Safer Arun Partnership meeting minutes 26 April 2022

Tuesday 26 April 2022 - 2.00pm

MS Teams virtual meeting


AC Cllr.Alison Cooper (Chair)

RW Robin Wickham (Arun DC)

NB CI Nick Bowman (Sussex Police)

GP Guy Pace (WSCC)

AP Andy Piller (WSFR)

ND Insp.Neil Durkan (Sussex Police)

GB Georgina Bouette (Arun DC)

JW John Whillett (OSPCC)

SC Sean Champan (National Probation Service)

RP Rea Painter (WSCC)

DO Dax O'Connor (Arun DC)

AG Annabelle Goodenough (Crimestoppers)

Apologies given:

Jim Bartlett (WSCC)


Agenda item 1

AC welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

Agenda item 2

DO confirmed the apologies given. 

Agenda item 3 - Declarations of interest 

AC reminded attendees of the need to make any declaration of interest as appropriate to the meeting. 

Agenda item 4 - Funded projects updates

Representatives from organisations who have received funding from SAP over the past year were invited to provide short reports on the progress of their projects.  A brief summary of each is outlined below.

A) Bognor Regis Crime Reduction Partnership; CCTV funding (Heather Allen, BRCRP co-ordinator)

Funding was provided to assist with provision and installation of 13 additional CCTV cameras at various locations in Bognor town centre. These are linked to system located in the office of the Business Improvement District.

Heather Allen advised that all cameras and viewing points have been installed and are operational. There were some additional costs incurred in addition to the original funding bid, but the BID absorbed these.

Benefits: provides excellent day and night coverage with excellent visibility from all cameras.

Barriers: not monitored 24/7.Reliant on businesses reporting issues and Police requesting access to view with specific dates and times. Reporting of incidents in areas covered by these cameras needs to be encouraged.

ND and NB to ensure officers are aware of availability of cameras should there be a need to view.

NB asked whether there was capability for these cameras to be linked with Sussex Police CCTV control room? Heather Allen to make enquiries.

JW advised that the Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC) is aware of ongoing anti-social behaviour in Bognor town centre; have SAP / partners agencies identified any possible fixes and linked in with OSPCC?GB advised that conversations are in place regarding projects and funding.

B) Connect 2 Project

Funding provided to extend the ‘community ambassadors’ project, championing a local response to youth violence.

Representative not in attendance.

C) Detached youth outreach work (Emma Biffi, Arun Church)

Arun Youth Projects commissioned to provide youth outreach work in Littlehampton and Bognor Regis (June 2021 – March 2022).

The following summary was provided:-

Youth workers engaging with young people in their own environments, across both towns.


53 sessions

444 engagements with young people

Predominantly 12 – 15 year olds, both male and female

Identified risk factors: anti-social behaviour, exploitation, drug use, alcohol

Outcomes: a reduction in violence amongst cohort, comments about improved mental health amongst young people encountered. 20 young people are now regular users of AYP youth clubs; 1 has become a junior leader, 3 bursary applications received.

Bognor Regis:

47 sessions

406 engagements with young people

80% of engagements with 12 – 15 year olds

Identified risk factors: feeling of being unsafe, anti-social behaviour, becoming a victim of crime, bullying amongst peers

AYP feel that the risks between the two towns are very different.

AG advised of Crimestoppers’ ‘Fearless’ campaign; platform for young people to anonymously report crime and access support information. Offer made by AG to link in with AYP should there be a need.

GB noted the insight as to differences between the town locations, and concern that young people in Bognor feel unsafe. EB reported that majority of this was due to concerns around Hotham Park which young people see as a very unsafe space, especially at night.

RW asked whether young people feel unsafe across the board or is it specifically linked to how they feel about environment. EB feels that this is down to feelings about known groups of young people and how they make others feel unsafe, especially in specific locations of the town. There is a lack of awareness amongst young people of youth clubs and other safe spaces they can access.

Police thanked EB for the insights, noting that the feedback is really useful to understand how young people feel and the reasons why. Police are aware of hotspot locations and have initiated regular patrols and take action where they can. Lots of work being undertaken by Police to reduce risks, and information from AYP can help determine proactive patrols. The young age of some of the offenders in Bognor is a challenge in terms of the Court process, but Police continue to take action.

D) Mind Me personal safety devices

This is a joint initiative between Sussex Police and Arun DC’s Lifeline co-ordinator.Personal safety alarms are available to victims of domestic abuse who feel unsafe.

Devices have been purchased, but none issued to date.Eligibility and referral criteria under review to ensure devices are accessible. Also forms part of the Violence against women and girls work.

E) Mobile support unit

Provision of mobile officers patrolling the night-time economy in Bognor Regis; providing support to vulnerable individuals, whether through excess alcohol, being alone, unable to get home, at risk of exposure to inclement weather, in need of medical assistance etc. Liaison with licensed premises and police where needed.

GB asked whether SAP would support further use of this service? NB supportive of doing so as it is a valuable service.

Agenda item 5 - Minutes and matter arising from previous meeting on 25 January 2022

Previous minutes agreed.

Outstanding actions from 25 January 2022:-

  • Review of whether data can be provided by Probation Service in relation to Partnership Plan: complete.
  • Proposal for SAP comms: complete; community safety survey agreed, and this will formulate further comms plans.
  • OSPCC public relations team to be consulted on ideas / support to share SAP comms: complete; CSPs have opportunity to share news with OSPCC for wider sharing.

All other actions noted as completed.

Agenda item 5.2 - Partnership Plan updates

Serious Violence: cuckooing and drug harm

NB advised that 3 individuals are considered as ‘green’ and have received total of 16 visits.  3 individuals noted as higher risk since March 2022, no visits undertaken so far. There is work in progress to manage the risk of cuckooing in Arun.

ND acknowledged gap in completion of normal cuckooing meetings.

ACTION: Cuckooing meetings to be reinstated as a priority.

Serious Violence: drug demand project

GB advised that a local working group has been established to look at the recommendations of this report and how they can be actioned. Working group includes multiple agencies and the Local Community Network.

Serious Violence: violence against women and girls

Arun & Chichester VAWG group will be completing a review of actions and looking at next steps including addressing concerns around local night-time economies. SAP to consider whether funding can be provided to extend current MSU project.

Serious or Organised Crime

NB advised that current SOC Group is being disbanded in favour of overall governance sitting within the PTTCG. All agencies day to day work around SOC will continue but PTTCG will have responsibility for leading the wider work to target serious crime across Sussex.

SAP may identify local risks and concerns which can be fed into PTTCG for targeted work. Equally, PTTCG may task SAP with undertaking specific pieces of work in this area.

Given the change in responsibility, all action points under this category within the SAP Partnership Plan to be discharged.

ACTION: Update partnership plan to reflect above updates.

Agenda item 5.7 - CSP community safety survey

Draft community safety survey reviewed and agreed.

ACTION: Survey to be updated to include agreed revisions and published as soon as possible.

Agenda item 6 - Community Safety Partnership scrutiny of performance

GB advised members that the way on which SAP is scrutinised will be changed from a once a year review to a regular standing item of the Crime and Disorder Committee (in Arun this is allocated to the district council’s Housing and Wellbeing Committee). This will commence at June’s meeting.

The Partnership Plan will become the vehicle for scrutiny. Committee members will be presented with the plan to assess SAP’s actions and to hold the partnership to account. It is important that the partnership plan is regularly reviewed by all partners and actions updated to provide the most up to date record of work.

It should be noted that the Committee may invite representatives from statutory CSP agencies to attend scrutiny meetings to answer questions about their own involvement in SAP and allocated work streams.

ACTION: All members to provide updates in relation to actions points in a timely manner so that partnership plan remains accurate and up to date. Positive outcomes, good news items, and any barriers to progress to be provided for inclusion in committee reports.

Agenda item 7 - Partnership Funding Statement

GB presented the latest SAP funding statement- current unallocated balance of £66,668 inclusive of OSPCC grant funding of £48,171.

Agenda item 8 - AOB

GP advised that WSCC have worked with Arun DC’s licensing team to deliver safeguarding / exploitation training to all taxi and private hire drivers. This will be a mandatory requirement for drivers going forward.

GB advised that July’s meeting will be used to review the Arun Strategic Intelligence Assessment. This will help to inform SAP’s strategic priorities. All partners to participate in this discussion.