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Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and Employment and Economic Land Assessment (EELA) have been combined and digitised to create a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). Arun District council has an open ‘call for sites’ policy. To find out more, please see our HELAA page.

Arun Local Plan Validation Study: Economy & Enterprise

Arun Local Plan Validation Study - Economy & Enterprise.pdf [pdf] 2MB This report has been prepared for Arun District Council by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners to test and validate the robustness of the draft Arun Local Plan with particular reference to policies and strategic allocations for employment and the economy.


Coast to Capital Strategic Economic Plan

Coast to Capital (C2C) is currently working with partners to put together its Strategic Economic Plan. This will be used to negotiate growth deals within the C2C Local Enterprise Partnership area, therefore assisting in economic delivery and regeneration within the Arun district.


Coastal West Sussex (CWS) Employment and Infrastructure Strategy

This report considers the strategic employment sites in Coastal West Sussex (CWS) and related infrastructure improvements together with strategic housing sites in order to assist with the spatial vision to offer the best possible environment to deliver economic growth in the area. It focuses on a summary assessment of the strategic employment sites in the area, including identifying any obstacles to delivery and transport schemes and other infrastructure investments which are either required or desirable to enable the delivery of the employment site. The Developing an Employment and Infrastructure Strategy.pdf [pdf] 298KB report will help inform emerging strategies for the area.


Angmering Employment Site Assessments

Arun District Council (ADC) commissioned Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) to prepare assessments of two potential employment sites in the village of Angmering:

  1. Land North of Water Lane
  2. Land South of Water Lane

Angmering Employment Site Assessments.pdf [pdf] 575KB


Bognor Regis Enterprise Zone

Expression of interest

An Enterprise Zone for Coastal West Sussex Expression of Interest.pdf [pdf] 2MB This document represents the Bognor Regis Enterprise Zone proposals at the Expression of Interest stage. These were the proposals as at April 2011 and are subject to change and do not necessarily reflect the current thinking or what the final proposals will cover.

Draft Development Management policies for enterprise@BognorRegis zone

The Draft Local Plan puts great weight on encouraging and supporting economic growth in the District.  A vital element of this is providing choice to investors for the creation of developing and creating jobs leading to economic prosperity. The Development Management policies provide added detail in relation to sites 1-4 mentioned within policy SP3. The proposed development management policies will be incorporated into the next version of the Local Plan.  In addition, these emerging Development Management policies will become a material consideration in the determination of any planning applications received for any of these sites, until the Local Plan is adopted. Please see the  Sustainability Appraisal on Employment Site Allocations at Bognor Regis.pdf [pdf] 224KB


Oldlands Farm - Feasibility & Viability Assessment (2011)

Feasibility & Viability Assessment - Oldlands Farm, Bognor Regis (2011).pdf [pdf] 2MB This study has been prepared by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP), in association with Cluttons and WSP, in response to a brief issued by Arun District Council. It provides an assessment feasibility and viability for bringing forward for development the allocated employment site at Oldlands Farm site in Bognor Regis.


Employment and Economic Land Assessment (December 2010)

Employment Economic Land Assessment - December 2010.pdf [pdf] 15MB This study was commissioned by Arun District council to form part of the evidence base for the Local Development Framework (LDF) informing delivery of employment space and other economic and regeneration strategies. It does not itself constitute Council policy.


Arun and Chichester - Assessment of Employment Needs (2005)

A study into the future employment needs of Arun and Chichester Districts was jointly commissioned from consultants Atkins, by the Council together with Chichester District Council. It looks at employment and commercial floorspace needs in the two districts up to 2017. The methodology included a survey of 1,000 established businesses in these areas.

Findings of the study include:
  • There is a limited amount of vacant floorspace in Arun District
  • There is a shortage of available land and premises of all types in Arun
  • The majority of future demand for employment floorspace is likely to be generated by small and medium sized enterprises, particularly small firms with up to 50 employees.
  • Arun offers most potential for the attraction of light industrial activities, B2 manufacturing and logistics/ distribution.
  • The majority of businesses in Arun and Chichester considering relocation would prefer to remain within or close to these areas.
  • The consultant’s report recommends that Arun should allow sufficient flexibility to allow for development needs of up to 335,000sqm.

This report does not constitute Arun District Council policy, but will form part of the evidence base used in preparing the emerging Local Development Framework, and its constituent development plan documents.