Public Question Time


At Arun, we believe our Cabinet and Full Council meetings should be as open and accessible as possible. There is a fifteen minute Public Question Time (PQT) at the start of each meeting when you can come along and put your questions to elected Councillors.  Meetings of Full Council start at 6.00 pm and Cabinet at 5.00 pm.

Most of our meetings are held at the Arun Civic Centre at Littlehampton, but this is not always the case and you should check with in advance.

Please note that although members of the public are welcome to attend Committees, Sub-Committees and Working Group Meetings, within constitutional rules, there is not an opportunity for public questions.

How can you ask your question? 

You must give prior written notice of your question which should be sent to of the address below at least five days prior to the meeting.  

We ask you to provide your name and address. This is in case we need to follow up in writing with a more detailed answer after the meeting. You will also have the choice to put the question yourself or to have someone read it out for you.  However, the Chairman of the meeting does have discretion that the question will not be dealt with at the meeting and a written reply provided.

You can also submit your question using our online form.

Please read our Privacy Notice PQT.

Questions will be dealt with on a 'first come, first served' basis.  You may ask one question at a time and will be allowed a maximum of 1 minute per question.  You will be invited to ask additional questions only if there is sufficient time. Once the fifteen minutes PQT runs out, written answers will be provided to any further questions remaining unanswered by Councillors.


How can I see the record of questions asked?

You can view the questions submitted and answers given in Public Question Time at Full Council and Cabinet meetings held since 10 February 2014 below.

Supplementary questions and answers are included in the schedule and are based on a summary of the question asked and answer given as the Committee Managers do not take verbatim notes.

This information will be published within 10 working days of the date of the meeting.

To view questions and answers before this date, please contact the Committee Services Team.

Record Of Questions
Meeting               Date             Schedule of Questions and Answers                        
Full Council 17.03.21 Full Council PQT 17 March 2021.pdf [pdf] 210KB
Full Council 17.02.21 Full Council PQT 17 February 2021.pdf [pdf] 153KB
Full Council 13.01.21 Full Council - PQT - 13 January 2021.pdf [pdf] 518KB
Cabinet 16.11.20  PQT - 16 November 2020.pdf [pdf] 289KB
Full Council 11.11.20 PQT - 11 November 2020.pdf [pdf] 213KB
Cabinet 21.09.20 Cabinet - Public Question Time - 21092020.pdf [pdf] 273KB
Full Council 16.09.20 Full Council - Public Question Time - 16092020.pdf [pdf] 557KB
Full Council 15.07.20 Public Question Time Schedule - 15 July 2020.pdf [pdf] 355KB
Cabinet 09.03.20 PQT Schedule - 9 March 2020 for the web.pdf [pdf] 203KB
Special Council 19.02.20 PQT Schedule - 19 February 2020 for the Web.pdf [pdf] 274KB
Cabinet 10.02.20 Public Question Time Schedule - 10 February 2020.pdf [pdf] 290KB
Full Council 15.01.20 PQT - Schedule - Full Council - 15 January 2020.pdf [pdf] 274KB
Cabinet 13.01.20 PQT Schedule - Cabinet 13 January 2020.pdf [pdf] 209KB
Cabinet 09.12.19 PQT Schedule - 9 December 2019 - For the Web.pdf [pdf] 209KB
Full Council 13.11.19 PQT Schedule for the web.pdf [pdf] 263KB
Special Council Meeting 10.10.19 PQT Schedule - Special Council Meeting - 10 October 2019 - For the Web.pdf [pdf] 359KB
Cabinet  07.10.19 PQT Schedule - Cabinet - 7 October 2019 for the Web.pdf [pdf] 209KB
Full Council 18.09.19 Public Question Time Schedule - for the web.pdf [pdf] 275KB
Full Council 17.07.19 Full Council - 17 July 2019 - PQT Schedule.pdf [pdf] 207KB
Cabinet  08.07.19 PQT Schedule for the Web - 8 July 2019.pdf [pdf] 211KB
Special Council 20.0219 Schedule - For the web.pdf [pdf] 31KB
Cabinet 12.11.18 Schedule - For the web [12.11.pdf [pdf] 17KB
Full Council 07.11.18 Schedule - For the web.pdf [pdf] 25KB
Cabinet 15.10.18 Schedule - For the web.pdf [pdf] 46KB
Full Council 12.09.18 Schedule - For the web.pdf [pdf] 29KB
Cabinet 21.05.18 PQT Schedule - Cabinet 21.5.18.pdf [pdf] 25KB
Full Council 08.05.18 Public Question Schedule - Full Council - 2 May 2018.pdf [pdf] 28KB
Cabinet 09.04.18 PQT Schedule - Cabinet 9.4.18.pdf [pdf] 17KB
Full Council 10.01.18 PQT full council 10.01.18.pdf [pdf] 20KB
Full Council 8.11.17 Schedule - Full Council 8.11.17.pdf [pdf] 20KB
Cabinet 16.10.17 Schedule of Public Questions 16.10.17.pdf [pdf] 34KB
Full Council 13.09.17 Schedule of Public Questions [pdf] 45KB
Cabinet 31.07.17 Schedule of Public Questions 31.07.17.pdf [pdf] 224KB
Full Council 12.07.17 Schedule - public question time 12 07 17.pdf [pdf] 70KB
Cabinet 19.06.17 Cabinet Public Questions 19.6.17 [pdf] 39KB
Full Council 10.05.17 No Public Question Time questions were received
Cabinet 10.04.17 Cabinet Public Questions 10.4.17.pdf [pdf] 32KB
Special Council 22.03.17 Special Council PQT schedule - 22.03.17.pdf [pdf] 63KB
Full Council 08.03.17 Schedule - public question time 08 03 17.pdf [pdf] 24KB
Special Council 22.02.17 Special Council PQT schedule - 22.02.17.pdf [pdf] 19KB
Cabinet 06.02.17 Cabinet Public Question Time 6.2.17.pdf [pdf] 24KB
Full Council 11.01.17 Schedule - public question time 11 01 17.pdf [pdf] 49KB
Full Council 09.11.16 Schedule - Public Question Time 09.11.16.pdf [pdf] 42KB
Full Council 20.07.16 Schedule - Public Question Time 20.7.16.pdf [pdf] 45KB
Full Council 16.03.16 No Public Question Time questions were received
Special Meeting of the Council (Budget 2016/17) 23.02.16 No Public Question Time questions were received
Full Council 13.01.16 Public Question Time Schedule 13.01.16.pdf [pdf] 29KB
Cabinet 07.12.15 PQT Schedule Cabinet 071215 FINAL.docx [docx] 18KB
Full Council 11.11.15 Public Question Time Schedule.pdf [pdf] 30KB
Special Meeting of the Council (Honorary Alderman Making) 09.09.15 No public question time
Full Council 09.09.15 Public Question Time Schedule 09.09.15.pdf [pdf] 48KB
Full Council 15.07.15 No Public Question Time questions were received
Full Council 17.06.15 Public Question Time Schedule 17 June 2015.pdf [pdf] 44KB
Full Council 11.03.15

