Cabinet provides an update on plans for Bognor Regis

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Arun District Council Cabinet members have made the decision to revisit the future of the Hothamton site in Bognor Regis.

Following a meeting of the Cabinet on 8 July 2019, members have considered reports and recommendations from officers and have decided that alternative proposals are to be developed for the areas previously designated for the Pavilion Park.

These proposals will not include any residential development and the health centre will not be affected by any of the plans put forward.

The Council will be seeking public opinion through a consultation phase before further decisions are made.

Arun District Council Leader, Councillor Dr James Walsh said: “We intend to provide an attractive space to be enjoyed by residents and visitors of all ages, creating a real asset to the Town. Much consideration will be given to issues surrounding anti-social behaviour and we will be looking to address this in the design process.”

Councillor Francis Oppler, Deputy Leader said: “During the recent elections, we witnessed a high level of objection to the previous plans for this area and we are determined to honour our election pledges by listening to local people.”


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