Pagham Masterplan


There were 4 strategic planning applications recently determined at our Development Control Committee in the Pagham area.


Pagham North

Our Ref: P/6/17/OUT

Outline application with some matters reserved for construction of up to 300No. new homes, Care home of up to 80No. beds, D1uses of up to 4000sqm including a 2 form entry Primary School, formation of new means of access onto Hook Lane & Pagham Road, new pedestrian & cycle links, the laying out of open space, new strategic landscaping, habitat creation, drainage features & associated ground works & infrastructure.

Decision – Refused.

View the application P/6/17/OUT.


Pagham North

Our Ref: P/134/16/OUT

Outline application for the development of up to 280 dwellings (including affordable homes), land for a replacement scout hut, land for an Ambulance Community Response Post Facility and land for either a 1FE primary school or care home. Provision of a primary vehicular access from Sefter Road and demolition of No. 80 Rose Green Road and creation of a pedestrian and emergency only access. Provision of Public Open Spaces including associated children's play areas, landscaping, drainage and earthworks.  This application also falls within the parish of Aldwick

Decision – Approved with Conditions, subject to the signing of a Section 106 Legal Agreement.

View the application P/134/16/OUT.


Pagham South

Our Ref: P/140/16/OUT

Outline application for access only - mixed use development comprising of up to 400 dwellings, a care home with up to 70 beds, a Local Centre comprising up to 2000sqm of A1/A2/A3/D1/sui generis floor-space, provision of land for a 1FE primary school (with sufficient space to ensure that it is expandable to 2FE), provision of land for a scout hut, safeguarding of land to help link the site to the Pagham Harbour Cycle Route & other community uses including public open space & allotments with some matters reserved.

Decision – Approved with Conditions and a signed Section 106 Legal Agreement.

This application is now the subject of a Judicial Review.

View the application P/140/16/OUT.


Pagham South

Our Ref: P/25/17/OUT

Outline application with all matters reserved - Erection of up to 65 No. dwellings, access roads, landscaping, open space & associated works.

Decision – Approved with Conditions, subject to the signing of a Section 106 Legal Agreement.

View the application P/25/17/OUT.