Enterprise Bognor Regis

Arial photograph of saltbox field with an artists impression drawing of the employment zone

Photograph of a roundabout and road sign in the enterprise area  Photograph of the roundabout that will lead to Salt Box


Applications will be submitted for commercial development within Enterprise Bognor Regis, as identified in the Arun District Local Plan 2011-2031. 

Strategic Employment Land Allocations are areas of land identified within Arun to accommodate major employment and commercial developments within this time period.

The sites consist of 4 Strategic Employment Land Allocations known as Salt Box Field (11.7ha), Rowan Park (3.2ha), Oldlands Farm (23.8ha) and the former LEC Refrigeration (29.3ha) sites. They are located to the north of Bognor Regis and development will provide new commercial and retail outlets including warehousing, shops and food retail which will incorporate planned new employment provision and opportunities to support the objective of reducing out commuting and creating local jobs. Employment-led development will support the objective of providing a new role for Bognor Regis, complementing other new planned investment.  Different types and sizes of employment space will meet a range of modern business and sector needs, together with new infrastructure to meet the requirements of businesses that can provide wider benefits for the sub-region.


Progress of Infrastructure provision within the Strategic Site or in Arun as a whole can be found in the Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS)

The aim of this statement is to provide an update on all matters regarding developer contributions (Section 106 (S.106) and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)) during the previous financial year.

Our first IFS was published in September 2020 to cover the period from April 2019 to 31st March 2020.  Please view our current IFS here: Infrastructure Funding Statement and Developer contributions | Arun District Council

The council collects all CIL contributions for all types of Infrastructure (from 1st April 2020) but it does not generally collect S.106 contributions for the provision of schools, highways, libraries or the fire service (although, in some cases S.106 for these items are retained for these projects, in agreement with the county council).  In most cases, these items are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council (WSCC).  Therefore our IFS should be read in conjunction with the WSCC IFS to identify how S.106 from specific development sites have been spent across the board.   

Please view the current WSCC IFS here: Section 106: Planning obligations - West Sussex County Council


Please see below the latest information of the approved developments.  We will provide updates as applications are received and development progresses to keep you informed.

If you wish to contact us regarding any of the Strategic Sites, please email strategic@arun.gov.uk.


Latest News

Salt Box Field:

September 2021: Starbucks is now open!!  Check out their Drive-Thru at Salt Box, Shripney Road (off the roundabout, opposite Lidl).

August 2021: Greggs is now open!!  Check out their Drive-Thru at Salt Box, Shripney Road, Bersted (off the roundabout, opposite Lidl). 

Application BE/121/21/RES has been received for Approval of reserved matters following BE/135/18/PL for appearance, landscaping and layout of Unit 3. This application may affect the character & appearance of the Shripney Conservation Area & is in CIL Zone 2 (Zero Rated) as other development.

October 2020: Works have commenced on site to implement the planning permission.

November 19: Application BE/135/18/PL at Salt Box Field was Approved Conditionally on 8th November 2019.

October 2019: Offsite highway works have commenced on the roundabout at Shripney Road/Charles Purley Way.

December 2017: Outline Planning permission has been approved for commercial development and you can view the full details under reference BE/102/17/OUT.

An alternative scheme has also been approved under reference BE/135/18/PL which includes an ALDI Food store, Richmond Group Car Showroom and Warburton’s Bread distribution building. 


Oldlands Farm:

August 2021: A new application reference BE/118/21/PL has been received for Construction of a storage facility with associated works including drainage and hard landscaping at Rolls Royce Technology and Business Centre, Shripney Road, Bersted.

July 2021: Application A/87/21/PL has been received at Oldlands Farm, Newlands Road for the Erection of a warehouse (Use Class B8) with ancillary office, associated vehicle parking, van storage, plant, ancillary structures, lighting landscaping and infrastructure works including earthworks to facilitate flood compensation area. This site may affect listed buildings, may affect the character & appearance of the Shripney Conservation Area, is a Departure from the Development Plan, affects a Right of way & is in CIL Zone SP3 (Zero Rated) as other development.

June 2021: A Planning application reference BE/86/21/PL was submitted for Rolls Royce Technology And Logistics Centre, Newlands Road, Bersted  for Part change of use of existing logistics building for a training centre, and associated external alterations and landscaping. This application is within CIL Zone 4 (zero rated) as other development.

February 2021:  The new Lidl Store is now open.

October 2020: Preliminary works are underway to prepare for the approved new Lidl store under reference BE/126/19/PL.

March 2017: application reference BE/4/17/RES was approved for the Reserved Matters on the Outline part of the original approval (BE/61/13), together with the discharge of conditions 5 for indicative masterplan & 6 for parameter plan & design code.

The Rolls Royce factory and distribution buildings at the rear of the site were approved under BE/73/14/PL and then varied by BE/114/17/PL to increase the amount of floor space to allow for the existing Lidl store (opposite) to be relocated.

April 2016: another Hybrid Application (Part Outline, Part Full) was approved under reference AL/58/15/OUT for the flood compensation area to the north of the site & Outline application (all matters reserved) for up to 20,453 sqm of B2 General Industrial Floorspace together with B8 warehousing & distribution floorspace.

March 2014: a Hybrid (Part Outline, Part Full) Planning Permission was approved under BE/61/13 for access road, flood compensation area & mixed use commercial and industrial uses.



Salt Box Field: View a masterplan of the first Salt Box Outline proposal reference BE/102/17/OUT.

See a detailed overview of the approved alternative scheme reference BE/135/18/PL.

Oldlands Farm: View the Layout plan of the Lidl store relocation.

View the Layout plan of the approved Rolls Royce Buildings