Protect our Beaches – Lose the Litter

Protect our Beaches – Lose the Litter Every summer, thousands of visitors flock to Arun, making a beeline for the district’s many beauty spots.

With the Covid-19 lockdown easing and the weather forecast looking good, more and more people are again starting to enjoy our beaches and parks.

While we want everyone to enjoy their picnics and fish and chips, sadly some people choose to leave their rubbish behind which presents a huge problem for the Council.

After a sunny weekend, our contractors have the mammoth task of cleaning the beaches and dealing with litter that’s been left scattered around or dumped next to full litter bins.

We are trying our hardest to empty the bins as frequently as possible, but we would appreciate it if visitors to our beauty spots could pick up their rubbish and put it in the litter bins - or take it home if the bins are full to the brim.

If we could lose the litter, it would make a big difference in protecting our beautiful beaches.

The campaign is being keenly supported by Chairman of Arun District Council, Councillor Amanda Worne.

She said: “It’s really sad that some people expect others to take responsibility for their litter, we should all be responsible for our own litter and be proud of the beautiful area we live in. We need to educate people to clear their own litter up and if need be, to take it home and dispose of it sensibly there.”


Councillor Samantha Staniforth, Arun District Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, said: “Littering continues to be an issue in our parks, beaches and open spaces, especially now that the lockdown is being slowly eased.

“We are proud of our district and know that most of our residents take pride in their community too. We are hoping that this campaign reaches out to all residents and visitors and that it will have a positive effect and reduce the amount of litter in our district, especially on our beaches after sunny days.”

Last summer, Arun District Council teamed up with Spirit FM to run the Beauty of the Beach campaign, funded by Southern Water, with the aim of keeping our coastlines clean and improving sea water quality.

When we are able, we hope to again organise litter picks for all our amazing residents who are keen to play their part in keeping the district free of rubbish.