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Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) 2015.pdf [pdf] 3MB forms part of the evidence base to support the Local Plan. The Council is required to demonstrate that the policies and proposals outlined in the Local Plan are deliverable and therefore it is necessary to understand the infrastructure that is required to support the anticipated development and growth across the District. The IDP identifies the infrastructure required as a result of planned growth and sets out delivery timescales for these items. The IDP is a ‘live’ document and should be updated throughout the life of the Local Plan. 

IDP 2013 - Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2013.pdf [pdf] 4MB


Infrastructure Funding Study 2009

This study was undertaken by EDAW AECOM, in partnership with King Sturge, Faber Maunsell AECOM, and Gardiner and Theobald to assess the potential infrastructure requirements, costs and deliverability associated with each of the three spatial development options being considered as part of Arun District Council’s Core Strategy Options for Growth consultation.

The study has reviewed the main infrastructure requirements needed to support development in consultation with the key infrastructure and service providers.  It includes a detailed assessment of the likely requirements for education, healthcare, emergency services, community facilities, open space, transport infrastructure and utilities infrastructure needed to support housing development in each of the locations under consideration.  It also includes broad estimates of the likely infrastructure costs associated with the three Growth Options and considers potential mechanisms available to deliver the required infrastructure.