Safer Arun Partnership Plan 2021-2022

The statutory Community Partnership (CSP) for the Arun district, known locally as the Safer Arun Partnership (SAP), has considered its annual Strategic Intelligence Assessment for 2020-21. This assessment has been used to form the evidence basis for the revised strategic plan.

The strategic vision

“To work in partnership to proactively and reactively reduce the risk of harm and vulnerability associated with crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour for identified individuals, communities and neighbourhoods.”

The vision relies on committed partners who are willing to work together on shared issues of concern and, ultimately, for the benefit of all local communities in Arun. The following partners have a critical role in delivering the strategic priorities:-
• Arun District Council: Community Safety, Housing (homeless, social and private), Licensing, Parks, and Cleansing
• Sussex Police: Prevention, Response, MISPER, Divisional Intelligence Unit, Community Investigations Team
• fire & rescue: Helping to spot the signs of serious and organised crime and building stronger and resilient communities
• West Sussex County Council: Child & Adult social care, Youth Offending Service, Education services, Public health
• probation: tackling and reducing re-offending, decreasing risk for local communities and rehabilitation of offenders
• drug and alcohol services: Addressing substance misuse through dedicated support and treatment
• local voluntary sector: Looking at how to address community issues including homelessness and mental health, and the inclusion of community groups to provide intelligence and communication
• health care services: Primary healthcare provision for vulnerable adults, mental health services and reducing health inequality
• Crimestoppers: Improving public confidence by issuing safety messages and information campaigns

A holistic and strong partnership approach has the greatest potential to significantly reduce crime and disorder within Arun and offers the greatest opportunity to build stronger communities with confidence in their local services

SAP strategic priorities 2021-2022

Serious violence

  • raising awareness of cuckooing and the vulnerability of those individuals targeted by developing partnership initiatives and campaigns
  • enhancement of intelligence sharing practices between agencies to highlight concerns at the earliest opportunity and to allow early intervention
  • assessing the impact of drug use within local communities and developing shared solutions to reduce vulnerability and associated negative health related impacts
  • addressing drug related harm and associated serious violence, incorporating the public health approach
  • evaluate the demand for drugs and the impact this has on criminal behaviour in Arun
  • develop strategies to address issue of Domestic Abuse locally, and to support wider WSCC led initiatives
  • violence against women and girls, to include activities and behaviour linked to night time economy
  • to consider intervention strategies of drug users in addition to dealers
  • to identify links between educational factors such as community interventions and public perception of servious violence in local communities

Serious & organised crime

See below for information relating to the discharge of previous action points under this strategic priority. 

Tackling anti-social behaviour

  • to achieve 95% or higher early intervention work by Council's ASB team
  • continue to improve joint agency working protocols to aid early identification of peretrators of ASB and managing associated risks.
  • HASBRAC reporting to SAP to include involvement of all relevant partners and their contributions to identify how landlords and RSLs tackle ASB
  • to identify a joint local response to anti social driving and related road deaths

Community engagement and confidence

  • address public perception of crime and disorder in Arun whilst developing stragegies to reduce the fear of crime
  • develop effective and engaging public communication campaigns and utilise social media to highlight partnership initiatives and actions
  • to further develop and utilise the Joint Action Group (JAG) forum to raise awareness of the collaborative efforts of stautory and non statutory groups to reduce community based nuisance and disorder
  • ongoing engagement between partners and community groups to support local communities
  • ensure that reporting pathways for non statutory partners remain open and accessible to ensure effective responses
  • empowering communities to take ownership of local issues and to feel safe in reporting and accessing support

All partners commit to undertaking their respective actions and are accountable to the Safer Arun Partnership, reporting on progress and outcomes on a quarterly basis.

Serious violence

Action Lead agency (officer) Working Group Link Monitoring / Evaluation RAG Profile and Actions

Identify a local profile concerning activities that result in drug related harm and agree multi-agency support and action plans (to include both drug and alcohol misuse).

  • Sussex Police
  • Arun & Chichester Cuckooing Safeguarding Group

  • review of local profile to include report on no. of properties identified, no. of visits conducted, no. of positive warrants, no. of arrests made, no. of closure orders, no. of referrals made to partner agencies.

UPDATE 05.04,2022: No working group meeting held since January 2022.

