Empty Houses becoming Homes – The Steyne, Bognor Regis

Bathroom Before and After

As part of ongoing work by Arun District Council, another empty property as been brought back into use to provide a much-needed home for a local family.

The two-bedroom flat in Bognor Regis, which was empty, derelict and for the past 10 years, affected by leaking and extensive water damage, which has resulted in an extreme case of damp and associated mould growth, has now been refurbished by its new owners.

Arun District Councils empty property officer became aware of this property, a flat within one of the oldest Grade II listed buildings in the Arun District, due to the length of time it had remained empty. The whole building required significant work and upgrading in order to meet current Fire regulations and following a formal inspection, Enforcement Notices were served under the Housing Act 2004 requiring these works to be done.

The property was subsequently sold, and the new owners have completed an extensive refurbishment project to not only the empty flat but the whole building. As the property is not only Grade II listed, but also located in a Conservation Area, it means it must be restored to its original condition along with consultation and permissions being sought from the council’s conservation officer.

Last month the property and building were inspected by the empty property officer and all notices were fully complied with which allowed the building to be re-occupied.

Cabinet member for Technical Services, Cllr Matt Stanley said “It is great to see empty properties being brought back into use. By working closely with the owners of these properties we are able to provide much needed homes for local people. This has an impact on those that move in and experience an improvement in their living conditions, but also to the local environment and community.”

Do you know of an empty property? Do you require financial assistance on an empty property you own? For more information please contact Helen Stevens, Empty Homes Officer at Arun District Council, by phone on 01903 737788 or by email on helen.stevens@arun.gov.uk or visit www.arun.gov.uk/empty-properties


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