Community playcentre furnishes funding for furniture

A community playcentre has been given a grant to buy furniture for its baby and children’s play area.  

With funding by Arun District Council, the Joint Downland Area Committee agreed to £6,465.60 the funding to the Community Playcentre in Walberton when it met on Monday, 22 June. 

The Council has also agreed to supply the playcentre with a couple of used computer monitors.

Rebecca Lapraik, Chair of Community Playcentre at Walberton, said: “We are extremely grateful to receive the grant from the Joint Downland Area Committee. The Community Playcentre will serve local children of all ages and the location and design will make it ideal for nursery and primary school aged children in particular. 

“The playcentre will offer day nursery, breakfast clubs, afterschool care, and holiday clubs, all services which local families need but are not currently available. 
“The money will be spent on furniture for the baby and children’s play area which will help us deliver planned services from September, and we had the furniture in place for our Grand Opening Family Fun Day on Saturday, 11 July, for everyone to see how the new building will be used from September. We very much hope that this grant will help us deliver the service local families need and want.”

The Joint Downland Area Committee is comprised of councillors from Arun District Council, West Sussex County Council and town and parish councils. They meet to decide how grants can be used to best support organisations which aim to make a difference to the areas they serve.

Cllr Norman Dingemans, who is a member of the Joint Downland Area Committee and Arun ward member for Arundel and Walberton, said: “I am delighted the grant funding from Arun District Council has been allocated by the Joint Downland Area Committee to help the Community Playcentre in Walberton get up and running. The playcentre will provide babies, children and families living in Walberton and nearby towns and villages with much needed services. I am looking forward to seeing the playcentre develop as time goes on.”