Public Question Time Schedule - Web Version.pdf [pdf] 49KB

Public Question Time - Full Council 11.3.2015 - Response to Question Three.pdf [pdf] 213KB

Special Council Meeting (Budget – 2015/2016) 24.02.15 Public Question Time Schedule 24.02.15 - Web Version.pdf[pdf] 19KB
Cabinet 08.12.14. Public Question Time Schedule Cabinet 081214.pdf [pdf] 127KB
Full Council 05.11.14 Full Council - 5 November 2014 - Public Question Time Schedule.pdf [pdf] 119KB
Cabinet 15.09.14. Public Question Time Schedule Cabinet 150914.pdf [pdf] 204KB
Full Council 10.09.14 Public Question Time Schedule from 10 September Full Council Meeting.pdf [pdf] 53KB
Cabinet 21.07.14. Public Question Time Schedule Cabinet 210714.pdf [pdf] 118KB
Full Council 16.07.14 Public Question Time Schedule from Full Council 16 July 2014.pdf [pdf] 52KB
Special Council Meeting 18.06.14 Public Question Time Schedule.pdf [pdf] 28KB
Full Council 30.04.14 Public Question Time Schedule 30 April 2014.pdf [pdf] 67KB
Cabinet 10.03.14. Cabinet Public Question Time 100314.pdf [pdf] 131KB
Cabinet 10.02.14 Cabinet Public Question Time 100214.pdf [pdf] 143KB
Special Council (Local Plan) 11.02.14 Full Council Public Question Time 110214.pdf [pdf] 40KB
Special Council (Budget 2014/2015) 19.02.14 There were no Public Question Time questions asked
Full Council 05.03.14 Public Question Time Schedule for 5 March 2014.pdf [pdf] 46KB


For more information please contact the Committee Services Team at Arun Civic Centre (address below), call 01903 737614/737611 or email: