Regeneration Sub Committee


The Regeneration Sub-Committees are responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives and projects which help promote economic growth and regeneration in our two major towns of Bognor Regis and Littlehampton.  These meetings are generally open to members of the public (except where exempt business is to be discussed).  Please see below for minutes and agendas of meetings relating to the sub committees. 

Please use the following links to go straight to the Bognor Regis Regeneration Sub-Committee and the Littlehampton Regeneration Sub-Committee for the most recent agendas and minutes.  For archived agendas and minutes, please view the archived agendas and minutes.

To make the most of this on-line document viewer you should enable bookmarks in your PDF viewing software. Learn more about how to use our committee document viewer.pdf [pdf] 23KB .  For details of forthcoming meetings see our calendar.  Please click here if you would like the contact details for our District Councillors.


Bognor Regis Regeneration Sub Committee

Members: Hitchins (C), Mrs Madeley (VC), Bence, R Bower, Mrs Brown, Charles, Dillon, Reynolds and Stanley 


Littlehampton Regeneration Sub Committee

Members: Bicknell (C), Dingemans (VC), Mrs Ayres, Buckland, Cates, Mrs Neno, Mrs Porter, Dr Walsh and Warren


Archived agendas and minutes

Agendas and Minutes - BR Regen
Date Agenda Minutes
27 May 2014 Special_Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee_27_05_14.pdf [pdf] 744KB Minutes_270514.pdf [pdf] 132KB
26 November 2013 Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Sub_Committee_26_11_13_Non_Exempt.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes_261113.pdf [pdf] 146KB
3 September 2013 Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Sub_committee_03_09_13.pdf [pdf] 1MB BR_Regen_Minutes_030913.pdf [pdf] 145KB
7 August 2013

Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee_07_08_13.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee_07_08_13 item A.pdf [pdf] 181KB

Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee_07_08_13 item B.pdf [pdf] 8MB

Minutes_070813.pdf [pdf] 105KB
18 June 2013 Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee_Agenda_19_06_12.pdf [pdf] 2MB Bognor Regis Sub Minutes 19 06 12.pdf [pdf] 32KB
26 February 2013 Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Sub_Committee_Agenda_26_02_13.pdf [pdf] 26MB BRRegenMinutes260213.pdf [pdf] 29KB
5 December 2012 Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee agenda_05_12_12.pdf [pdf] 23KB Minutes_051212.pdf [pdf] 26KB
7 November 2012 BR Regeneration Sub Agenda 07 11 12.pdf [pdf] 23KB BR Regeneration Sub Minutes 07 11 12.pdf [pdf] 23KB
16 October 2012 Full_Agenda_16 10 12.pdf [pdf] 3MB BR Regeneration Sub Minutes 16 10 12.pdf [pdf] 29KB
3 September 2012 BR Regeneration Agenda 03 09 12.pdf [pdf] 9MB BR Regeneration Sub Minutes 03 09 12.pdf [pdf] 29KB
19 June 2012 Bognor_Regis_Regeneration_Subcommittee_Agenda_19_06_12.pdf [pdf] 2MB Bognor Regis Sub Minutes 19 06 12.pdf [pdf] 32KB


Agendas and Minutes - Littlehampton Regen

Date Agenda Minutes
01 April 2014 Littlehampton_Regeneration_Sub_Committee_01_04_14.pdf [pdf] 5MB LH_Regen_Minutes_010414.pdf [pdf] 109KB
10 December 2013 Littlehampton_Regeneration_Sub_Committee_Agenda_10_12_13.pdf [pdf] 2MB Minutes_101213.pdf [pdf] 148KB
25 June 2013 Littlehampton_Regeneration_Sub_Committee_25_06_13.pdf [pdf] 736KB Minutes_250613.doc [doc] 48KB
2 April 2013 Littlehampton_Regeneration_Sub_committee_02_04_13.pdf [pdf] 1MB LHRegenerationScMinutes020413.pdf [pdf] 26KB
1 December 2012 Littlehampton_Regeneration_Subcommittee_01_12_12.pdf [pdf] 2MB Littlehampton_Regeneration_Subcommittee_minutes 01_12_12.pdf [pdf] 33KB
7 August 2012 Littlehampton_Regeneration_subcommittee_07_08_12.pdf [pdf] 356KB LHRegenerationSubMinutes070812.pdf [pdf] 37KB