Overview Select Committee

The Overview Select Committee (OSC) undertakes the scrutiny function and is made up of 15 members.  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.
Members: Dingemans (C), English (VC), Mrs Bence, Blampied, Edwards, Elkins, Hughes, Mrs Oakley, Oliver-Redgate, Mrs Rapnik, Miss Rhodes, Stanley, Dr Walsh, Warren and Wheal
Please see the District Councillors page for contact information. 

Work Programme

The work programme is set annually and reviewed by consultation between the chairman and vice chairman and officers of the council and includes scrutiny of key council documents and strategies, performance management and the provision of services in the council. The Work Programme for 2018-2019 was approved by Full Council on 18 July 2018. This is reviewed at each Committee meeting  Work Programme 18-19 Full Year.pdf [pdf] 94KB


The Overview Select Committee normally meets six times a year but may have special meetings for urgent issues. Meetings are open to members of the public and usually take place at the Civic Centre in Littlehampton. There may be occasions when certain issues need to be discussed in closed session due to sensitivity. These items are usually placed at the end of the agenda and the press and the public will be requested to leave the room.

Agendas and Minutes

Minutes from meetings of this committee are available to view online. To make the most of this online document viewer you should enable bookmarks in your PDF viewing software. Learn more about how to use our committee document viewer.pdf [pdf] 23KB .



Overview Select Committee 2

Date of meeting Agendas Minutes

20 November 2012

Additional Papers

OSC_Agenda_20_11_12.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Overview_Select_Committee_20_11_12.pdf [pdf] 3MB

OSC minute 20 11 12.pdf [pdf] 55KB

4 October 2012 (at 2.30 pm) not at 6.00 pm as indicated on the agenda

(Special Meeting to consider the call-in of ICMs 075/060912 and 077/060912)

Additional Papers - Statements

Special_Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_04_10_12.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Additional_Papers_for_Special_Overview_Scrutiny_04_10_12.pdf [pdf] 470KB

Special_Overview_Select_Minutes_04_10_12.pdf [pdf] 51KB
20 September 2012 Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_20_09_12.pdf [pdf] 5MB OSC Minutes 20 09 12.pdf [pdf] 57KB

24 July 2012

Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_24_07_12.pdf [pdf] 3MB OverviewSelectMinutes240712.pdf [pdf] 32KB
7 June 2012 Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_07_06_12.pdf [pdf] 3MB OSC Minutes 7JUNE2012FINAL.pdf [pdf] 41KB

20th March 2012

Overview_Select_Agenda_20_03_12.pdf [pdf] 5MB OSC Minutes 20MARCH2012.pdf [pdf] 50KB
2nd February 2012 (Special Meeting) - 6.30 pm - Arun Civic Centre OSC Agenda 2NDFEBRUARY2012.pdf [pdf] 23KB OSC Minutes 2 FEBRUARY2012.pdf [pdf] 28KB
2nd February 2012 (Special Meeting Re: Call-In of ICM/131/221211 - Grant of a new Licence in respect of the Traders Market, Place St Maur, Bognor Regis) (5.00 pm - Arun Civic Centre) Special_Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_02_02_12.pdf [pdf] 3MB Special OSC minutes 2NDFEBRUARY2012.pdf [pdf] 28KB
24th January 2012 Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_24_01_12.pdf [pdf] 6MB OSC minutes 24THJANUARY2012.pdf [pdf] 31KB
14th December 2011 (Special Meeting - Re: Church Street Offices Call-In) Meeting start time is 2.30 pm Special_Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_14_12_11_Non_Exempt.pdf [pdf] 229KB OverviewSelectMinutes141211.pdf [pdf] 20KB

22nd November 2011

Additional Papers (Agenda Item 5)

Overview_Select_Committee_22_11_11_Non_Exempt.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Overview_Select_Cttee_22_11_11_Additional_Papers.pdf [pdf] 460KB

OSC Minutes 22 11 2011.pdf [pdf] 40KB
29th September 2011 Overview_Select_Committee_Agenda_29_09_11.pdf [pdf] 1MB OSC minutes 29 09 2011.pdf [pdf] 34KB
2nd August 2011 Overview_Select_Committee_02_08_11.pdf [pdf] 4MB OSC Minutes 2NDAUGUST2011.pdf [pdf] 29KB
7 June 2011 Overview_Select__Committee_07_06_11.pdf [pdf] 1MB PSC minutes 7THJUNE2011.pdf [pdf] 34KB
15th February 2011 Overview_select_committee_15_02_11.pdf [pdf] 6MB OSC Minutes 15THFEBRUARY2011.pdf [pdf] 53KB

18th January 2011

(Environment Working Party - Minutes from meeting held on 4th January 2011 - attached)

Overview_Select_Committee_18_01_11.pdf [pdf] 2MB

OSC notes 4THJANUARY2011.pdf [pdf] 96KB

OSC minutes 18THJANUARY2011.pdf [pdf] 57KB
26th October 2010 Overview_Select_Agenda_26_10_10.pdf [pdf] 571KB OverviewSelectMinutes261010.pdf [pdf] 30KB
31st August 2010 Overview_Select_Agenda_31_08_10.pdf [pdf] 297KB OSC minutes 31STAUGUST2010.pdf [pdf] 39KB
13th July 2010 Overview_Select_Agenda_13_07_10.pdf [pdf] 4MB OSC minutes 13THJULY2010.pdf [pdf] 57KB
18th May 2010 Overview_Select_Agenda_18_05_10.pdf [pdf] 1MB OSC minutes 18THMAY2010.pdf [pdf] 48KB


Archived Scrutiny Annual Reports:

Performance Scrutiny Committee Agendas and Minutes 2009/10

Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
9th March 2010 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_09_03_10.pdf [pdf] 3MB PerformanceMinutes090310.pdf [pdf] 38KB
12th January 2010 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_12_01_10.pdf [pdf] 4MB PerformanceMinutes120110.pdf [pdf] 51KB
24th November 2009 (Joint Scrutiny Meeting) Special_Joint_Scrutiny_Agenda_24_11_09.pdf [pdf] 60KB Special_Joint_Scrutiny_Minutes_24_11_09.pdf [pdf] 39KB
17th November 2009 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_17_11_09.pdf [pdf] 3MB PerformanceMinutes171109.pdf [pdf] 38KB
16th September 2009 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_16_09_09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Performance_Scrutiny_Minutes_16_09_09.pdf [pdf] 35KB
28th July 2009 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_28_07_09.pdf [pdf] 4MB PerformanceMinutes280709.pdf [pdf] 40KB
17th July 2009 (Special Meeting)   Performance Scrutiny Minutes 17072009.pdf [pdf] 30KB
16th June 2009 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_16_06_09.pdf [pdf] 6MB Performance_Scrutiny_Minutes_16_06_09.pdf [pdf] 50KB
9th June 2009 (Joint Scrutiny Meeting) Joint_Scrutiny_Agenda_09_06_09.pdf [pdf] 5MB Joint_Scrutiny_Minutes_09_06_09.pdf [pdf] 38KB
7th April 2009 (Special Meeting) Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_07_04_09.pdf [pdf] 38KB This Meeting did not proceed
10th March 2009 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_10_03_09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Performance_Scrutiny_Minutes_10_03_09.pdf [pdf] 43KB
6th January 2009 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_05_01_09.pdf [pdf] 1MB Performance_Scrutiny_Minutes_05_01_09.pdf [pdf] 42KB
11th November 2008 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_11_11_08.pdf [pdf] 7MB PerformanceMinutes11November2008.pdf [pdf] 43KB
11th September 2008 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_11_09_08.pdf [pdf] 11MB PerformanceScrutinyminutes110908pdf.pdf [pdf] 64KB
22nd July 2008 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_22_07_08.pdf [pdf] 6MB PerformanceScrutinyminutes220708pdf.pdf [pdf] 62KB
27th May 2008 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_27_05_08.pdf [pdf] 8MB PerformanceScrutinyMinutes270508.pdf [pdf] 61KB
25th March 2008 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_25_03_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB PerformanceScrutinyminutes250308pdf.pdf [pdf] 70KB
29th January 2008 Performance_Scrutiny_Agenda_29_01_08.pdf [pdf] 6MB PerformanceScrutinyminutes290108pdf.pdf [pdf] 53KB
27th November 2007 Performance_Review_Agenda_27_11_07.pdf [pdf] 4MB PerformanceScrutinyminutes271107pdf.pdf [pdf] 66KB
2nd October 2007 Performanceagenda021007.pdf [pdf] 71KB PerformanceMins021007.pdf [pdf] 83KB
2nd August 2007 Performanceagenda020807.pdf [pdf] 70KB PerformanceMinutes020807.pdf [pdf] 29KB
12th June 2007 PerformanceAgenda12June2007pdf.pdf [pdf] 27KB PerformanceScrutiny12Juneminutespdf.pdf [pdf] 68KB


Policy Development Scrutiny Committee Agendas and Minutes 2009/10

Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
2nd March 2010 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_02_03_10.pdf [pdf] 1MB Policy_Development_Scrutiny Minutes_02_03_10.pdf [pdf] 35KB
19th January 2010 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_Agenda_19_01_10.pdf [pdf] 1MB PolicyMinutes190110.pdf [pdf] 30KB
24th November 2009 (Joint Scrutiny Meeting) Special_Joint_Scrutiny_Agenda_24_11_09.pdf [pdf] 60KB Special Scrutiny Minutes 24THNOVEMBER2009.pdf [pdf] 39KB
10th November 2009 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_Agenda_10_11_09.pdf [pdf] 268KB Policy_Development_Scrutiny_Minutes_10_11_09.pdf [pdf] 34KB
15th September 2009 Policy_Scrutiny_Agenda_15_09_09.pdf [pdf] 2MB Policy_Scrutiny_Minutes_15_09_09.pdf [pdf] 19KB
21st July 2009 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_21_07_09.pdf [pdf] 961KB Policy_Development_Scrutiny Minutes_21_07_09.pdf [pdf] 55KB
9th June 2009 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_09_06_09.pdf [pdf] 367KB Policy_Development_Scrutiny Minutes_09_06_09.pdf [pdf] 19KB
9th June (Joint Scrutiny Meeting) Joint_Scrutiny_Agenda_09_06_09.pdf [pdf] 5MB Joint_Scrutiny_Minutes_09_06_09.pdf [pdf] 38KB
3rd March 2009 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_03_03_09.pdf [pdf] 692KB Policy_Development_Scrutiny Minutes_03_03_09.pdf [pdf] 42KB
13th January 2009 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_13_01_09.pdf [pdf] 3MB Policy_Development_Scrutiny Minutes_13_01_09.pdf [pdf] 59KB
4th November 2008 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_04_11_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB PolicyMinutes041108.pdf [pdf] 62KB
9th September 2008 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_09_09_08.pdf [pdf] 3MB PolicyScrutinyMins090908pdf.pdf [pdf] 59KB
15th July 2008 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_Agenda_15_07_08.pdf [pdf] 4MB PolicyScrutinyMinutes150708.pdf [pdf] 43KB
20th May 2008 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_20_05_08.pdf [pdf] 4MB PolicyScrutinyMins200508pdf.pdf [pdf] 58KB
18th March 2008 Policy_DEvelopment_Scrutiny_18_03_08.pdf [pdf] 723KB PolicyMinutes180308.pdf [pdf] 25KB
22nd January 2008 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_Agenda_22_01_08.pdf [pdf] 7MB PolicyScrutinyMins220108amendedpdf.pdf [pdf] 48KB
20th November 2007 Policy_Development_Scrutiny_Agenda_20_11_07.pdf [pdf] 6MB PolicyScrutinyMins201107pdf.pdf [pdf] 56KB
25th October 2007 PolicyScrutinyAgenda251007.pdf [pdf] 4MB PolicyScrutinyMins251007pdf.pdf [pdf] 50KB
31st July 2007 Policyagenda310707.pdf [pdf] 70KB policymins310707.pdf [pdf] 71KB
5th June 2007 PolicyAgenda050607pdf.pdf [pdf] 26KB PolicyScrutinyMins5thJune07pdf.pdf [pdf] 44KB

