Work to make way for new leisure centre set to begin


leisure centre February will see work beginning to make space for the first foundations of the new Littlehampton Leisure Centre.

Planning approval was given for the centre in January and as part of the planning submission, a tree survey was carried out in the area of the proposed leisure centre site.

It identified that there would be some loss of trees in the Ruby Gardens area of Mewsbrook Park and to mitigate for this it was recommended that new trees are planted as part of the wider landscaping work.

The aim of the landscaping is to increase the biodiversity value of the site and integrate the new leisure centre with Mewsbrook Park. The work will include planting significantly more trees than will be removed and the existing woodland area will also be managed to improve the wildlife value of the site.

Depending on the weather, the first phase of the tree work is set to take place between 6 and 20 February 2017. The work has been programmed prior to the bird nesting season (March to August) and to cause minimal disturbance to any reptiles which may be present on site.

An ecologist will monitor the work in order to minimise any impact on the environment. It is planned to remove only the trees which are essential to the construction of the new leisure centre.

The tree survey can be viewed by visiting the planning application pages of the Arun District Council website, entering the reference number LU/314/16/PL in the search box.

Further information on the project progress can be found by visiting Arun District Council’s website