UPDATE 26.04.2022: Police currently reviewing the structure of this working group, but it is seen as a vital component in addressing serious violence. Further updates to be provided by NPT Inspector.

UPDATE 08.06.2022: Cuckooing meetings have recommenced, led by Arun NPT.


Evaluation of service level data and evidence to inform most effective local responses to meet need.

  • WSCC (drug and alcohol services)
  • Safer Arun Partnership

  • Quarterly reports to be discussed at SAP meetings


WSCC commissioner to provide service level data

Connect 2 Project: community ambassadors initiative to champion local response to young people at risk of violence.

  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Safer Arun Partnership

  • Quarterly updates to be provided to SAP and outcomes evidenced in annual SIA evaluation
In progress 
      UPDATE 05.04.2022: Commissioned service provider invited to April SAP meeting to provide update.  

Support the work of the West Sussex Violence Reduction Unit – consider local responses to implementing a public health approach to serious violence.

  • WSCC (Community Safety & Wellbeing)
  • Safer Arun Partnership

  • WSVRU area profile reports and analyst reporting

In progress 

UPDATE 11.01.2022: Actions remain to be updated to reflect new statutory duties.

UPDATE 28.04.2022: Funding application submitted for 2022/23 to include continued youth outreach offer in Arun and expansion of schools exclusion project into Littlehampton. Additionally, funding secured to pilot place based delivery in support of public health approach development in Arun.


Drug demand project – initiative to try and identify the demand for drugs in Bognor Regis and the determinants of choice and use. Report can be used to determine appropriate strategies to reduce harm and risk.

  • WSCC & Public Health
  • West Sussex CSP

  • Safer Arun Partnership

  • Project updates to be provided to monitor progress.
  • Final report document to be shared with SAP partners to determine actions and where they can aide drug reduction work.

UPDATE 11.01.2022: Draft report has been compiled following assessment of all data and survey responses; to be discussed at SAP meeting 25/01/2022.

UPDATE 25.01.2022: Final report agreed by SAP and agreement for publication Understanding & Reducing Drug Demand: Bognor Regis Analysis 2021 UPDATE 15.03.2022: Working group set up to discuss how report findings will shape service delivery in Arun. Plan action to be updated to reflect that initial drug demand report completed, and that working group taking forward recommendations.

UPDATE 15.03.2022: Working group set up to discuss how report findings will shape service delivery in Arun. Plan action to be updated to reflect that initial drug demand report completed, and that working group taking forward recommendations.

UPDATE 04.08.2022: Final report and findings have been adopted by the Safer West Sussex Partnership for strategic oversight and consideration for commissioning of services. Working group to retain focus and more targeted local actions within scope of responsibility.


Develop strategies to reduce levels of Domestic Abuse locally and to identify support and safeguarding practices for victims.

  • WSCC (Communities)
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Steering Group

  In progress 

UPDATE 28.04.2022:

- Action developed to ensure service provision is West Sussex supports need and demand.

- Ongoing activity to ensure that voice of service user / survivor is used to develop our response.

- Implementation of domestic abuse duty to ensure suitable safe accommodation and support is available recognising protected characteristics and multiple complex needs.

- Supported by place based development above.

- MoJ funded post for Eastern European Independent Domestic Violence Advisor based in Arun.

- Implementing lessons learnt from Domestic Homicide Reviews.

Violence against women and girls, including activities related to the night-time economy.
  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Arun and Chichester Women's Safety Group
  • Project update on status of action plan.
    • Quarterly reports to SAP

UPDATE 11.01.2022: Mobile support unit pilot project initiated November 2021; trained patrol staff providing support to vulnerable individuals in the NTE of Bognor Regis. Twice weekly patrols, two officers per shift, 10pm – 2am.

UPDATE 28.04.2022: Working Group continuing to meet and implement actions. Proposal put forward to continue use of mobile support unit patrols in Bognor Regis; funding bid to be submitted for consideration.

Detached Youth Outreach Work: provision of outreach sessions across Littlehampton and Bognor Regis, mentoring work for YR5 and 6 school children.
  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Quarterly reports to SAP

UPDATE 24.03.2022: Review of detached outreach provision resulted in commissioning further sessions: Arun Youth Project – Littlehampton / Sussex Clubs for Young People – Bognor Regis

In-school mentoring provision adapted to focus on pupils at risk of exclusion from secondary school. Innovative approach adopted to work with a local gym to offer memberships for young people in Littlehampton at risk of SV or challenging behaviour in the community.

