Community Toilet Scheme steps in as WC closes


toilets The owners of The Lobster Pot café in Felpham are to join a Community Toilet Scheme to enable people to use their facilities when the local public WCs shut.

The toilets at Snooks Corner are set to close at the end of March 2019 as part of the Public Toilets Strategy, which involves closing some toilets in order to refurbish others in key areas.

The popular café is only a short distance away from the Snooks Corner toilets so the Council is confident that the change will cause little disruption.

In addition, the Council has recently finished refurbishing the public WCs at Culver Road, so the area remains well-served for public toilets.

The Community Toilet Scheme involves local authorities working in partnership with businesses in order to provide readily-available toilet facilities for visitors and shoppers.

Karl Roberts, Director of Place at Arun District Council, said: “Consultation carried out in 2016, showed that the majority of residents were in favour of raising the standard of public toilets in the district by closing some public toilets in order to significantly raise the standard at the most-used facilities.

“Thanks to businesses such as the Lobster Pot joining the Community Toilet Scheme, the Council is able to assure residents and visitors that toilet facilities will still be available for them to use.”

Arun District Council will be renting out the former Snooks Corner toilets, which have recently been awarded a change of use in order that they can be re-opened as a new business venture.

This will create a saving as the new leaseholder will be responsible for the repair, maintenance and all outgoings related to the building.