Privacy Notice – Community Land Trust Expression Interest

Details of what information we collect from you, what we do with it and who it might be shared with.

Information Collected

Some information is essential – we can’t consider your application without it. Other information is optional. However, if you choose not to tell us something we may not make the right assessment. This means we may not be able to give you the help you need or find you a suitable home.

When you apply we’ll ask you for the information shown below. Essential information is marked with a *

  1. *Personal details. Your name and address.
  2. *Financial information. Your income and savings.  
  3. *Personal circumstances. Factors that impact your housing need such as living in overcrowded accommodation or any medical needs that affect your housing choices. 
  4. *Contact details. Your email address. You can also choose to give a telephone number.


Why We Collect This Information

  1. Personal details. We use these to identify you.
  2. Financial information. This is used to assess your needs.
  3. Personal circumstances. This is used to assess your needs.
  4. Contact details. We use your email address to contact you about your application. You can choose to also tell us your telephone number. We use this to contact you more quickly if we have any questions about your application.  


Who We Might Share Your Information With

  1. The Community Land trust for the parish you express an interest in.


What We Do With Your Information

The information you provide is used for us to execute our public duty under:

  • The Housing Act 1996
  • The Homelessness Act 2002
  • The Localism Act 2011


How Long We Keep Your Information

Unsuccessful applications

We will keep your personal information for 3 months after our decision.

Successful applications

For shared ownership applications your details will be kept by:

  • The relevant community trust in accordance with their privacy policy.

For applications to rent your details will be kept by:

  • Arun District Council in accordance with our allocations policy.
  • The relevant community trust in accordance with their privacy policy.


Your Legal Rights

You do have some legal rights in respect of the personal information we collect from you.  Please see our website for further details

You can also contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer:


Tel:     01903 737610

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, you should raise your concern with us in the first instance or directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office at: