Post Hearings 2017 including Main Modifications


Further news, documents and correspondence following the examination hearings and  Main Modifications will be placed here.


Latest News

10th July The Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 incorporating Main Modifications which is to be considered for adoption at Full Council  on 18th July is available with the Policies Maps on the Emerging Local Plan web page

5 July  The Inspector’s final report has now been received and is available under Inspector’s Post-Hearings Matters as IDED49 Inspector’s Report and IDED50 FINAL Schedule of MMs.

4 July 2018 IDED48 and  ADCED95has have been added to the bottom of the Inspector’s Post Hearings Matters

4 June 2018 – IDED47 has been added to the bottom of the Inspector’s Post Hearings Matters

10 April 2018  Update: The final Inspector’s Report is now anticipated in early July 2018.


Inspector’s Post Hearings Matters

IDED42 Inspectors Interim Views following Hearings.pdf [pdf] 173KB
IDED42a Inspector Letter to Council 27 November 17.pdf [pdf] 46KB
IDED43 Inspector Letter to Council 12 December 17.pdf [pdf] 31KB
IDED44 Inspector Letter responding to ADCED90 & ADCED90A.pdf [pdf] 27KB
IDED45 Inspector Letter regarding Built Up Area boundaries around Ford & Climping.pdf [pdf] 35KB
IDED46 Inspectors Letter to Council 12 April 18.pdf [pdf] 43KB
IDED47 Habitats Letter to Council 31-05-18.docx [docx] 26KB
IDED48 Letter to the Council 02-07-18 Minerals Safeguarding Areas.docx [docx] 27KB
IDED49 Inspector's report.pdf [pdf] 316KB
IDED50 FINAL Schedule of MMs.pdf [pdf] 635KB


ADC Responses, Correspondence and Documents

ADCED91 Letter to Inspector in response to letter dated 27 November 17.pdf [pdf] 126KB
ADCED91a Inspectors queries Adur LP and Gov consultation 29 November 17.pdf [pdf] 27KB
ADCED91b Note About ADC and WSCC work.pdf [pdf] 41KB
ADCED91c Note about Yapton evidence.pdf [pdf] 380KB
PESP6 Angmering North Allocations Landscape Assessment.pdf [pdf] 383KB
PESP6 Angering North Allocations Landscape Assessment APPENDIX 1.pdf [pdf] 730KB
PESP6 Angmering North Allocations Landscape Assessment APPENDIX 2.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Angmering North Snap shot.pdf [pdf] 217KB
PEPP10 Bognor Regis Golf Club Note.pdf [pdf] 110KB
PELVP33 Status of Strategic Allocation Sites.pdf [pdf] 45KB
PECP10 EBR Transport Review Complete.pdf [pdf] 3MB
PEPT11 ADC Response relating to Natural Environment.pdf [pdf] 179KB
ADCED92 Letter to the Inspector Arun Local Plan Main Modifications 2018.pdf [pdf] 581KB (formerly ADCED90)
ADCED92A Addendum to ADCED92 Letter to the Inspector.pdf [pdf] 111KB (formerly ADCED90A)
ADCED93 Final signed letter ADC response to Inspector _MM230418.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ADCED93a Updated MM schedule.pdf [pdf] 875KB
ADCED93b Updated AM schedule.pdf [pdf] 463KB
ADCED94 Letter to Inspector on Habitats High Court Judgement.pdf [pdf] 50KB
ADCED94b HRA note addressing Inspector letter.pdf [pdf] 166KB
ADCED95 Letter to Inspector 02-07-18 Minerals Safeguarding Areas.docx [docx] 71KB



SA Main Modifications Main Report.pdf [pdf] 3MB
SA Main Modifications Appendices.pdf [pdf] 8MB
Non-Technical Summary - SA of the Main Modifications to the Arun Local Plan.pdf [pdf] 833KB



Appropriate Assessment addendum (technical note dated Dec 2017).pdf [pdf] 275KB
PELP33b Natural England response to Interim Findings.pdf [pdf] 207KB