UPDATE 05.04.2022: Detached outreach commissioned until August 2022 using service providers as previous update. Utilising VRP underspend from 2021/22.

SID Youth to provide in-school mentoring at The Littlehampton Academy. 8-10 pupils to be offered 1-2-1 support.

UPDATE 04.08.2022: Scoping for continuation of outreach provision in progress with service providers. Funding secured via WSCC.


Serious & organised crime

Action points have been discharged by the Safer Arun Partnership. Serious and Organised Crime has been integrated into the county-wide Partnership Tactical Tasking and Co-ordination Group (PTTCG) who hold the strategic responsibility across West Sussex. Tackling serious and organised crime will take a two-way approach, with the PTTCG identifying and prioritising areas of work which will be fed into relevant local community safety partnerships. In turn, the Safer Arun Partnership will recognise any SOC threats and risks within the district and raise these to the PPTCG for their discussion and determination of relevant actions. SAP will be reviewing all of its strategic priorities in September 2022 where a decision will be made as to whether serious or organised crime should remain as a title heading within this partnership plan.

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Action Lead agency (officer) Working group link Monitoring / evaluation RAG Profile and Actions

Proactive enforcement of PSPO to reduce street drinking and associated ASB.

  • Arun District Council (Community Safety & ASB Team)
  • Sussex Police


  • Evidenced in annual SAP SIA to include no. of interventions, no. of times alcohol was removed, no. of times people asked to leave an area, no. of FPNs issued
  • Use of ECINS profiles to record interactions and enforcement actions – East and West

On track

On track
ECINS profiles set up for recording interactions; to be utilised by Police and ADC officers.


Utilise the Arun Hate & Anti-social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference (HASBRAC) to identify key trends and formulate partnership action plans.

  • Arun District Council (ASB Team)
  • Sussex Police

  • Quarterly reporting to include no. of cases, types of interventions and enforcement action, tenure types and landlord.

      UPDATE 11.01.2022: Quarterly information report submitted for January SAP meeting. UPDATE 05.04.2022: Quarterly information report submitted for April SAP meeting.  

Target of 5% or less reoffending rate for perpetrators of ASB.

  • Arun District Council (ASB Team)
  • evidenced in annual SAP SIA to include no. of interventions, no. of times alcohol was removed, no. of times people asked to leave an area, no. of FPNs issued

Ongoing Note: this is an annual target evidenced through the SIA.

Address local anti-social driving concerns and associated harm.

  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue


In progress

UPDATE 11.01.2022: WSFR and Arun & Chichester Police hub to collaborate on a plan to tackle anti-social driving.

UPDATE 05.04.2022: WSFR information report submitted for April SAP meeting.


Community engagement and confidence



Lead agency (officer) 

Working group link

Monitoring / evaluation

RAG Profile and Actions

Review purpose of the Joint Action Group (JAG) and how to utilise relevant community groups and partners to be an effective forum for addressing local place based concerns.

  • Sussex Police
  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Arun JAG

  • Proposals update to be provided to SAP on completion of review.


UPDATE 11.01.2022: Initial scoping of new format undertaken. Plan to hold seminars with Parish Councils this month to explain format and obtain their buy-in to ensure local concerns are brought forward.

UPDATE 15.03.2022: Delayed seminars with stakeholders due to need for face to face meetings to outline plans. Suitable venue to be found.

UPDATE 26.04.2022: Briefings regarding reformed JAG have been scheduled for 16.06.2022 with invites being sent to all parishes.

UPDATE 17.06.2022: Group briefings held with those parish councils in attendance; all sent slides and information on revised JAG structure. Meeting dates to be arranged and invites issued.

UPDATE 04.08.2022: First JAG meeting held 03.08.2022


Arun Community Engagement Project – Bersted and Courtwick with Toddington wards; Develop and utilise community hub space at Chilgrove House to engage and enhance inclusion with local community.

  • Arun District Council
  • Safer Arun Partnership

  • Quarterly reports to SAP on use of the space and community engagement activities.


UPDATE 11.02.2022: Recruitment successful for three roles; start date end of January 2022. UPDATE 15.03.2022: Community Engagement Officers in post. Community hub spaces at Chilgrove House and Bersted Green Learning Centre to formally open at the start of April 2022.