Overview Select Committee 1

Licensing & Enforcement Committee papers

Agendas and Minutes
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
13th April 2007 L_EAgenda130407.pdf [pdf] 18KB L_EMinutes130407.pdf [pdf] 19KB
9th March 2007 L_EAgenda090307.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes090307.pdf [pdf] 8KB
9th Feb 2007 L_EAgenda090207.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_EMinutes090207.pdf [pdf] 15KB
12th Jan 2007 L_EAgenda120107.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_EMinutes120107.pdf [pdf] 19KB
15th Dec 2006 L_EAgenda151206.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes151206.pdf [pdf] 11KB
17th Nov 2006 L_EAgenda171106.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes171106.pdf [pdf] 11KB
20th Oct 2006 L_EAgenda201006.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes201006.pdf [pdf] 14KB
22nd Sept 2006 Licensing_Enforcement_Agenda_22_09_06.pdf [pdf] 331KB L_EMinutes220906.pdf [pdf] 14KB
25th August 2006 L_EAgenda250806.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes250806.pdf [pdf] 23KB
28th July 2006 L_EAgenda280706.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_EMinutes280706.pdf [pdf] 21KB
30th June 2006 L_EAgenda300606.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_EMinutes300606.pdf [pdf] 18KB
2nd June 2006 L_EAgenda020606.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_EMinutes020606.pdf [pdf] 14KB
28th April 2006 L_EAgenda280406.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes280406.pdf [pdf] 15KB
31st March 2006 L_EAgenda310306.pdf [pdf] 79KB L_EMinutes310306.pdf [pdf] 13KB
3rd March 2006 L_EAgenda030306.pdf [pdf] 79KB L_EMinutes030306.pdf [pdf] 17KB
3rd February 2006 L_EAgenda030206.pdf [pdf] 81KB L_EMinutes030206.pdf [pdf] 73KB
6th January 2006 L_EAgenda060106.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes060106.pdf [pdf] 64KB
18th November 05 L_EAgenda181105.pdf [pdf] 123KB L_EMinutes181105.pdf [pdf] 14KB
14th October 2005 L_EAgenda141005.pdf [pdf] 18KB L_EMinutes141005.pdf [pdf] 19KB
16th September 2005 L_EAgenda160905.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_EMinutes160905.pdf [pdf] 15KB
19th August 2005 L_EAgenda190805.pdf [pdf] 18KB LicensingMinutes190805.pdf [pdf] 77KB
22nd July 2005 L_EAgenda220705.pdf [pdf] 80KB L_EMinutes220705.pdf [pdf] 17KB
24th June 2005   L_E_Minutes_240605.pdf [pdf] 13KB
27th May 2005 L_EAgenda270505.pdf [pdf] 113KB L_E_Minutes_270505.pdf [pdf] 21KB
29th April 2005 L_E_Agenda290405.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_E_Minutes_290405.pdf [pdf] 13KB
1st April 2005 L_E_Agenda_010405.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_E_Minutes_010405.pdf [pdf] 17KB
4th March 2005 L_EAgenda040305.pdf [pdf] 74KB L_E_Minutes_040305.pdf [pdf] 16KB
4th February 2005 L_EAgenda030205.pdf [pdf] 56KB L_E_Minutes_040205.pdf [pdf] 17KB
7th January 2005 L_EAgenda070104.pdf [pdf] 65KB L_E_Minutes_070105.pdf [pdf] 12KB
3rd December 2004 L_EAgenda031204.pdf [pdf] 70KB  
5th November 2004 L_EMinutes051104.pdf [pdf] 163KB L_E_Minutes_051104.pdf [pdf] 15KB
8th October 2004 L_EMinutes081004.pdf [pdf] 217KB L_E_Minutes_081004.pdf [pdf] 19KB
10th September 2004 L_E_Agenda_100904.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_E_Minutes_100904.pdf [pdf] 23KB
13th August 2004 L_E_Agenda_130804.pdf [pdf] 16KB L_E_Minutes_130804.pdf [pdf] 15KB
16th July 2004 L_E_Agenda_160704.doc [doc] 18KB L_E_Minutes_160704.pdf [pdf] 24KB
18th June 2004 L_EMinutes180604.pdf [pdf] 115KB L_E_Minutes_180604.pdf [pdf] 11KB
21st May 2004   Licensing21May04Minutes.pdf [pdf] 70KB
12th May 2004   Licensing12May04Minutes.pdf [pdf] 41KB
23th April 2004 L_E_Agenda_230404.pdf [pdf] 18KB L_E_Minutes_230404.pdf [pdf] 21KB
26th March 2004   L_E_Minutes_260304.pdf [pdf] 19KB
27th February 2004 L_E_Agenda_270204.pdf [pdf] 18KB L_E_Minutes_270204.pdf [pdf] 17KB
30th January 2004   L_E_Minutes_300104.pdf [pdf] 16KB
19th December 2003 LandE_Agenda_191203.doc [doc] 16KB L_E_Minutes_191203.pdf [pdf] 17KB
28th November 2003   L_E_Minutes_281103.pdf [pdf] 22KB
24th October 2003 L_and_E_Agenda_241003.pdf [pdf] 17KB L_and_E_Minutes_241003.pdf [pdf] 15KB
26th September 2003   L_and_E_Minutes_260903.pdf [pdf] 15KB
29th August 2003 l_and_e_agenda_29_08_03.pdf [pdf] 13KB l_and_e_minutes_29_08_03.pdf [pdf] 12KB
1st August 2003 l_and_e_agenda_01_08_03.pdf [pdf] 13KB l_and_e_minutes_01_08_03.pdf [pdf] 9KB
4th July 2003 l_and_e_agenda_04_07_03.pdf [pdf] 13KB l_and_e_minutes_01_08_03.pdf [pdf] 9KB
6th June 2003 l_and_e_agenda_060603.pdf [pdf] 14KB l_and_e_minutes_06_06_03.pdf [pdf] 12KB
27th September 2002   lic_and_enf_mins_270902.pdf [pdf] 7KB
2nd August 2002   licensing_enforcement_02Aug2002.pdf [pdf] 91KB


Standard Committee papers

Agendas and Minutes
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
1st March 2007 StandardsAgenda010307.pdf [pdf] 263KB StandardsMinutes010307pdf.pdf [pdf] 32KB
7th Dec 2006 StandardsAgenda071206.pdf [pdf] 79KB  
22nd June 2006 StandardsAgenda220606.pdf [pdf] 84KB StandardsMinutes22June2006.pdf [pdf] 67KB
22nd March 2006 StandardsAgenda220306.pdf [pdf] 194KB StandardsMinutes220306.pdf [pdf] 195KB
1st March 2006 StandardsAgenda010306.pdf [pdf] 79KB  Meeting changed to 220306
7th December 2005 StandardsAgenda071205.pdf [pdf] 115KB StandardsMinutes071205.pdf [pdf] 65KB
21st September 2005 StandardsAgenda210905.pdf [pdf] 177KB StandardsMinutes210905.pdf [pdf] 53KB
22nd June 2005 StandardsAgenda220605.pdf [pdf] 100KB Standards_Minutes220605.pdf [pdf] 11KB
9th March 2005 StandardsAgenda090305.pdf [pdf] 86KB  
1st December 2004 StandardsAgenda011204.pdf [pdf] 81KB StandardsMinutes011204.pdf [pdf] 47KB
29th September 2004 StandardsAgenda290904.pdf [pdf] 62KB Standards_Minutes_290904.pdf [pdf] 9KB
23rd June 2004 StandardsAgenda230604.pdf [pdf] 84KB StandardsMinutes230604.pdf [pdf] 41KB
13th May 2004 Standards130504.pdf [pdf] 56KB StandardsCommittee130504.pdf [pdf] 59KB
6th May 2004 StandardsAgenda060504.pdf [pdf] 66KB StandardsMinutes060504.pdf [pdf] 36KB
12th February 2004 StandardsCommittee120204.pdf [pdf] 69KB StandardsMins12Feb2004.pdf [pdf] 73KB
13th June 2002 StandardsCommittee130602.pdf [pdf] 89KB standards_minutes_1306.pdf [pdf] 67KB

Arun Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership

Agendas and Minutes
Date of meeting Minutes
10th January 2005 ACDRPMinutes100105.pdf [pdf] 102KB
4th October 2004 ACDRPmins41004.pdf [pdf] 84KB