Take your seats!


deckchairs It may be chilly outside now but Arun District Council is planning for next summer already and would like to hear from anybody who is interested in running the deckchair concession in Littlehampton.

The Council is looking for expressions of interest at this time and are open to discussions about how the concession is run.

The deckchair service is operated during the summer months and public holidays, weather permitting of course. The concession is located on Littlehampton foreshore, near to the RNLI pod. Deckchairs do sometimes ‘wander’ and may not be returned by customers at the end of the day, so it will be at the discretion of the operator how far along the prom members of the public are allowed to take the chairs. It is also worth bearing in mind the leg-work involved in collecting the strays up at the end of each day.

If you are interested, please email property.estates@arun.gov.uk.


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