Pagham South Strategic Sites


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Overview of applications submitted within the Pagham strategic site allocation, as identified in the Arun District Local Plan 2011-2031. 

A strategic site is land identified within Arun to accommodate major developments for housing within this time period.

The Pagham sites will collectively provide at least 1,200 dwellings which will include primary school expansion, a care home facility, a community hub comprising shops and a community building with a Tier 7 style library. There is provision of land for a Scout hut and Ambulance Community Response post facility with financial contributions secured towards healthcare facilities, play areas, public open space, drainage, landscaping and cycle paths once development commences.

Please select the masterplan below to see an overview of the approved development.  We will provide updates to bring you the latest information.


Latest News

February 2019 - Strategic Planning Applications were recently determined at our Development Control Committee.

Pagham South

Our Ref: P/140/16/OUT

Outline application for access only - mixed use development comprising of up to 400 dwellings, a care home with up to 70 beds, a Local Centre comprising up to 2000sqm of A1/A2/A3/D1/sui generis floor-space, provision of land for a 1FE primary school (with sufficient space to ensure that it is expandable to 2FE), provision of land for a scout hut, safeguarding of land to help link the site to the Pagham Harbour Cycle Route & other community uses including public open space & allotments with some matters reserved.

Decision – Approved with Conditions and a signed Section 106 Legal Agreement.

This application is now the subject of a Judicial Review.

View the application P/140/16/OUT.

Pagham South

Our Ref: P/25/17/OUT

Outline application with all matters reserved - Erection of up to 65 No. dwellings, access roads, landscaping, open space & associated works.

Decision – Approved with Conditions, subject to the signing of a Section 106 Legal Agreement.

View the application P/25/17/OUT.



The Outline Application has been approved and you can view the indicative masterplan and overview of the proposal.