Community Right To Build Orders


The Community Right to Build allows local communities to undertake small-scale, site-specific, community-led developments.

The new powers give communities the freedom to build new homes, shops, businesses or facilities where they want them, without going through the normal planning application process.

To get the go-ahead, the proposals must:

  • have the agreement of more than 50% of local people that vote through a community referendum
  • meet some minimum requirements (for example, they should generally be in line with national planning policies and strategic elements of the local plan)

Members of the community will need to set themselves up as a corporate body with the purpose of furthering the social, economic and environmental well-being of the local community. The developments would then be managed by this corporate body. Any benefits from any development which come to the body must be retained or used for the benefit of the community.

Community Right to Build Orders are quite separate to Neighbourhood plans and as such are consulted on separately.