Consultation begins on Community Infrastructure Levy


Community Infrastructure Levy Arun District Council is inviting the public to participate in consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule.

The Consultation begins on 21 March 2019 and will last for six weeks.

The CIL is a financial charge that new developments, meeting key criteria, pay in order to contribute towards vital infrastructure such as roads, schools and play-spaces across the district. On-site infrastructure, within developments, is more specific and will continue to be dealt with via a planning permission, tied to a separate legal agreement known as Section106.

The CIL will apply to all new developments that create additional floorspace whether housing or retail, and will be calculated as a charge per sqm, varying according to different zones - being higher where development is more profitable. However, some forms of development are exempt from the charge (e.g. Employment land).  Extensions and annexes to houses will be liable to the CIL (unless an exemption is applied for) where they reach 100 sqm or more.

The Council is aware that this is a complex topic and has done its best to provide information and supporting documents to make things as clear as possible.

The timetable for examination and adoption of the CIL Draft Charging Schedule is set out in the adopted Local Development Scheme on the Council’s web site. Hard copies of the accompanying evidence and response forms can be found at the reception desks at Bognor Regis Town Hall and Arun Civic Centre, Littlehampton and certain libraries within Arun district (listed on the notice). They are also available on the council’s website along with other information about the CIL