UPDATE 15.03.2022: Community Engagement Officers in post. Community hub spaces at Chilgrove House and Bersted Green Learning Centre to formally open at the start of April 2022.


Littlehampton Community Warden Project – continue to enhance service within the community.

  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Community wardens project group

  • Quarterly reports to SAP


UPDATE 11.02.2022: Summary progress report (Oct. – Dec. 2021) provided for January SAP meeting. Report also being presented to ADC’s Residential & Wellbeing Services committee on 24.01.2022. UPDATE 24.03.2022: ADC and LTC have agreed to provide additional funding beyond October 2022. ADC scoping possibility of extending the project to Bognor Regis.

UPDATE 05.04.2022: 2 x Community Warden roles for Littlehampton currently being advertised.

UPDATE 04.08.2022: Recruitment of 2 vacant posts completed; awaiting non-police personnel vetting before confirming start dates.


Safer Arun Partnership online - keep ADC website updated with SAP information and initiatives.

  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Partnership Communications Network

  • To be a permanent on-going process.

  • Publish minutes of quarterly SAP meetings via Arun DC webpage

  • Ongoing
  • In progress; addressing technical adaptability issue
To consider undertaking community survey work to determine key areas of concern for local residents
  • Arun District Council (Community Safety)
  • Safer Arun Partnership
  • Q4 meeting for further discussion.
  • In progress

UPDATE 11.01.2022: Communications plan agenda item for January SAP meeting.

UPDATE 25.01.2022: Agreed by all present that raising profile of SAP and public engagement is necessary.

UPDATE 05.04.2022: Proposal to publish public survey regarding SAP itself and to ask what issues are most important to residents to be discussed at April SAP meeting.

UPDATE 10.06.2022: Survey published online; open until 17 July 2022.

UPDATE 04.08.2022: Initial survey results shared with SAP at meeting 26.07.2022; to be included with SAP scrutiny report to the Council’s Housing & Wellbeing Committee on 06.10.2022.


Current active multi-agency working groups

Working group SAP priority Strategic owner

Serious and organised crime group

Serious and organised crime

Sussex Police

Arun and Chichester Cuckooing Safeguarding Group

Serious violence

Sussex Police

Arun Rough Sleepers Multi-Agency Meeting

Tackling anti-social behaviour

Serious violence

Serious and organised crime


Arun District Council

Arun Joint Action Group

Community engagement and confidence

Arun District Council

Sussex Police

West Sussex Violence Reduction Unit

Serious violence

West Sussex County Council

Local Action Teams

Community engagement and confidence

Arun District Council

Sussex Police


Tackling anti-social behaviour

Sussex Police

Arun District Council

Peer Group Conference

Serious Violence

Arun District Council

Community Wardens partnership working group

Community engagement and confidence

Arun District Council


Potential new multi-agency working groups

Working group SAP priority Strategic owner

Partnership Communications Network

Community engagement and confidence

Arun District Council

Tackling youth violence projects steering groups

Serious violence

Arun District Council

Safe and Well Visit programme

Safe and well visit programme

West Sussex Fire & Rescue

Arun & Chichester Road Safety Group Tackling Anti-social Behaviour West Sussex Fire & Rescue


Proposed SAP pathways

All pathways must consist of two-way communication ensuring information and reporting goes both up and down the line and should allow cross priority communication as crime and problematic behaviour does not confine itself to a single category.

Click the image to view full size.

Proposed SAP Pathways



If you require this image in an accessible format please contact

Glossary of terms

ADC - Arun District Council

ASB - Anti-social behaviour

ASBRAC - Anti-social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference

CGL - Change Grow Live (drug and alcohol rehabilitation service) 

CSP - Community Safety Partnership

ECINS - Empowering Communities (multi-agency information sharing software) 

ISA - Information Sharing Agreement

JAG - Joint Action Group

KSSCRC - Kent, Surrey & Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company

LAT - Local Action Team

NPS - National Probation Service

PSPO - Public Spaces Protection Order

RSL - Registered Social Landlord

SAP - Safer Arun Partnership

SIA - Strategic Intelligence Assessment

SOC - Serious and Organised Crime

WSCC - West Sussex County Council

WSVRU - West Sussex Violence Reduction Unit