Neighbourhood Housing Services


Arun District Council owns around 3,500 properties, which include approximately 700 sheltered units. The Housing team also manages about 450 leasehold properties. Our Neighbourhood Housing Services team manages all of these properties for Council Tenants.

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Your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract which contains all of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant of Arun District Council.  These rights and responsibilities are strengthened by legislation.  Your tenancy is explained in more detail in the Tenant’s Handbook.

When you first become an Arun District Council tenant, you are given an introductory tenancy. This is for the first twelve months. As long as you keep to the tenancy agreement you have signed, including paying your rent on time, your tenancy will be extended. If you do not keep to the tenancy agreement, we may extend the introductory tenancy period or may serve a Notice to end your tenancy.

The type of tenancy you receive after the Introductory period will depend on your circumstances.

The following groups will be offered a secure tenancy after the Introductory period:

  • Applicants offered a 1 bed property
  • Applicants offered sheltered housing or other housing exclusively for the elderly
  • All existing Secure tenants downsizing to a smaller property

Other groups of applicants will be offered a Flexible Fixed Term tenancy for 5 years:

  • Applicants offered 2 or more bedrooms
  • Disabled applicants moving to a home with major adaptations to meet their needs
  • All existing Secure tenants moving to a property with more bedrooms than they currently occupy
  • An adult child of a deceased tenant who is ‘succeeding’ to the tenancy

A 10 year Flexible Fixed Term tenancy will be offered to:

  • Applicants with at least one child under 5 years of age     

If you have any queries about your tenancy, living in your home, or neighbourhood issues please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, by emailing, or telephone 01903 737500, or visit or write to Arun Housing Services at the address at the bottom of this page.


Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change, please let us know by completing the following e-form. Tenancy change of circumstances e-form Once you have completed and submitted the e-form it will automatically be e-mailed to a member of the neighbourhood team to deal with.


Ending your tenancy

If you are already a tenant in one of Arun District Council’s properties and you wish to give notice to quit (end your tenancy) you need to complete a Notice to Quit e-form. It will be automatically e-mailed to a member of housing staff for action. Please do not hand back the keys to the property until the Council has agreed to end the tenancy.



The Council also has over 700 garages. You can rent a garage if you are an existing Council tenant or a private resident living in the Arun area. Current rental costs are £11.16 (from 2nd April 2018) per week for an existing Council tenant or £13.40 (from 2nd April 2018) per week if you are resident in a private property. (VAT is payable if you are resident in a private property). Please note applicants will not be offered a garage if they owe any monies to Arun District Council.

We operate a Garage Waiting List system with compounds situated in Angmering, Arundel, Barnham, Bognor Regis, East Preston, Ferring,  Findon, Littlehampton, Middleton on Sea, Patching, Rustington and Yapton.

Garages are for residential use only and are let for the sole purpose of storing a motor vehicle. Please do not apply if this is not your intended use.

To apply to rent a garage please use our garage waiting list application online form. Please complete the details and select the compounds in which you are interested. The submitted e-form will automatically e-mailed to the correct member of Housing staff, and when you are successful you will be contacted.



Arun District Council have some allotment sites across the district, the waiting list for these sites is currently closed and there are no plans to reopen them at this time.