Non-Strategic Site Allocations DPD


The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 (ALP 2018) was adopted by the Council in July 2018. The Local Plan sets out an overall framework for the scale and location of new development across the Local Planning Authority Area (LPAA) and aims to deliver housing based growth and jobs, along with complimentary infrastructure, such as schools and health provision. It also sets out the strategic and local policies required for the protection of the districts environment and heritage.

The ALP 2018 within row 6 of Table 12.1 also establishes a need to allocate at least an additional 1,250 homes either through a Non-Strategic Sites Development Plan Document (DPD) or from contributions included within revised Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) or both.

The DPD will allocate non-strategic sites of approximately 300 dwellings or less. This will enable the Council to actively manage the spatial distribution of development in order to ensure that it complies with both National and local policy (i.e. the strategic approach set out in Policy SD SP1a of the ALP 2018) as well as be scoped and assessed by the Sustainability Appraisal/SEA and Habitats Regulations.

The council is committed to the production of the DPD immediately following adoption of the ALP 2018, and has already commenced work on the document. Full details of the timetable for the production of the DPD can be found in the Council’s Local Development Scheme (LDS).