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The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 identifies the Pagham South strategic allocation under policy H SP2a (SD1) as delivering at least 400 dwellings over the plan period.

There are two strategic allocations identified in Pagham and these strategic allocations will collectively deliver at least 1,200 dwellings over the Local Plan period (2011-2031).

The strategic allocations, alongside the residential development will need to deliver a new primary school, care home facilities, a community hub, a Tier 7 library facility, land to accommodate a new Scout hut and Ambulance Community Response post. Financial contributions will also need to be secured towards healthcare facilities, play areas, sports facilities, public open space, drainage, landscaping, highway mitigation and cycle paths. These contributions and facilities are necessary in order to mitigate the impact of the strategic allocation upon existing infrastructure and facilities.


Progress of Infrastructure provision within the Strategic Site or in Arun as a whole can be found in the Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS)

The aim of this statement is to provide an update on all matters regarding developer contributions (Section 106 (S.106) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)) during the previous financial year.

Our first IFS was published in September 2020 to cover the period from April 2019 to 31st March 2020.  Please view our current IFS here: Infrastructure Funding Statement and Developer contributions | Arun District Council

The council collects all CIL contributions for all types of Infrastructure (from 1st April 2020) but it does not generally collect S.106 contributions for the provision of schools, highways, libraries or the fire service (although, in some cases S.106 for these items are retained for these projects, in agreement with the county council).  In most cases, these items are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council (WSCC).  Therefore our IFS should be read in conjunction with the WSCC IFS to identify how S.106 from specific development sites have been spent across the board.   

Please view the current WSCC IFS here: Section 106: Planning obligations - West Sussex County Council


Below is the latest news concerning the development of the Pagham South strategic allocation as well as links to relevant plans and drawings. The Council will continually monitor these pages to seek and provide the latest information concerning the development of these sites.

If you wish to contact us regarding any of the Strategic Sites, please email


Latest News

December 2021: Two further Reserved Matters applications have been received for Land South of Summer Lane and West of Pagham Road.
P/167/21/RES for 375 no. dwellings together with public open space and P/158/21/RES (alternative scheme) for the ‘local centre’. Both applications are following outline permission P/140/16/OUT.

November 2021:  Reserved Matters application have been received for Land South of Summer Lane and West of Pagham Road. P/153/21/RES has been received, following outline permission P/140/16/OUT,  for 375 no. dwellings together with public open space. A Reserved Matters Application has also been received under P/155/21/RES, following outline permission  P/140/16/OUT, for the ‘local centre’ parcel comprising retail, community and commercial uses,  20 no. residential apartments and a 70 bed care home.

September 2019: Both planning applications which make up the Pagham South Strategic Allocation have now been approved and further details on these applications can be found below


P/140/16/OUT – Land south of Summer Lane, Pagham

Outline application for access only - mixed use development comprising of up to 400 dwellings, a care home with up to 70 beds, a Local Centre comprising up to 2000sqm of A1/A2/A3/D1/sui generis floor-space, provision of land for a 1FE primary school (with sufficient space to ensure that it is expandable to 2FE), provision of land for a scout hut, safeguarding of land to help link the site to the Pagham Harbour Cycle Route & other community uses including public open space & allotments with some matters reserved.

Decision – Approved Conditionally with Section 106 Legal Agreement – 22nd November 2018.

This application was the subject of a Judicial Review by Pagham Parish Council. This claim for Judicial Review was dismissed on the 4th July 2019 with costs being awarded to Arun District Council. The judgement can be read here.

View the application P/140/16/OUT.


P/25/17/OUT – Church Barton, Horns Lane, Pagham

Outline application with all matters reserved - Erection of up to 65 No. dwellings, access roads, landscaping, open space & associated works.

Decision – Approved Conditionally with Section 106 Legal Agreement – 5th September 2019.

View the application P/25/17/OUT.



The Outline Applications for the development of the Pagham South strategic allocations have been approved for residential development of up to 465 dwellings and you can view the indicative masterplan and overview of the proposal here.