Privacy Notice Discretionary Business Support Grant Applications


Details of what information we collect from you, what we do with it and who it might be shared with.

Information Collected

The information we ask for is essential – we can’t consider your application without it. When you apply this is the information you’ll need:

  1. Personal details. Your name, date of birth and national insurance number.
  2. Business information. Your business name and trading address. Details of the nature of your business, number of staff employed and your legal status. You will need to provide some reference numbers relating to your business - your self-assessment unique taxpayer reference, your company number and VAT registration number (if you are registered). If you are a charity we will need your registration number.
  3. Financial information. We will need to see two months bank statements. We will need your turnover and balance sheet figures. You will need to tell us about your income and ongoing costs. We also need to know about any other grants, loans or financial assistance you have applied for or received. Finally we will need the bank details of the account you would like your grant paid into.
  4. Contact details. You will need to provide a telephone number and email address. We will also need to have your preferred address for correspondence.

Why We Collect This Information

  1. Personal details. We use these to identify you.
  2. Business information. We use this to identify your business and to check that you are eligible for assistance.
  3. Financial information. We use this to work out your grant entitlement. We ask for you bank details so we can pay any grant direct to you.
  4. Contact details. We use these to contact you if we have any questions about your application.

Who We Might Share Your Information With

We may share your information with HM Revenues and Customs. This is the Government department responsible for tax, payments and customs for the UK. Your personal information may be shared for statistical monitoring purposes and for the detection and prevention of fraud.

We may share your information with other local authorities. This is to check for duplicate or fraudulent applications.

What We Do With Your Information

The information you provide is used for us to execute our public duty under Section 1 of the Localism Act 2011.

How Long We Keep Your Information

We will keep your information for 3 years (plus the current year) from the date of your application.

Your Legal Rights

You do have some legal rights in respect of the personal information we collect from you. Please see the Privacy Policy page on our website for further details. You can also contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer on: Email:

If you have a concern about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, you should raise your concern with us in the first instance or directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office at: