Road Closure Orders

Following the message from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, for the time being, we can no longer support any new or additional event/road closure applications. We will continue to review this situation in line with government guidance. The guidance provided was very clear and therefore we strongly urge organisers with existing applications to consider the viability and appropriateness of pursuing events, given the current circumstances.

As a Local Authority we are closely monitoring Coronavirus developments and are following government guidance. For up to date information regarding Coronavirus please visit

As organisers of events, it is always wise to have a plan in place for event cancellations, should that course of action be necessary and to have your emergency strategy well prepared. This should include communicating any changes to your event to those involved (contractors, employees/volunteers and public). 

A road closure order is required for any event which may stop the flow of traffic on a public highway. A road closure does not automatically suspend parking restrictions like pay and display, permit holder only or limited waiting bays. If you require these to be suspended, please read the information on the suspending bays page and make an application.

Applications are considered by the Group Head of Neighbourhood Services, in consultation with West Sussex County Council (WSCC), the police, fire and ambulance services and the local bus company. It is advisable to contact the highways department at WSCC on 01243 642105 to give them forewarning that you are applying for a road closure order. They will be able to help with any difficulties regarding the logistics of the closure. You must also notify any premises or properties that may be affected by the order well in advance of the event.

The organiser must have Third Party Public Liability Insurance with a minimum liability of £10million for the period you are on the highway. The insurance must be endorsed to cover the liability to and of the County Council, so as to cover them against any costs, claims or demands that may arise as a consequence of the event. You must confirm in writing that this cover is in place.

If an application is successful, it is down to the organisers to provide any necessary signage and barriers, which must be illuminated during hours of darkness and removed immediately after the event.

If an objection is raised by a consultee, it may be necessary for the organisers to amend their application. If the objection cannot be resolved in this way, the application will be referred to the next meeting of the relevant committee for a decision.

Please note that there is a minimum notice period of 6 weeks for a small event, and 8 weeks for a large event. To make an application please complete the Road Closure Order application form. Please make sure all information provided is accurate and clear. Any changes will delay the decision making process. You will be contacted by the council as soon as a decision has been made.