Safer Arun Partnership meeting minutes 25 January 2022

Tuesday 25 January 2022 - 2.00pm

MS Teams virtual meeting


AC Cllr.Alison Cooper (Chair)

RW Robin Wickham (Arun DC)

JC Cl Jon Carter (Sussex Police)

PG Philippa Gibson (WSCC)

AP Andy Piller (WSFR)

GP Guy Pace (WSCC)

SC Sean Chapman (NPS)

GB Georgina Bouette (Arun DC)

AL Amy Loaring (OSPCC)

SM Sarah Meeten (Arun DC)

RP Rea Painter (WSCC)

CW Cathryn Wells (Public Health)

RWH Rob Whitehead (RW)

DO Dax O'Connor (Arun DC)


Apologies given: 

Insp. Neil Durkan (Sussex Police)

Lee Whitmore (NPS)

Jim Bartlett (WSCC)

Glenys Balchin (Crimestoppers)

Kate Bailey (Public Health)


Agenda item 1

AC welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

Agenda item 2

DO confirmed the apologies given. 

Agenda item 3 - Declarations of interest

AC reminded attendees of the need to make any declaration of interest as appropriate to the meeting. 

Agenda item 4 - Minutes and matter arising from previous meeting on 20 July 2021

Previous minutes were agreed, and AC ran through review of actions from 19.10.2021:-

Partnership drug service data has been received from PG – complete.

Anti-social driving – in progress between WSFR and Police.

Partnership briefing for ADC Housing & Wellbeing Committee – in progress; meeting to be arranged with committee chair to scope.

Police and Crime Bill report – waiting for Bill to ‘go live’ before report can be presented to SAP.

All other actions from 19.10.2021 complete.

Agenda 5 - Bognor Regis Drug Demand Analysis

Introduction to this report given by GP, outlining the reasoning and scope of the report. Detailed presentation of the report given by RWH; presentation slides are provided with these notes. The final document has been published and can be viewed here.

GP wished to place on record his thanks to RWH and CW for putting this report together, and for Public Health’s resourcing. This was echoed by GB, extending thanks to GP for bringing the whole project together.

GP proposed that the foreword to the report be provided by AC as the chair of SAP. Discussion took place as to suitability of this.

JC supported this proposal as report is a localised piece of collaborative work.

AC noted that SAP giving support to the report is one thing, but there is also a clear need for someone to ‘own’ it and drive it forward and into high level conversations.

GB noted the logic in SAP providing the foreword but pointed out that in a two tier area there are some complications in terms of ownership and driving the report on.  Although it could be owned at a local CSP level, others will need to bring it to the attention of service providers and decision makers. GB also felt that Arun could be used as a pilot for the use of resources identified from the learning and outcomes from the report.

AL felt it would be beneficial for the CSP to take ownership. Noted that East Sussex utilise ‘Project Adder’ to tackle drug related crime and deaths so would be keen to see if there is any cross over in the findings of both projects.

Based on it being a local report specific to an area of Arun it was agreed that AC would supply the foreword.

ACTION: Foreword to be drafted and agreed by chair.

GB noted that the report is extremely insightful but is keen that the detail is used to inform service provision in Arun.  Invited discussion to ensure that the report is not lost by decision makers.

PG very complimentary of the report and sees it as pivotal in discussions around how to use grant funding for drug services.  For example, placement of additional posts as a result of seeing where need and demand is. PG also asked how the report can influence the partnership plan. This piece of work is truly cross cutting and a true example of the partnership approach, but it is important that other forums see the benefits.

RP and JC both noted there was an opportunity to look at the links between drugs and young people, taking account of vulnerabilities and risk factors.

ACTION: Report to be presented at next Safer West Sussex Partnership meeting.

ACTION: Meeting to be set up to look at how this report can inform future drug service delivery in Arun.

Agenda 6 - Partnership Plan 2021/22

The partnership plan is now a ‘live’ document which will be updated regularly based on reports from lead agencies. V9 (updated 11.01.2022) was reviewed at this meeting.

DO asked SC whether the following action was still relevant for Probation Service:

Serious or Organised Crime: Desktop review to identify rates of reconviction / reoffending within Arun and monitor whether reoffending results in progression to more serious crime.

ACTION: SC to review and confirm whether this information can be provided by NPS.

All other updates provided (written reports and partnership plan) were noted.

ACTION: Lead agency update reports to be submitted by 05.04.2022 ahead of next SAP meeting.

Agenda 7 - Partnership Funding Statement

GB presented the latest SAP funding statement- current unallocated balance of £22,997.

ACTION: Funded project leads to be invited to present updates to SAP at next strategic meeting.

AL advised that there is no news yet as to CSP funding from OSPCC. Police and Crime panel meeting on 28.01.2022 to discuss precept levels and CSP funding will be considered after that.

Agenda item 8 - SAP Communications and public profile

DO asked whether there is an appetite from SAP to do any comms work to raise the profile of the partnership. It is noted that the key aim of SAP is to provide reassurance to its communities – if people do not know it exists, or of the work it does, how can they feel safe?

One of the key things is also to understand what communities see as the major concerns they have. Are these the same as professionals? Is SAP missing any key areas that the public want addressed?

RW very keen to obtain feedback from residents.

AL noted that the OSPCC is supportive of CSPs promoting the work they do. OSPCC also run various focus groups, including one in Arun.

ACTION: AL to speak to OSPCC public relations team for any promotional ideas and support they can provide to local communication work by SAP.

GB pointed out that there are resourcing implications to this work.  It would mean seeking third party input and recommendations as to the best ways for promotion and reaching the public.

All agreed that raising the profile of SAP would be a positive step and agreed for this to be scoped.

ACTION: Comms plan to be identified with draft to be discussed at next SAP meeting.

Agenda item 9 -AOB

JC gave a quick overview of recent crime statistics in Arun and how this reflects the work that both Police and SAP partners are doing, especially in reference to Serious or Organised Crime priority. There are some very positive trends being seen in terms of reductions. Stats unavailable for dissemination as taken from Police database and subject to change.

Police crime data to be reflected in new Strategic Intelligence Assessment (SIA).  This will be available in June 2022. On receipt, it will be forwarded to SAP members and a formal workshop arranged to discuss and formulate strategic priorities for 2022/23.

AC noted that this was JC’s last SAP meeting before moving onto a new role within Sussex Police. Thanks were given to JC for his role in driving forward SAP’s work, and good luck for the future.

CI Nick Bowman is the new district commander and will be invited to future SAP meetings.